Veeky Forums approved shit

Books, music, games, anything.

I personally find Far Cry 3 extremely related to Veeky Forums, albeit subtly, the game shows the protagonist treading on the path of a Warrior physically(through the tattoo) and mentally through everything else. It's implied that Jason already liked adrenaline before, but with the events of the game he started to enjoy killing, hunting, surviving and overcoming odds.
Even though he didn't get swole as fuck in the end, Jason Brody became what the majority of us want to be.

Berserk(manga) and The way of men(book) are the only things beside FC3 that i can think of right now that classify as Veeky Forums related. What else is Veeky Forums?

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dark souls just cuz
>git gud
>or die mirin

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>god of war
>gears of war


fighting games are the only Veeky Forums approved games

Video games are anti-Veeky Forums and I don't care how you attempt to justify it.

functional strength my lads
fuck you

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Blade Runner: 2049

The Stranger
12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Video Games:
Life is Strange
Heroes of the Storm

clash of clans

Total faggot

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What is Veeky Forums then?

Books, exercise, and sex

thats the life of a normie you faggot

That's the point.

this, p much

>video games remind me that cardio is important
also fuck you

You need to be reminded to move your fat, disgusting body?


Holy shit this show is literally mainlining high test for me.
>Tons of Veeky Forums dudes for mirin
>Also inspires me to be more Veeky Forums
>Lots of fight scenes, and they are DRAMATIC

Comes off as tacky initially but after a while it settles into at least the 9/10 category. Highly recommend.

>playing video games at any time or for any reason

It's time to kill yourself

I recommend Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer”. Sociological/scientific analysis of fanaticism, makes me feel determined.

I already posted my body in a fph thread a few days ago
I don't feel like proving that I'm not fat to another autist
160 lbs 6'
but yes, cardio is important, although I wouldn't define it as crudely as you have

t. autistic neet

>caring about what a bunch of retards on Veeky Forums think is cool

>Veeky Forums

choose 1

Fit was a relatively normal board before the r9k and reddit invasion. Fuck off back to your shithole retard.

Superior taste

>believing browsing Veeky Forums is somehow better than playing vidya

>was relatively normal

no it wasn't. Nothing on Veeky Forums was ever normal.

I fking loved holyland.
It's way under appreciated unfortunately.

Video games are for faggot losers with no real hobbies. The fact y’all have to defend such a useless and pathetic past time further proves my point.

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Holyland was fucking great. Im reading Kokou No Hito rn and so far so good

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What th are you?

Meditations Marcus Aurelius

Panthers, electric wizard, sleep

Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Metal gear solid 3

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most excellent taste in music

Daily reminder that Berserk has turned into a sack of moeshit.

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Say that again you fucking weeaboo.

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Nice, now crawl back to /pol/ where you belong, you vile beast

Reminder the style shifted when they entered fairy fantasy land. Obviously everything looks cuter here, it's a conscious decision so that when everything goes to shit and the style suddenly changes back it's more impactful.

pic related, it's you

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The style has been getting shittier and shittier long before they found the island.

>it's a conscious decision so that when everything goes to shit and the style suddenly changes back it's more impactful.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, faggot.

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>Metal gear solid 3
Any movies like this shit?

>Life is strange

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Stop shaming your great suggestions with such shit taste in vidya.

Yeah mgs4

God tier soundtrack. Wish the game got progressively spookier and darker as it went on instead of more action hero, but whatever, still an amazing adventure.

I like the first parts the best because you've got shit weapons and dont know where you're going. Once you get the best guns and unlock the radio towers it gets a bit boring. Nothing beats the first time I played this game and was cautiously creeping around the north island on foot trying to get to the Drs house, couldn't even get there by car because I'd get fucked up by all the pirates on the beaches.
>hardest difficulty settings possible
>stalking through the dense undergrowth, not exactly sure where im going with minimal health and supplies
>suddenly see a group of pirates on foot up ahead talking loudly, have to go around.
>jump off a small cliff into the water and swim across the lagoon
>come to the shore at the base of the cliff with the house on top right as the sun rises over the horizon
>I'm struck speechless by the beauty of the moment, I've come all this way and experienced a beautiful sunrise in the midst of so much carnage
>stand there for a minute taking it all in
>get eaten by a fucking tiger
10/10 would do again

your picture proves my point. An artist this good with 30 years of masterful artwork doesn't lose all of that in a few chapters. prepare to be blown the fuck out, kid.

picture related again, guess who? Yeah that's right, it's you again

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I love Life is Strange. Awesome game. Kate Marsh is a top tier qt waifu

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The simmetry theory changed the way i looked at the game by a huge margin, you should check it out

I played Dark Souls 1 and it really helped my mentality of “If I want to do something it isn’t just gonna happen easily, I have to practice and work and obsess over it” which translated perfectly to working out

Patrician tastes

>12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

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>have at least one common interest
>it's impossible that this could be beneficial to me in any way
Why even come here?

you're on Veeky Forums you flaming faggot

She looks like a crackhead

absolute pleb vidya

have some superiour taste:
nu Hitman
nu Prey
Deus Ex, MD and HR too
Age of Decadence
Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm
Mount and Blade
Kerbal Space Program
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
Fallout New Vegas
Earth Defense Force 4.1
Pillars of Eternity
Divinity Original Sin
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
Legend of Grimrock 2

also Vermintide 2 is GOTY

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For Honor
>play as knights, Vikings, or weebs
>each champion based off histories warrior legends
>fighting and execution animations are brutal
>each warrior fockin joocy
>re-enact warrior fantasy society rejects today
if you don’t


>101 deadly skills, survival edition
>natural navigator

Muscles will only get you so far when the zombie apocalypse comes.

Movies and vidya are not Veeky Forums they are convenient distractions occasionally.

>Mount and Blade
>Kerbal Space Program

My two favourite games of all time. Good taste user

Bannerlord when?