Sup Veeky Forums, coming here to ask for help...

sup Veeky Forums, coming here to ask for help, as this is the only place i know where i may find useful info without paying.

obviously seeing the picture, i have a spine defect. It's a long time accumulative defect working behind a computer, and generally not exercising or watching my posture.

Now with my studies my time spent behind the computer is even greater, and it has taken a toll on my back and neck.

I would like a recommendation, a youtube series, or whatever you think might work to solve my back problem, if not, i'm afraid surgery is imminent.

I used to do swimming and no longer do, and gym membership is out of the question due to money concerns.

Whatever I can do at home, or at the pool to fix this, I'm all ears, and i just might turn into an actual ear if i don't start fixing it soon.

Hoping one of you Veeky Forumss can give me some advice to follow and correct my shitty posture.

pic very related, im turning into a chair.

also, this posture is my "rested, not in pain" posture

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Dead hangs

my back, stretched in a normal posture looks something like this, but obviously puts a lot of strain on me and i cannot hold it for prolonged periods of time.

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similar problem here, altough not as severe
yours is pretty damn bad
Surgery wont help, and im not even sure theressafe surgery for this, you need to realize its many vertebraes.

as for fix its combination of:
>stretching pecs
>strengthening back muscles, traps, rhomboids lats
>constant posture awareness

can you post picture of your maximal thoracic extension (trying to touch ceiling with chest, but not bending lower back excesivelly)

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Can you stand up and take another pic please?

And stop walking with sulken shoulders, try to put your shoulders a bit behind and puff yur chest, like gorillas. Exagerate a bit in the beginning, so you become more used to the new posture.

Stop sleeping with a pillow. Sleep with rough mattress and on your back

just start lifting
it will fix itself over some time
dead hangs good advice!
same boat few years ago
now straight silver back gorilla

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Your "workout" is to hold this pose. Like normally your do a few sets of reps of a certain exercise to build muscle. You should do this pose as if it was that exercise.
See how long you could reasonably hold it and repeatedly hold the pose for that duration. Once it becomes easy start increasing the length of time for which you hold the pose.
Keep doing this for a month and if that doesn't work idk what will.

You need to get yourself a back brace for starters.
The fact that you can raise yourself upright means it's not a defect, but rather a muscular adaptation to your shitty posture. You have spent a great deal of time hunched over, and it takes a great deal of time correcting it.

You'll need to wait until the muscles unfuck themselves using a back brace for a year or 2, and then work on strengthening them again once they've atrophied.

this is how it looks, chest towards the ceiling. the lower back seems bent in, but i don't feel any sort of pain and pressure on it in this position so i'm not sure if it's considered "bending excesivelly)

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Strengthen your core. Do squats, deadlifts, glute bridges, and ab workouts

You may want to consider purchasing a pullup bar or finding some place where you can just hang for as long as possible. That will help to decompress your spine. Also this what this user said

still here for any potential replies but what i gather is :

keep my posture straight, back, neck and shoulders back for as long as possible as a form of corrective exercise.

Deadhangs, deadlifts, squats, and ab workouts.

I appreciate the info because all of the vidos guides and articles all have different routines and exercises and i dunno which work and it gets me overwhelmed a little.

if you sit a lot, a special chair for spine issues

I had a posture like you, and it took my a couple of years to fix it. I visited a physiotherapist and did a lot of exercises daily, they take about half an hour. Additionally I worked out with squats, press, dead lifts etc The exercises I did was:
1. working out correct posture. usually I tried having correct posture and looking myself in the mirror. if you draw a vertical life and look sideways, you shoulder hip and back of your feet should be in line.
2. lying on the side, knees bent and lifting the knee while having my foot at the same place.
3. lying on my back, pressing my back to the floor and pressing my feet forwards.
4. standing on one foot with some failure, feeling it in my glutes.
5. cat stretches for cervical spine
6. lunge stretch
7. lunges
Kind of hard explaining the exercises, but I guess they're standard if you go to a physiotherapist.

couple of years sounds discouraging but that's kind of what i get ..........

to be honest, a couple of years go by so fast. if you just do a routine, it will fix itself in the end.

you're right. and I could have also urged to listen to the people around me telling me to sit up straight.

I'll start working on these exercises and start swimming again, atleast an hour or two every other day to build up strenght.

I notice my core body, (waist up) is pretty weak and i slouch a lot cause it takes effort to hold my body up.

My legs however are awesome because I spent a lot of time biking (biking country) but the difference between how good my legs look compared to the rest of my body is pathetic.

I appreciate all of the comments

Come on m8... we can see you plain as day.

not sure what you mean? :D

Pullups, dead hangs, and face pulls

I would advice to see a physical therapist or a fitness trainer/personal trainer. If you don't want to do that I would advice to start slow maybe for the first couple of weeks "sit up straight " for about a minute or so, and increase that to longer periods of time, after this go train your shoulders, core and back. with the exercises listed in this thread.

is there ways to improvise face pulls without the gear?

how good do you find swimming to be as a way to do core exercises? (I also did swimming for about a year, so i might be rusty but i find it more enjoyable than the standard workouts)

Is this scheuermann's disease? If so I'd recommend speaking to a doctor. If that's out of the question save up to visit a PT. Other than that take some time out of your day and focus on lumbothoracic extension. I recommend getting a foam roller and messing with that.

no it's not. as far as i can tell sceuermann's has to do with the upper part of the spine not developing properly, which is not what my problem is, but the symptoms of having the disease is a bent back like this

using bands maybe

Look up everything you can find on correcting kyphosis.

it took you your whole life to get that way in the first place
i found this
also somebody already said it previously but it will take at least a year and a half to fix your posture and spine

do the exercises but start slow, you must add tension over time

because your muscles are so weak you wont be able to do the exercises and might even do more damage than good

i would reccomend writing your progress down
of all of the exercises that people have told you do them every day (i guess that depends if the exercise is abot stretching or actually working out the muscle, you can definitely do deadhangs everyday)
write down trhe exercise youll perform on mondays how many reps o seconds and try to get better every week, even if itsa just 1 more rep or a few seconds more

also if i were you i would take the first few months on actively trying to force yourself to have a good posture (still doing some of the exercises but just as a support)
and when your back is better then incorporate the excersises

this is probably very rambly

you can do this brah, youre gonna make it
were all gonna make it

i can't press my lower back against the wall, my upper back gets in the way fuck

Your face is visible.

>a gym membership is out of the question due to money concerns

But posture is a matter of lifestyle. You have to reduce the amount of hours doing posture compromising activities and increase the ones that are good for your back.

I had lordosis and I started lifting. Went a long way into fixing it. Picked up boxing as well a couple of months ago and now im practially fine. Rope jumping, swimming and beginner calisthenics will go a way but the key aspect is clocking those training hours every goddamn week. That's why people get gym memberships.

Rock climbing!!!!


lean on an incline bench and pull dumbbells up/back to your sides