/nofap/ day 5

/nofap/ day 5

>feeling awkward around less familiar people
>speech is getting autistic around female friends, even tho I usually have no problem talking to them
>hands shaking more than usual

idk bros, hope it's worth it in the end

when did the ALPHA expose itself in you while doing /nofap/?

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I've started several times and anywhere from 1-3 weeks before I notice bennies. But I've also never experienced any of the negative things you're describing

The longer you go without fapping the more alpha you become. How are you getting more beta

some dude here said those are kind of withdrawal symptoms, of course they're different for everybody but still

all in all I'm just feeling awkward, maybe I'm just retarded, who knows

>then u go full alpha

isn't that how it should work?

no fap is a fucking retarded meme. Men arent programmed to talk to women, were programmed to rape. The best tip I have for talking to women is to jerk off whenever you need to and dont go walking around like a loaded gun.
No fap will make you talk like an autist from only thinking about sex when talking to women, will give you ED, and isnt even fun or natural.

ry spending as few time as possible alone in your room.
When you're done doing the necessary things, head out and do something with your friends, go to gym etc.
If you have the urge to fap take a piece of paper and write it down, with the date and time.
Now truly aware of it, try replacing it with something productive. Running would be my choice. But it can be anything. See also above. Just leave your room.
Write down, what you now should better be doing and why.
If you give in to fap, afterwards write down how long you did it, and how you feel about it now, and then why you want to quit it. And why it is better to do activity x next time.
Do not write something of the sort that fapping is pathetic and only losers do it, that might reduce self-confidence and lead to depression.
If you need porn to fap, delete all the porn you have, and if possible quit your private internet access and use public ones. You now will think that is impossible.
But how much really necessary and productive things do you really use the internet for?

>day 3
>feel like i need to rape

I understand now.

male feminist detected

who else got insane maxilla and jaw gains from nofap? my chin went forward a few mm

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it will reverse the instant you fail

why would you assume that? Because I said men are programmed to rape?
Ironic that the low test faggot would think im a feminist because I stated the obvious that our ancestors would just rape.

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I have never masturbated in my life and I am quite normal

>quite normal
>posts on Veeky Forums

You need time to adapt to the alpha state. Its like when you go through a growth spurt and are akward because you weight and swnse of balance are different then they have been for years. Once the state becomes normal to you, you will experience the world as never before. The veil will be lifted and every one of your erotic fantasies will be fulfilled. Life will become like a waking dream.

I started feeling normal and seeing real benefits in aggression and attitude at around day 70-80. P.S.A anyone who says NoFap is a meme has never done it for any significant amount of time. Fact.

that is the most virtue-signalling from a male I've ever seen. Drawing attention by holding a 'politically controversial' sign over your head telling people to look at how progressive you are for carrying a minority baby

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>Day 3
Fucking hell I don't think I can keep this up boys

Look bro, you're either going to do it or you're not. Either way, it's one of those things where the more you think about it the more likely you are to revert. If you want to nofap, fill your time with stuff you're interested in but don't have much knowledge about. If you're going to fail, go back to spanking it.

Kek, laughed my ass off

>Its like when you go through a growth spurt
haha it's still coming...

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>day 13. my longest streak yet
>woke up with a stone hard boner
>uncontrollable thoughts of sexual acts with hot female college rushing through my head
>urge to touch my dick too tempting
>cave in and jerk it a bit to edge a bit
>remember what I'm doing nofap for and slap my face, jump out of bed and start doing pushups
I'm free today and want to distract myself. All my friends are at work and I can't gym today cause I already did my full body workout schedule since sunday and my legs are sore from yesterday so I can't do cardio. HELP

read a book
go for a walk
steal your neighbours dog and walk it

>I can't do cardio
you can ALWAYS go for a walk