Recommend me some good books for brain gains Veeky Forums...

Recommend me some good books for brain gains Veeky Forums. Currently planning on reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius next but I need to add more to my list.

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thomas mann is pretty cooli f you're up to it

Atlas Shrugged
The Fountainhead

I'm open to anything at the moment, do you have any specific recommendations in his collection?

Huxley's Brave New World.
Anthem is really good as well.

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The hero with a thousand faces - Joseph Campbell

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please get off my board

Revolt against the modern world by Julius Evola

reading is for queers

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A universe from nothing

Meditations is shit rambling from an old man

literally all his “”””””advice””””” you could learn off a wikihow on ‘how to be gay without fucking men (and even fucking men , if you want)’ written by some beta male art of manliness redditor

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i just bought Relentless from amazon
it's about mentality of professional athletes and such
it's pretty motivating when i read it

I get the Fountainhead; it has actual literary merit and conveys Rand's ideas. Atlas Shrugged and Anthem are utter shit as novels.

I was about to say Atlas Shrugged. Great book.

The Gutenberg Galaxy and/or Understanding Media by Marshall Mcluhan

JBP's new book is actually bretty good, though it has a lot of what he goes over in his biblical lecture series, so if you don't wanna buy it, you could just listen to those. Maps of Meaning is a lot more impressive as a text, but a bit more time consuming if you're up for it.

psycho-cybernetics is the ONLY book that you should EVER read to improve yourself. Basically, all the other 'self-help' books came from this book.

Hymn to king helios
Zen teaching of bodhidharma



google the wikipedia article for 'important publications in philosophy'
and read everything in the historical section, except for any eastern/arab works. no need for those.

enjoy having intimate knowledge of the entirety of the canon of western thought.

Thanks for all the suggestions I'm gonna make a list and try and make my way through it

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The House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson

What’s so bad about fucking guys and not being gay?

I've read Anthem and am almost finished with The Fountainhead. Anthem was a good novel and should be required reading instead of Catcher in the Rye in high school, and The Fountainhead is a bit bloated, but overall very good and profound. I look forward to reading Atlas Shrugged

>an old man

Huh. Leader of one of the largest and most powerful nations to ever exist in human history.

Aaaaand we have Trump.

Yeah. Maybe you're actually right about this one, user.

Old Man and The Sea by Hemingway. Short and sweet.

Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky if you can stomach it.. it is a bit drawn out but has bits of gold throughout it.

1984 by Orwell.

I recently started reading novels and have read about 17 since the start of this year.. these three were the only ones I could recommend as pleasurable but also informative/thought provoking.

>The Gulag Archipelago

Culture of the Teutons. Truly fascinating portrate of pre-christian Germanic culture.

Veeky Forums core

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Haven't read 1984 but I can definitely recommend the other two as well. If you read Crime and Punishment and enjoy it you would probably also like other shit Dostoevsky wrote. I'd recommend Brothers Karamazov if so.

you cockgobblers have horrible taste, y'all better drop the bullshit and start with the Greeks

I thought this was pretty boring..
Cambell tries to connect some very faint patterns. Not sure why people hype it so much

48 laws of power is pretty entertaining. It is pretty neat to try and pick out who in your life is trying to manipulate you using the "laws" he describes.

Got these on my kindle, what should I read next?

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The Greeks

>asks for good books
>posts peterson

you already lost

holy fuck user read blood meridian. Get on that shit now

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You realise he wasn’t elected, yes?

Caligula was also an Emperor, that didn’t automatically make him right.

>beyond good and evil just dropped there randomly

guarantee you won’t understand it

because the guide was written by a redditor duh

Reading is a meme unless the books give you instructions you follow while reading. Most people who read for "gains" do it, because they believe they will come across information that will help them become more proficient at x, which makes perfect sense, but only if you are already doing x. Accumulating information on something without actually practicing it is pretty much just a way to delay to calm your mind and pretend you are not wasting your time.
>Haven't done x all day but it's okay, because I learned so much about it when I spent the time reading about someone else doing it instead
Come on, don't cuck yourself like that.

Aurelius is regarded as one of the best emperors, regardless of being elected.

literally larping

Reading is a form of entertainment. You are on the internet reading posts anyway. Why not switch it up every once in a while and actually learn the reason why books have existed for milleniums.


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If you're reading for entertainment, you're not really reading for gains. Reading for entertainment is perfectly fine. I have an issue with a very specific group of people who will delay doing something to improve, because they are deluding themselves into thinking that reading about it instead is just as good and not a waste of time.

To give an example, think of all the people on Veeky Forums who have been coming here for god knows how long and read about lifting all day every day and yet haven't touched a weight - and I don't mean those that come here for whatever kind of entertainment - I mean those that actually do want to lift, but rather read about it instead.

He may have been a good emperor, but he wasn’t a good philosopher.

Meditations is about as weak as it gets for a doctrine, just meaningless phrases which basically all just say ‘duuude live according to NATURE maaan’ without actually specifying what nature is.

Yeah, I can totally see that. I never understood the people who browse Veeky Forums and yet never touched a weight in their life. It's sad that people are unable to take initiative for their lives and actually do something meaningful, for their future selves. It's probably because there's so many forms of stimulus on the internet that it's easier to just sit back and have the choice to, but not actually picking.

Meditations is boring and drones out for much longer than it needs to.
If you want the same thing in a very dense and compact form, read Epictetus' Handbook. It has none of the fat and delivers the essential point in the first sentence. The rest is 20 pages on how to apply the central principal to all circumstances of life.
Meditations is the book of a poet who wants to be a philosopher. The handbook is the word of a grumpy old man telling you to be less of a pussy. Much better in my opinion.

>>The Painted Bird
Stay away from this garbage. Rather read Steps by Kosinski, a collection of unbelievably creepy little allegorical tableaux done in a terse elegant voice that's like nothing else anywhere ever. Its better than anything else he wrote combined, IF he wrote it.

But the Painted Bird is outright disgusting. It became a basic Holocaust text, best-seller and award-winner, and even required reading in high school and college classes. Long after Kosinski was exposed as a consummate literary hoaxer, Elie Wiesel continued to heap encomiums on his "remarkable body of work". The New York Times (surprise, surprise) still stoutly defended Kosinski, alleging them Kosinski was victim of a Communist plot (November 7, 1982).
To his defense tho, Kosinski underwent a kind of deathbed conversion and started deploring the Holocaust industry's exclusion of non-Jewish victims.
Stay away from the Painted Bird unless you want to dig deep down into what is a prime example of revisionist history, a literary hoax becoming a tool for political subversion.

Das Kapital

If you wanna join the NASA shred squad:
Fundementals of Astrodynamics by Vallado
Space Mission Engineering (the new SMAD)
The holy texts of space missions. The latter is less math-y, but you better brush up on your patial differential equations.

Rich dad, poor dad. Richest man in Babylon. The intelligent investor. How to make money in stocks. Books by Peter Lynch.

I feel like this applies to self-help books strictly. Not to mention blindly following instructions from books is beta tier meme shit.

To say there is nothing to be offered by stories that critique ideologies is nonsense. And you are effectively saying this because there isn't really a way to 'apply' or 'practice' what you learn in this type of story.

Some stories are just B.S. for fun/entertainment. Most the fantasy genre, 99% of scifi, 99% of murder mystery/thrill genre, romance novels etc. generally do little for 'brain gains'. But to say you gain nothing from reading philosophy or psychology that embeds real life patterns into easily recalled stories is absurd.

Read to further you understanding of the world and how others perceive it. Then in the real world interact with people who act in accordance with ideologies and know how to best navigate tense situations with them.

Mein Kampf