Goal Body Thread

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>no goal body thread

post em

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>pube hair
>feminine soft facial features
>no v taper
>high calf insertions

wtf who would wanna look like this nigga

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Those tris

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I'm curious as to how Goku actually even works out.

How to into? If I don't reach this by 2020 i'm hopping on roids.

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would you agree that he still has some appeal despite looking like an xx syndrome boy?

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cant believe no ones posted this one yet

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dark web core


This is my goal body, but I know I'll end up with more of a Strongman Physique.

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that's a representation of a 16yo you do realize

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my nigga

I think there's a lot of fitness fellows on Youtube and other sites that have tried to break that down in some way. Generally it seems to me he does a lot of high rep calisthenics and occasional weight lifting when he has something that's actually hard for him to lift. Also high G-Force.

Not the most impressive, but I'd be happy to get to that.

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This one. I look good already and don't think I'll be able to achieve it not roiding, but still

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>tfw my dad unironically looks like that

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>this hasn't been posted yet

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I'm like 8 inches taller than him but his proportions are amazing.

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>wide ab gap is filled with hair
I wonder how that feels, no homo though

where is his peepee?

thas a bigga boi

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Henry Rollins for me

Not just his physique but also his attitude on anger

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Johnny sins?

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for you

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tf is with that jpg file??

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>tfw 6 inch wrists
Will I ever make it or come close to picrelated? I feel like my bones are too thin and my muscles simply won't get big.

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Kavensky roids anyways, fat kunt idolises WWF. Manchild

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Cool, I pretty much have your goal body, but my tan is better than his

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I just want to look like this again but I don't think that muscle memory will be that effective, might have to ride a bike.

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Dat ratio tho

>tfw cucked wide hip genetics means no matter how much you lift ywn have this

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tien 2bh

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youll never make it unless you're 6'9

he's clearly a manlet
notice how big the sword looks in comparison

I'm 6ft 8 amigo ;^)

Kek. A longsword is meant to come up to your armpit in terms of proportion to its wielder.

Is this an example of 10/10 genetics, when you look at muscle insertions and such?

going for ultimate lank mode

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Nice bait homie

Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet

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t. 6 inch wrists

I know that feel

The dude has a decent upper body. It’s the angles and the pose that suck.


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thanks brah

>Goal body
>Implying you can do shit about your body besides slapping on some muscle mass, frame in face frame height meme exists for a reason

Also, my IDEAL body would be pic related:
>excellent proportions
>explosive as fuck
>high mobility
>lifts huge amount of weight
>cons for being a manlet

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pretty sickening arms for a natty

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it's a mindset!!!

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nice work dude
what was your routine/diet to get to that point?

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howee howee howwwwwwww me wanna

good luck opening that third eye through meditation bro


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thank god he has a good face to make up for those abomination-tier insertions


This is the way.

All this other "photos taken while dehydrated and oiled up" bullshit isn't real. This is a real dude, pumped but looking like shit while working out.

Obviously shooped you pleb.