What do you guys think of the "traditional" weight lifting split:

What do you guys think of the "traditional" weight lifting split:

Back/Biceps, Lower Body, Chest/Triceps

It seems like a lot of people give it shit, but it's always worked really well for me and hasn't complicated my routine.

Unless you're an athlete, does it really matter what program you follow as long as it builds strength, mass, endurance, etc and you stick to it?

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>builds strength
Doesn't do this

It's perfectly fine and will absolutely get you results. It's just that other programs are a bit smarter.

deadlift / squat / bench doesn't build strength?

it does but not as fast as an actual strength routine.

Splits based on body parts are usually retarded because they're usually schemed up by retards.

If you wanna do a split, base it on which core lift(s) you're training in a given workout. And do curls twice a week.

Do a squat workout with bench press related accessories Monday, Deadlifts, maybe barbell rows, and curls on Tuesday, a lot of actual bench press on Wednesday, along with some standing press, Squats and chin ups on Thursday, Deadlifts and more bench press on Friday.

Not all "leg" or "back" or whatever workouts are equal. Programs that pick a body part and then pick exercises to "work" it usually end up doing a whole bunch of suboptimal or outright stupid shit, like leg extensions. Programs that focus on improving one's strength and/or rep maxes on the barbell exercises that always work usually get better results.

>Back/Biceps, Lower Body, Chest/Triceps

you need 2x frequency per week to build muscle, some muscles like abs and calfs 3x-4x frequency

if you want a brosplit that works there's PPL 6x times week with one day off after every workout but it sucks unless you have a home gym since you gotta go 6 times and it isn't always on the same days of the week

I've built muscle and strength with a x1 frequency before. I got my DB Press up to 90 pounds and my Leg Press up to 800. Also my muscles blew up.

Either I have weird genetics or people on here don't know what they're talking about.


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>leg press

Always worked for me as well. Veeky Forums is just full of contrarians

I've done
since I started lifting and I've gotten to the point where girls and dyel think I'm large, but my strength has begun to plateau.

Should I change my routine? Does strength increase require a bulking period?

I do upper, lower, cardio x2 and then rest on Sunday
My numbers aren't great but I don't lift for ego and at 6'1 180 I look better than 90% of this board
Stop over thinking it and meticulously planning routines based off of scientific studies and just pick up the damn weight and put it down until you're tired

I do shoulders/back/chest/legs/bicep-tricep each week and it works great for me. Ofc I do squats, deadlifts, pull ups etc. For me its just better to focus on one muscle group at the time. Fit is a meme, don't forget that.

what are your lifts

it's not the most efficient way for sure, but it has worked for decades and will also work for you as long as you do it consistently and add weight/volume over time

plenty of brosplitters throwing up 315, much more than pear-shaped disciples of rippetoe programming

no offense but if someone is after aesthetics (why the fuck else would someone do a brosplit) your advice is not worth anything

plenty of use for leg extensions and other "stupid shit", if it's good enough for ed coan and tom platz it's good enough for anyone here

if someone wants to squat a lot and become a male braphog, they should go to you

you sure don't "need" that kind of frequency, and PPL is not a brosplit

a brosplit is one of those retard-volume 1x/week frequency routines, not a PPL or UL or ULxPPL etc

I've been doing something similar

Chest/bicep, Leg/Shoulders, Back/Tricep, repeat, rest

Something my buddies did, but I don't know where it comes from. Seems to be working for us. Just stickin with the program

>if it's good enough for some genetic freak taking buckets of steroids then it must be good for me too r-right?

>does it really matter what program you follow as long as it builds strength, mass, endurance,

yeah pick only one to develop it the most, the others wont grow as much, you cant have it all at once or we would not be discussing which routine is best

Those are weak af numbers.

>my Leg Press up to 800

if your so strong get in the squat rack, I bet you cannot lmao 2.5plate atg

1177lb Leg Press for 8 reps
425lb squat x1
105lb DB Bench x8

and im not even that strong

This looks like a good thread to ask.
I've been doing SL for the past 2 months and I enjoy it, but it has been brought to my attention (and I've somewhat noticed it myself) that it's a bit lacking in the arms.
While my deadlift and squat are improving dramatically. I still struggle with baby weights during BP and OHP.
What are some extra arm workouts I could or should Include in my routine?

>bragging about noob gains