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anyone growing out their hair right now?

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nope sorry bro I'm a Norwood 3 with diffuse thinning

my hair gets stuck at mullet level every time I try to grow it out. i've given up.

i will, after the hair implant surgery in 3 months


nah i'm balding, why live?

Have had mine this length for some time now

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Had my hair up all day but I'm wanting to grow it past my shoulders.

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nice hitlerjugend


I've had wavy brown hair down to my ass since I was 17, 27 now. Have constantly gotten hair mires, girls telling me they're jealous, it's so soft, I smell good, etc. So far no hair loss. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass to take care of and keep clean, but it's been worth it.

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Isn’t that a presidents son, not an actual president?

Not American though so not too sure


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Franklin Roosevelt Jr

Ty user




almost to my goal

cut the back, leave the sides, top, and bangs dumb cunt

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yep, going for the john wick cut


>norwood 3 at 18
a-at least im not a manlet r-right?

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I know someone with a similar haircut, it looks good.

I wish I had straight hair and a chad-tier hairline, but I'll make do with my shitty curls and thank jeebus im not balding.

I'd like to but I'm afraid I'd look like a trap

Any military fags here? I wanna do something other than a high fade like every retard boot gets.

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Go full buzz cut and make the baldfags jelly when it grows out

That's my current hairstyle, but I'm going to grow it out a bit more to go for the slicked back style I used to have.

Yeah. My hair is a little longer than the one in the picture. Do any of you have any hair products that you could recommend? I hear American Crew pomade is decent but I haven't gotten around to buying some yet.