Is this the most brutal instance of mogging in history?

Is this the most brutal instance of mogging in history?

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How come the female equivalent of this would never exist? The comments would all be about how the fat girl is beautiful and REAL unlike the fake model girl.

The comments are literally people telling the soyboy he is beautiful as he is though

If that guy was fit, grew a beard to hide his weak chin, got a tan and shaved his head he would be a 5-6/10 instead of a 2.

I aint gay but that guy just replaced aragorn for me....

Guy definitely has a chubby jawline. Beard is hiding it.

>i was the most awkward and lanky teenager imaginable
>then i just started being confident bro anyone can do it

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Too bad he’s a soyboy, didn’t even have to look at him to tell it based on source. Soyboys have no chance, low test means when they bulk they just get gyno.

>"normal dude"

Normal males do not work at Buzzfeed

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He probably had to balk and lift for years before getting that body at his height.

>normal dude

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Oh yeah he has no bones, he's just running hair, size and gymcel game

No he's too self aware to be a soyboy, he's playing it up to emphasize the video. Soyboys are unaware of their cringeyness and aspie levels. Soyboys are strap on loving skellies, not wannabe jay baruchels

I’m not watching that

>I threw in a shirtless photo of brock and me together in bed because why not? Can't hurt!

yes it can you bum. what could hurt your chances more?

What were you expecting?

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The model dude in the video showed how a genuinely alpha male acts. At every turn, he was trying to help the smaller bro out, make him feel good, and lift him up.

Once you make it, you try to help others because you want everyone to make it. The buzzfeed dude might be kinda weak, but video was pretty wholesome overall. I liked it!

the buzzfeed guy in the "sexy" poses could pull it off with a sense of humor

Are you seriously trying to chirp that prime specimen of a man? How insecure are you?

kill yourself

He looks exactly as I would expect of someone that works at Buzzfeed or is featured by Buzzfeed.

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he is literally unmoggable with that hair+green eyes combo. keep coping

That guy's genotype should be scanned and saved for future generations as a reference or model for cloning/genetic engineering.
I mean god damn.

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Lmao he’s literally an 11/10, man

Looking at that guy makes me want to grow my hair out. That kind of primal warrior look would be awesome.

What bothers me most, without playing the video, is the fucking thumbnail. In the original the guy is staring off camera normally with his mouth closed. The Buzzfeed guy who's trying to copy him is staring straight into the camera squinting, with his mouth open in the gayest way possible. Doesn't help that it looks like he's wearing lipstick. Either way, "normal dude" is an insulting stretch of the term here.

>I just take 1 photo and think yeah let’s go

Seems like a nice guy, but this is obviously not true

Your suffering brings me joy

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>The Instagram model guy is actually single

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Are you guys blind by any chance? Or do the both of you also hide your insecurities behind beards?

Both are faggots in their own way. Both have lost the grip of true masculinity

Like you're right, but it's so insignificant that pointing it out makes you look like you're reaching hard for something to shit on, aka insecure

pure cope this guy will mogg anyone

but hes definitely on roids and benzos

Not really. Seen as 9/10 men who have a beard have it to hide their jawline, it's an apt comment to make here. Especially seen as the entire video is based on looks.

Out of choice

What is it with this boards inability to take a comment at face value? I'm not trying to tear him down. I'm just making the observation.

Why would he limit himself when he can 100% fuck any girl he wants to?

>Normal dude
Wow, only a couple months of lifting and I'm already above average? Thanks Veeky Forums!

it's jewish tricks

wdym ow can you tell he’s on benzos?

yeah the bearded guy doesn't have a powerful jawline. still though all his other features look beautiful and he has a beard so you can't really see it. unless you're a weird autist like me or that guy in this thread who pointed it out.

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It's more what you didn't say that makes people think you're trying to cope. As if your first thought was "I need to find a way to make this guy seem less attractive than he is". Not only that, but you cared enough about it to take 30 seconds to type out a comment go through the captcha
pretty much you sound insecure and us incels feed off of it

He seems really cool no homo

>"Normal Dude"

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>twig pops out of the water and splashes his hair back
>hear only tiny little sprinkles

Men see a more attractive man than them and think "damn, how can I be more like him?"

Women see a more attractive woman than them and think "how can I tear them down/hurt them?"

Looks like a Jew.

Is this the purpose of soy?

Yeah, who needs a stable life partner to rely on and be relied on when times get tough?

I thought I was straight
Dude on the right is fucking hot


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>Men see a more attractive man than them and think "damn, how can I be more like him?"

you can't change facial anatomy. you can't change frame. you can't make your skull more robust.

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doesnt stop people from trying or finding ways of coping to try

thats why a lot of us are here

yep I was pretty surprised how average his face was in this video. Don't get me wrong, his body, dress, and attitude gives him the 9/10 but his face alone isn't special. honestly looks like that chef youtuber.

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when this guy is a 9 who would you consider a 10?

You can tell from that manlet's eyes he wants to get fucked by him.

>”Walker's good looks and imposing physique (he stood 6 feet, 6 inches tall with a 48-inch chest and a 32-inch waist)[6] helped him land an audition where he won the lead role in the TV series Cheyenne.”

Fuqq that dude was playing life on easy mode with those genetics

>normal dude

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>He typed this out while wondering why he doesn't have a loving gf
Listen if you were just a little less judgmental, maybe you would find someone willing to be with you


Don’t know why this is even a discussion when you can just search for pictures where he has less beard

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brock has that connor murphy bloat face in some angles
Gandy, Chico and Ballou definitely facemog him, but I'm talking about a difference between 8.5 and 9/10 face lmao

>when your bull is bigger than expected

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I wanna kill the buzzfeed guys

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Unironically great post.

Part I

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Have you ever met women in real life? Like 2 women interacting? Compliment is their irl shitposting.
I'll give you an example.
>be in a party
>two exes of mine are there
>I get along with ex A. Even though things didn't work out, she's sweet, lovable and extremely cute
>even though I was madly in love with ex B, I could never get along with her because she always treated me like shit and wanted me as her lap dog. A classic case of wanting what you can't have
>of course, ex B hates ex A because of our healthy relationship
>ex B sees me fooling around with ex A
>comes towards us and immediately compliments A's sweater
>and just like that, a subtle fight started
>she who complimented the best was the winner
>ex B, being the cunt she is, outplayed hard A
The whole scenario was hilarious, honestly. Women can be such vapid cunts, lmao

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he is a jew

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He's right you fucking autist. Women don't think that out loud, they just do subconsciously if you let them. So don't

i agree, that vid was wholesome as fuck.

I hate this pic so much, please stop posting it. That poor dude probably got that outfit from his mom, and he thinks it looks nice (which I guess it does; it’s the right brands).

Just look at that smirk. That is the smirk of a man will low confidence. That is the smirk of a man who has never felt normal before in his life, and maybe by wearing the right clothes, he could pretend that he was. In the moment that picture was taken, he felt normal, and probably imagine he could use this pic as his fb profile pic, for Instagram, or hell, maybe even a tinder profile.

But no you guys had to mog him with this chizzled model. Fuck you, fuck you all

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Stop giving people attributes you don't know they have. More than likely this is the same sort of guy who will cast judgement on you for having a different political opinion and then tell everybody else behind your back at work that he disagrees with you and that you're such a right-wing peanut brained gym rat except nobody really gives a shit about his opinion because it's an obvious cope of insecurity.

Btw his clothes look like shit because they're ill fitting. His beard is fucking terrible, his hair is terrible and his glasses are terrible (never get dark arms and no-rim glasses because it narrows your face by bringing attention to where the edges of your head are). There's a correct way to dress for a slender frame, and that is not the correct way.

>with this chizzled model
the guy on the left is 5'11" lmao

Why the fuck so you post a pic of Jared though? Jared fucks.
Also, if you ever hanged around betas (which I did for a while but I really never fit anywhere) you would realize how self absorbed and narcissistic they are. Fuck them. Unless you are a beta too, which is why you give grandiose morality to a dude you don't even know but probably has symmilar traits to you. So fuck you too.

The hot guy seems like such a stoner

is the blonde guy achievable natty?

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>In May 1971, Walker narrowly escaped death in a skiing accident at Mammoth Mountain, California. In a fall from a ski lift, Walker was pierced through the heart with a ski pole. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.
>However, a doctor detected faint signs of life and rushed Walker to surgery, where his damaged heart was repaired. Within two months, Walker was working again.

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roids literally do change all of that

lmao btfo

No...No they don't. If anything if you do roids prematurely they can stunt your bone growth. This is coming from a fraud.

Why do you feel the need to defend him and type all that out?

>normal dude

>Normal dude
How far have we fallen that this "man" is presented as the norm.

le gymcel high E face


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>252 test
>grows full beard
>chest full of hair
>I'm 20, high test, and instead of a beard or chest hair I just get acne

If that's what a "normal guy" looks like then I don't want to be normal. Ever.

beard/hair growth is just how you react to even small doses of test
I have the same thing, really high muscle mass, wide frame and all but smooth body+no beard growth at 22

>Literally a jealous woman

9000 test

His genes are too powerful to encode

>tough times
He gets paid to exist

His life cant get tough.

This is the most brutal mog because the guy whos getting brutally mogged would mog most people on this board

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topkek fucking americans and their retarded system

What is it about these buzzfeed guys that evokes utter disgust in me?

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That guy is not really a slayer, hes too big, chubby, and hairy. He's hiding his facial structure with a beard, who knows whats hiding under there? Most girls would laugh at him in public

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