I'm skinny-fat as FUCK. I recently got tested...

I'm skinny-fat as FUCK. I recently got tested, and have a bodyfat percentage of fucking 33 - literally 1/3 of my body is fat, even though my weight is pretty average of 70 kg. I've decided not to be a worthless sack of shit and fat anymore, and intend to take better care of my body.

My question to you, my wise and experienced Veeky Forums brothers, is this: should I focus on dieting and losing fat first, and then training to build muscle, or should I try to do both at the same time? I've heard different answers. I want to become a Greek god, and I'm ready to invest energy and time.

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what's your height

And you will keep hearing different answers just like on the ten variations of this thread posted on this board every day. Read the sticky.

Fast and eat A TON OF SALT!

180 cm

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Im 80kg and 1/3 fat at 6ft...
Can do 20 pressups n 2 chin ups...
Tried gym eating a tdee got no muscle gains and no fat loss...wasnt eating clean tho...
Im in same boat...but ive decided to eat 160gcarbs...200gprotein n 80g fat...thalrn after 3 weeks check progress

Chins up, bro. I'm sure Veeky Forums won't let us down.

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Chins up, bro. You still haven't read it yet.

Read what yet?

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And my yellow fever intensifies.

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But do you have advice for OP?

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Work on lifting weight and building muscle Once you feel like you have a decent base cut the weight. You're a fat fuck so it's not like you're great at following a routine/discipline. Gaining muscle is much more fun than losing weight. Save losing the weight for when you feel like you're already committed to working out and its a routine for you. If you just try to diet you'll stop in a few weeks.

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But building muscle first will make me look fatter than now, won't it? I hide my fatness well atm, because my body type is quite slender, with the exception of a bountiful behind. If I start building first, I'll look like the pos I really am.

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So your mind is already made. Start with the diet then. You can learn discipline and form a routine and commitment with diet too.
You'll get different answers on this, since everybody has different needs and preferences. Do what works for you, I guess, just do something.

I guess my mind is made, haha.
I appreciate the help, bro. I guess there will soon be one less fatty in the world.

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All of these for you, my fellow yellow lover.

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>this thread