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Eyes have 6 muscles
how does Veeky Forums improve eye sight?

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3x Eye Clenches x F, 3 times per week.

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staying awake the hole night without clsong eyes

Eye curls 3x8

I've had girls compliment my eyes but I think they're gay and feminine looking. What do

Stop being an insecure faggot? You were literally complemented by GIRLS on your eyes. Confidence couldn't be handed to you on a plate any easier.

woah woah, stop it right there but, if he goes to failure every set everytime he will burn his CNS out I would rather him doing starting blink

>be me
>6 years ago
>be a pothead back then
>go to McDonalds
>black cashier lady rings me up
>hands me my change
>we make eye contact
>her jaw literally drops, staring right at me
>"Oh my god! You have THE most beautiful eyes"
>I'm not a sperglord but I'm pretty stoned so I'm internally sperging while holding eye contact with her
>she starts grabbing all her female coworkers, pulling them by the arm
>"Look! Look! Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes"
>I am forced to make eye contact with like 5 of her coworkers, most of which just gave me the Bertstare.jpg and were obviously internally sperging out as much as I was
>Thank her for the compliment
>Grab my food
>Moonwalk out of there

Looking back on it I feel incredibly complimented and at least know I have nice eyes. But in the moment it was the most cringey experience

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I can dilate and constrict my pupils on command. It makes it to where I can see underwater without goggles.
You gotta work those feckers daily.

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Those six muscles just move the eye. They have nothing to do with vision

Post eyes you faggot

I have a hard time too
>used to be at
>Sitting in class with my friend
>Hardly ever make eye contact because i lack confidence.
>Make eye contact with the girl next to me
>"oh my god user, your eyes! I never noticed them before. I...
>I cut her off and say "I know its because they are so hard to see behind the fat."
>Girl looks hurt and goes back to work.
>Buddy pulls me aside and ask why i say stuff like this about myself.
I ended up freezing and just say "i dont know"
I did it because making fun of myself meant no one else could.

Serious answer, look at things at varying distances. Look at something really close, then something far away, repeat. Basically make your eyes have to refocus a lot.

Three drops of onion juice in each eye daily raises eye testosterone levels.

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thanks just bought 100k

My eyes are pitch black so I can't see my pupils and I don't even know if they dilate even if I try

>tfw no glowing eyes to draw attention to your unique personality

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Eyes close static hold for ∞ minutes. In other words, kys.

Brown eye master race

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Eye ball pulls after every lifting session

how to get attractive bags under your eyes

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Is hazel eyes low tier? mine is blue in the border and sewer green inside

Am I an eyelet? I often get compliments on how they look green and red up close.

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I'm clueless in judging appearances but for me it's ok,kinda like mine but instead of the reddish brown sewer green,i also get compliments but i'm from a 3rd world country where any eye color thats not brown is classified as exotic and rare etc. Are you mixed too? it appears that hazel are common in mixed race people

Bags under eyes are not attractive

not bags i mean like shadows in the pic

Long eyelashes are a blessing and a curse
>inb4 pluck your eyebrows
I do but the stray hairs grow back fast

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Im a filthy yid, Ive noticed hazel is very common in jews and some iranian-persian people

I'm an ophthalmologist, your eye muscles have nothing to do with your eye sight. Refraction is your cornea and lens. Don't mess with your eye muscles they already are the fastest muscles next to your hands.

Post eyeholes faggot

Play tennis or racquetball. Srs I played D1 tennis in college and after school was through I picked up competition handgun shooting and I was an instant pubstomping god due to crazy eye sight.
Seriously though racquet sports are ridiculously good for eye sight. I've known many people that weened themselves off of contacts from playing.

I dont know but this picture is super gay.


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nice. routine?

You’ll get crows feet and nasty eye wrinkles so much quicker this way.

post your eyes

get bleached fagit

put your face in front of those red light LED things, they improve eyesight as well as improving your collagen levels in the face.

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pretty god tier desu

Fuck them anyway

End me

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ITT: a lot of chronic wincers.

It's not alpha to have your lower eyelid tightened all day and night. Learning to relax it is probably the best thing you can do for your eye health. This problem is basically epidemic thanks to smartphones.

Just make a conscious effort of keeping those Eyes Wide Open.


How do I fix this? It's the bane of my social life, I cant mantain eye contact because I get paranoid about how my eyes are looking at someone. Wish I had taken the chance to get them fixed as a kid but I was too much of a rebel. Not just asthetics as I imagkne it will improve my eyesight and I'll finally be able to watch movies with 3d glasses

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I would like to learn this. I thought there was only like one island in the pacific where they do that. How did you learn?

Lmao eyelets.

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Your eyes look fine? literally just practice eye contact.

Please be serious man lmao

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Oh shit i see now. Theres dude in my public speaking class with a lazy eye. Hes pretty attractive otherwise, and hes confident and gives good speeches. Litteraly no one cares, and were all friends with him.
When it comes to women. Im gonna say this isn't a deal breaker. If you dont care about it they wont either. You do have it tougher. Only acknowledge it if they ask, and have a few good jokes. Like if they stare "i can see you... (point to someone else) and you.

Thanks for the advice, nice to be able to see it from another point of view instead of my own thoughts