How much do i have to lift to get a qt gf like this?

How much do i have to lift to get a qt gf like this?

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Don't lift for women, they will only bring you down lift so you can eventually love yourself.

women are worthless and will never love you.

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Those are the type of girls that dress all cute but would easily suck some dude off

>Don't dream of women because they'll only bring you down
Dio was right

this nigga knows what he's talking about

Lift for yourself, be authentic to who you are, and do it all with passion. "Be the same man in illness and health". Work at being happy with yourself. This will be an uphill struggle, but it will be beautiful to you. You will respect yourself, and this respect will extend not only to a woman (or women), but to the whole of your social circle, to random strangers. You will be ready to give your heart, and when you receive the heart of others, it will be complete, unabashed, authentic, like yourself. And through it all, you will know true happiness and contentment. We believe in you brother.

Tl;dr : We are all gonna make it brah.

how do I be the dude she sucks off?

million dollar question

Not OP, but I needed to hear that. Thanks, user.

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simple: act like an alpha with her, chicks like that love chads

Good shit.

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Dio WAS right.

Thats a boy cosplayer..
pic related: another pic of him

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Absolute gentleman.

Sauce? I thought so from the shape of the legs from other pics floating around.

[Citation needed]

looks like my ex

It's hard user.

It's hard to continue bettering yourself when you aren't seeing any results yet from doing so, and conversely seeing others much worse than you and not even trying succeed.
But maybe I'm not properly viewing what success for me should properly entail.
And there seems to be so many here that have "made it" but are still alone and sad.

I guess I'm going to go back to not paying attention to that and hoping it naturally evolves in the names of betting myself.
I was pretty depressed today, lying down and chanting kill me over and again, but I think you've shown me the light again.
I have to keep getting better, I may have over eaten today but I can still do my workout.

Thank you user

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Be the like the dad that she never had/has a bad relationship with

In other words be a dominant male that's honestly what almost every girl wants

not much.. if you think she is attractive, you just require basic.. to basic+ social skills and not be completely unattractive as she likely undervalues her own sexual value.

How much lifting is required for a goth gf?

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its weird but at the age of 28 im starting to do this. starting to enjoy things i avoided my whole life

They like skelly faggots.

You have to lift enough that you’re physically strong enough to approach them and actually talk to them instead of creep staring while listening to your shitty podcast with both headphones in.

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Well fuck I guess I'll just kill myself then, I'm 6'3 and 215lbs

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Don't listen to that faggot. Become Peter Steele.

emo chicks like that date skinny soyboys who look like heroin addicts.

She's one of the 10000 goth girls. Most of them are ugly as fuck, which is explainable

As a man who has had 3 10/10 goth gf’s in my life, I can honestly say they are not interested in muscle at all. The bimboish stripper goths are the ones that are into the Peter Steel look.

They’re great fucks for the first couple of months but really aren’t worth it in the long run. Honestly my best gf’s have been more vanilla in their fashion

>As a man who has had 3 10/10 goth gf’s in my life
Strong LARP

> this respect will extend not only to a woman (or women), but to the whole of your social circle
>social circle

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Sauce pls. No homo.

eat shit you disgusting faggot

Dress like this and be muscular. those type of girls into tumblr shit usually appreciate it when a dude dress well

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Its rip in pieces akari;_;7

But i want a gf to snuggle with at night

If you have not had a gf by 25 give up until you start making money.

The girl you just posted is the archetypal girl that every incel who hasn't lifted once in their lives dreams of being with. Seeing her with a ripped chad would crush them

So i just need to outlift chad