My gf keeps asking me to cum inside of her because she likes the feeling? What do?

My gf keeps asking me to cum inside of her because she likes the feeling? What do?

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Get a vasectomy

that pizza is a monstrosity

What are you, gay?
Literally the best way to finish sex.
No consequences if she's on the pill

snip and fill her up. its win win

she is trynna trap him

>no consequences
Only maybe a baby. But you know, can only happen 2 out of 100 times right?

Happened me thro pill.

And only most of your paycheck for 2 decades if she lies or forgets

I eventually want kids.

Kay you're gf decided to get pregnant, or she's retarded. If she's retarded, don't put a baby in her. If she's trying to get you to knock her up, ask yourself: Is it okay with me that my gf is trying to trick me into knocking her up? If it is, stop, reevaluate why you let her disrespect you. If it isn't okay with you that she is trying to trick you into knocking her up then you need to peace her. If you actually want a baby then go for it.


you ever had poutine, buddy?

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fucking women makes you Veeky Forums

fulfill your duty as a man and fill that tight pussy with your hot semen

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>tinder thots
>ask then where they want me to cum every time
>go ballistic if they say inside
Feels so fucking good, and then immediately unmatch after busting inside the whole night.

That's where the bull comes in

tell her to take the pill.
I came inside of 6 girls, they all took the pill and nothing happened.
Still not a father.

Get your sperm frozen, it's very cheap. Then get a vasectomy.

Yes I’m eating it right now

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Don’t trust the pill

Lol at y’all saying to bust in her if she’s on the pill. Enjoy the abortion because you didn’t realize the pill still fails.

She needs the implant in her arm, explain to her that cumming inside her even with a condom still can result in pregnancy, cum finds a way

buhhhh me wantee
not that gay girl but that yummy pizza

IUD greatest invention ever

good lord that's one hella a cheat meal EH

it doesnt

Murderous fucking scum, keys


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Do not do this, ever, you end up looking like a lesbian.

If you aren't willing to marry and have kids with her, then stop cumming inside her, and probably break up with her and go find the woman you do want to marry and have kids with.

Stop avoiding responsibility.

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Cum has hormones in it like Testosterone that give her a physiological response. Her body knows if it's getting what it wants. If you don't jizz in her twat on the reg you're literally going to get cucked.

IUD aren't 100% either. Best way to make sure is "double up." Meaning do both IUD and pill

Is that why my son stopped talking to me? Because I started using condoms with him?

this, and if she gets pregnant take care of that lil keed like a real mothefucker

Are you saying I should eat my old cum?

The older the better!

evil murderer, kys next time and rid us of your stupidity

>older the better
>not getting it fresh from the nice men in the restroom near the park

What did he mean by this

If I dont have to take care of the child, why is it MY problem?

>not saving the man's cum in a test tube and eating it on the man's birthday which you label on the tube

It's reversible. Alternatively, freeze some sperm.

>I must devote my life and energy to being a literal slave to a woman and at least one child!

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nice, you really lucked out. girls seem to go batshit insane and get emotionally attached to that thing too early, and refuse to abort even when it would absolutely ruin everyone's life

If you're going to be a useless turd of a man unwilling to raise your own child, you should just get the vasectomy so you at least don't contribute to the rising tide of fatherless children currently bringing down western civilization.

fuck her so hard she can't conceive anymore

problem solved


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>I must devote my life and energy to shitposting on Veeky Forums and otherwise having a meaningless nihilistic existence numbed by mindless hedonism and escapism before I grow old and find myself on my deathbed having accomplished nothing, with no family, no meaningful relationships, and a genetic dead-end.

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>life is meaningless without breeding!

Literal troglodyte

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Maybe the bitch shouldnt be dumb enough to let me keep nutting in her especially after i tell her i wont raise or want any kids. Im probably not the race you think i am either

Responsibility is the path to a meaningful life.

Raising a family will provide that responsibility, and is a natural byproduct of what a man wants to do anyway. And as a many you can have a family while pursuing a career and other forms of responsibility and meaning.

I'm happy to hear your alternative.

>its the woman's job to make sure I don't get tricked into paying child support
>claims not to be black
Okay Tyrone.

put your mouth around her anus next time she wants to make a fat doody

You don't have to start a family to take on greater responsibility in life. Focusing on your body, career, studies and personal relationships can all be done to greater effect without caring for a child. I personally think it's more important to spread your ideas more than your genes.

Not even fucking kidding my dude. The best part about it is when they ask me to go in raw, usually goes like this
>thot asks me to put on condoms and fuck
>nope, more foreplay
>even more and more foreplay
>thots just go crazy and ask me to fuck them raw
Tested all negative so far.

>Focusing on your body, career, studies and personal relationships can all be done to greater effect without caring for a child.
The literal definition of responsibility requires duty and the care of others, not mindless self-improvement. What you described are effectively hobbies.

>I personally think it's more important to spread your ideas more than your genes.
You're doing that right now and what you're saying isn't exactly revolutionary. Theres no shortage of useless men who subscribe to the same ideas as you, and who are unwilling to carry any kind of real burden or do anything with their lives. That's why western civilization is crumbling around us. Your ideas are shit and you have nothing to say, maybe you should listen instead and grow the fuck up.

I only want to have kids if I can snag a 10/10, but I feel like unless I'm rich I can only get an 8/10 at best

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Heath and fitness buddy this is not just a weight lifting board

Sacrifice your life to raising a family and then your wife divorces you, ruins you financially, your children become trans/fat/losers who hate you.

>mfw i met a tinder thot who let me bust in her asshole and wouldn’t let me leave until i busted in her pussy too
Woulda been hotter if she wasnt chubby but she was an azn so worth it

Then start a business, run an awareness campaign or a charity. You're quick to talk down the sharing of ideas, but there is no shortage of of men willing to pass on their seed either. Unlike ideas, this earth only has a limited capacity before it starts hurting everyone who lives on it, and the majority of the gene pool is inferior as it is. Furthermore, if you believe the ideas of most men are useless, then what's the purpose of going through the effort of creating more useless men?

>m-my sons will be different!
they'll be another brick in the system as you are.

Fuck off incel faggot. This is going to happen to you with your shitty attitude and lack of achievement, but not everyone else

There's nothing more cucked than not wanting children.

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The state will take your children and put in you jail if you don't comply. You are doing nothing but contributing to the downfall of western civilization.

>the ultimate form of achievement is marraige and kids
Think outside the box for once in your life

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If I were a woman I'd divorce a whiny faggot like you in a heartbeat. Try not being a bitch and maybe you'll be able to give a woman the leadership and stability she needs. Also prenup isn't a bad idea, I know family law is a catastrophe for men.

You continue posting shit ideas while claiming that these ideas are your main reason for existing. You shouldn't be trying to build an identity on this foundation, its actually embarrassing.

>Then start a business, run an awareness campaign or a charity.
And as I said previously, other pursuits such as the ones you suggested with business are not incompatible with family aspirations if you're a man. In fact they can be complimentary. But lets not pretend that you're actually going to do any of those things. Most people are not entrepreneurs, they have normal jobs. Most people also want to have sex, and a possible outcome of sex is children. If you don't think that children are worth your time then you shouldn't be having sex, because if you create another single mother you are actively contributing to the downfall of western civilization, and if you abort the baby then you're committing murder.

>You're quick to talk down the sharing of ideas, but there is no shortage of of men willing to pass on their seed either.
No I'm talking down the sharing of your ideas because they're garbage and you clearly need to read some books.

>m-my sons will be different!
There is plenty of evidence showing kids raised by two parents do vastly better socially, academically and professionally compared to kids raised by a single parent. Its simply the optimal solution for you, your offspring and society at large.

The sad thing is that the counterculture is now to live a responsible life and raise a family. While being shouted down by brainlets who think that by doing what everyone else is doing they're "thinking outside the box" while wallowing in nihilism and misery.

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anyone else way into dog dick?

>Cum inside her pussy
>Use a vacuum to suck it up
Easy as that user

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You keep making these baseless assumptions of me and my ideas, and yet here you are with me shitposting on an lgbt friendly mongolian bodybuilding forum. Where are your wife and kids? Why aren't you spending time with them?

Spreading your seed is your genetic mandate. Try not to be a failure.

Oh sweetie... I fucked my kids so many times I'm pretty sure my wife isn't bringing them back. Maybe if I threw her a fuck every once in a while, am I right? Lol, women.

>wasting valuable test-rich protein with a vacuum
>not slurping it right out of her sloppy cunt like its the nectar of life

Roid for male birth control

>my life is entirely determined by my genetics, I have no free will!

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Fuck canadians, man. Fo' real.

>posts stupid ideas and views
>claims I'm making baseless assumptions about him and his stupid ideas and views that he posted
>is so buttblasted has to resort to: w-w-why aren't you spending t-time with your wife and kids?

Fine I'll go to bed. You have fun spreading your """"""ideas"""""" on this Tibetan yak butter churning bbs.

Have fun with your child support and alimony payments!

saying that doesn't make it true; you know that, right?

PLEASE eat my butt.

The first girl I ever fugged was my boss at my old call center job, I was 19 she was in her late 30s, I straight up came inside her and fucked her with out a condom, it was the hottest thing I ever did, I always had a thing for thicc milfs man, she was making so much fucking noise and totally into it, I was in fucking trance slamming that pussy like a pornstar, I straight up came buckets inside her and disappeared like three months later, I didn't tell her I cummed inside her after like day 3 and we where both fucked up on alcohol/weed and coke, I had the most cushy fucking job, it was incredible, I regret leaving but rumors were spreading around that I got her pregnant and shit and I was scared shitless, I'm assuming she's going to tell her husband it's his.. hopefully, she wasn't up for abortion and she already felt like having kid's, I'm scared bro's, I'm so scared.

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I WANT POUTINE PIZZA I WANT IT!!!!! MOMMY!!!!!!!!! MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm seeing a Tinder girl right now and she keeps wanting me to cum inside her...

So far I only cum inside her mouth and I pull out and cum all over her. I refuse to cum inside a girl I met on Tinder.

I don't think they totally cut off your dick man.

why does this post sound like a children's book

shoo schlomo

There is honestly no better feeling than cumming deep inside a gril.

as a man who love a good poutine and a good pizza. Sometime i even eat them during the same meal if I'm drunk.

You see it's not because 2 things are good that they are meant to be mixed. ᵃ ᵇᶦᵗ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ʳᵃᶜᵉˢ

You done larping mate?

no just one more
i don't have a micropenis.
okay i'm done.

Tbh getting married inhibits the spreading of your seed. Better yet your offspring will grow up without a father figure and thus be more likely to procreate early and often. So what you're saying is that it is my biological mandate to be the most efficient deadbeat dad the world has ever seen right?

Ask her to compromise with anal because you don't trust birth control and are concerned that it's bad for her health. Or get a vasectomy if you don't want to have any/more kids.

I'm not larping, my dick is 6inches on good day, I swear on me mum

I believe you user :)

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You’re lost.

98% of the time every year, it works every time

Literally the only thing worth mentioning in my boring uneventful life and people don't believe me.

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OP if you wanna dip into an even deeper bout of depression, have your short term life plans ruined, live in self-doubt and self-contempt over the way you feel about your own blood, have levels of stress on you that you never thought possible, and literally wish you never met this girl,

go ahead and dump your load in her, and enjoy the 5 seconds of pleasure.

hope you don't regret anything

>from experience