Why is the modern man lacking in drive so much? There's no ambition:
>I speak with my classmates at college and they literally go home and do nothing but play Fortnite or some other bullshit game or watch sports or chat up some slut.
>No plans for after graduation at all.
>Even graduates I've spoken with from the same program find minimum wage jobs sitting behind a computer all day
>Majority of them have no summer job lined up, which is four weeks away.
>Any of them that do have jobs lined up aren't in our field of study, there's some that are literally going to go work at McDonald's part time.
>Overwhelming majority are skinnyfat weakling soyboys, mixed with a minority of skeletons or straight up fat fucks.
>Even my friends, having since graduated high school ~a year ago have no drive, with most of them either working dead-end jobs (line cook, grocery stores/retail, low-paying general labour jobs) because they're trying to "find themselves" or studying retarded shit like psychology/sociology. We're all turning 19 this year.

Ty for reading my blogpost. How the fuck can we direct young men into better futures?

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>shitting on fortnite

This pussy hasn't had a victory royale.


>so I post on Veeky Forums instead

Young men in general don't lack ambition you just hang around a bunch of losers

If you can sift through the bullshit it's a place of great information/comedy like 1/3 of the time.

Maybe it's my town then, generally poor and coming from broken families; people here don't give a shit about anything to the point where cutting their lawns is a miracle, buildings haven't been painted since they were constructed, etc.

why has not this always been the case?

I am a firm believer in knowing and fully exploring your options.

wow why don't people just get high paying jobs what are they stupid lol

This. I became a highly paid investment banker right after graduating from my community college. I'm talking $300k starting with an A.A. in Criminal Justice and some retail experience.

>Lying on a Congolese seashell collecting forum

Pls. No banker or finance alpha worth his salt is frequenting Veeky Forums...

I am a high powered financial executive that is alpha to the max. I am making $500k starting and I'm not even talking about the benefits. How did i get this job? I got a B.S. in Business Management with a 2.6 GPA and I once managed a sales team during a college internship.

Feels good being maximum alpha while posting on a Sub Saharan African hunger and dehydration enthusiast board

its always been like this its just that playing fortnite is the new drinking and playing cards all nights. Also working at mcdanks is the new job for no drive people which used to be the tons of blue collor union jobs filling any city.

holy shit you have unlocked the True Alpha Lifestyle of going to the gym every once in a while

you're such a fucking idiot, i wish i could beat you up right now.

Timestamp your yacht or gtfo

I drink and play cards, but I also run a prestigious engineering firm with 210 employees. My take home salary is $375k and I only have a GED.

How do you make this all happen? Just believe in yourself.

I'm actually throwing a party on my high end Hatteras 80' yacht this weekend. I'd invite you but you aren't a high class alpha male, or a 10/10 model.

McDonalds is an institution, you'd be lucky to work there.

Neither you nor your friends have the whole right idea. Yes, lacking ambition is bad, but if you have it you ought not direct is towards only your job (your method of gaining currency). A job should only provide you with the necessitys for survival. Your focus should be on the hobbies and passions like particular liberal arts that interest you (this includes fitness). Exploring your cultural and intellectual heritage is a very fulfilling thing and is much more rewarding than watching numbers in your bank account go up. Also never go into debt or you will find yourself trapped in something you didn't think completely through.

Get a job that wont become obsolete
No faggy office job
Dont join a union either theyll enslave you to the point you wont even be able to enjoy all the money you make.
Low paying job is fine but be smart with your money you dont need money to be satisfied just enough to be comfortable.

So go paint the building and cut the fucking lawns then

>constantly receiving instant gratification thanks to modern technology, have very little understanding of delayed gratification
>media constantly berating them for the original sin of being an oppressive gender
>western culture tells them they have to rely on themselves and be self sufficient, but the education system does next to nothing to teach them how
>western nations discourage them for pursuing romantic relationships because of an exceedingly geocentric legal system
>k-12 public schools in the US and shitty part time jobs teach them how to get by on the bare minimum without potentially extraneous effort
>shitty parents spoil them, shielding them from anything that could potentially cause cognitive development
>celebrities, professors, their peers and almost the whole internet are constantly telling them that every problem they're experiencing are the fault of someone more powerful than them, and they should demand others fix their problems rather than act proactively
>it's cool to be a victim now, many adopting this identity to appear helpless and maligned so they can sit back and wait for the government gibmedats

I could go on

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The real world isn't egalitarian and some people genuinely have nothing to offer, so they just stew in escapism during all of their free time.

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Nail on the fucking head

Where do you come across these opportunities?

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>professors and Internet are telling you your problems are someone else's fault
>makes a whole post about how it's other people fault

Pretty much this. I'm mediocre in every sense of the word. Everything I offer has been done better by others. I'm pretty much redundant. A chick called me a looser dead to my face without any reason to do so. I'm just waiting to die pretty much

Asians are driven as all fuck, but no one would trade places with those insectoids.


I have a stupid question. What are below average people (wrong parents, born into powerty, lack of role models, niggers, sandniggers) supposted to do? Struggle? And to what end? Who are you to dictate what is good enough? Who can tell which life is worth living? Where is written what we are supposted to do?

Why are you so certain that whatever you are doing is the right choice? And why do you think that making more than X money is good?

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Op you fag you're hanging with the wrong crowd. There are students who are serious about getting PhDs, going into research, or other graduate schools like med, law. Just because you hang around beta failure dyels doesn't mean modern men are a failures as a whole. Infact, given you don't hang around successful or like-minded people shows you have some issues to sort out
-t.someone who used to think like you

All my goals are tied to money. It's not like I'm not trying to improve myself either, I'm sick of mediocrity and am actively seeking better carrers. I just feel it's important to realize that not everyone is special or cut out to do great or extraordinary things, but everyone can improve their situation to a reasonable degree. To directly answer your question people should struggle for their own benefit to improve, no matter how insignificant the improvement might be. Improvment is improvement regardless.
I'm certain that what I'm doing is the right choice because it gets me closer to my goals.
Making more money is good because it's a tangible way to measure success and can help you achieve less tangible goals.

This post deserves a bump

lots of people make le big salary and also play autistic games like fortnite. I was just making a point that OP is glorifying the past had no men lacking ambition that spent their whole time doing useless things.

op btfo

larping this hard lol

implying carpentry, construction and mechanics wont be one of the first to be replaced by building robots.

I was born in a white project and it isnt that hard to get info with the internet and there are also good role models everywhere if you look for them. It just took me 20 years to figure out what the fuck I was doing vs a parent instilling the values in you as child

This is such a shitty reply that I actually reported it.

Go to /v/ if you want to piss your life away screeching about the next big nintendo game, soyboy.

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op absolutely btfo forever