Push ups and sit ups enough?

To get Veeky Forums. I like going for a run but hate the gym, don't need to be shredded just look good and be fit. Also, home gym advice is aprreciated.

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look into calisthenics and other bodyweight workouts. you'll get fit.

I can't go to the gym for now, so I have been doing some body weight and skipping rope

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Thanks bros.
Printed the arm/upperboddy one, looks good.
Added this one to it for my back. Running for condition/legs. Should be good to go.

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might want to look into a book called Convict Conditioning
it has exercises for the whole body
but youre supposed to start from a very beginner level

its pretty good
ive bien doing it for 2 months and have definitely felt the progress

Im pretty sure you cant get big ceps with regular pullups or he just juicing.

Sounds good. I know i gain pretty quick so im lucky, just need to work hard for once. In the gym my friends always say i should do it and i would beat em i no time.


Will look into it, thanks

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You can get cheap adjustable dumbbells about anywhere. I paid about 60 bucks for mine, and I live in an expensive country.

no you need pullups too. if you don't have a bar find a tree, if you can't find a tree do them on your door with a shirt for a glove

Get a pull up bar ASAP.

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This or just play a sport with any sort of strength requirement.

you can go a long way with pushups, situps, pullups/situps, ring rows and ring dips

I would also advise doing some skater lunges and pistol squats depending on your running volume

just buy some rings and a pullup bar (total cost would be like 50USD) and you're good to go


enjoy ur no gainz

^^ I don't gym i don't like it. Just want to look and feel good. No further goals.

Do I even need a pullup bar if a do the stuff in pick related? I have no space in my front door, and one weak asfuck bathroom door. I live alone in a studio, I have to be creative than ^^

That picture.

is your table sturdy? you can do table rows. the rule is you probably want to pull your body towards something to antagonize the pushing you are doing with the pushups. your shoulder health is important

No not at all. :(
Aah i think i get it. Since i basicly push all the time with the shoulders.
With rows or pulling up, my shoulders goes the opposite side. Am I right, sorry total noob. Well, I'll google some stuff. Ty for letting me know the importance. Just did my first arm workout from the sheet feels good.

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Chin ups activate biceps, if you do them for high reps you can get some good size. I usually alternate between high rep neutral chin ups and low rep weight chin ups weekly

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If you're too scared to go to the gym getting fit won't make you feel good about yourself.

Be sure to do pull ups, chin ups, hanging leg raises and tricep dips as soon as possible.

You won't get big and won't build muscle as quickly, but you can get fit on calisthenics. I mean, boxers traditionally don't do much work with weights.

Anybody have name/source?

Also read
Convict Conditioning
Infinite Intensity
You are your own gym
The naked warrior

Look up
Ghetto workouts
Sandbag training

On youtube

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This. I bought the Amazon Basic 40lb set for $50. IIRC I bought those over the Yes4All set because reviews said the latter had bars that weren't standard, and I couldn't find the company selling additional plates anywhere.

How often would you do these workouts brahs? I'm currently cutting but would love to incorporate these into my weekly routine. They look light but I'm not sure if they should be done daily, every other day, etc.

I'd say daily. They look light, maybe something you can do when you wake up every morning.

The exercises where you're not moving against gravity will have zero effect. You need resistance to get fit