Back training

How do I get a back like this ? Not very wide but really muscular. If I swing around a heavy bar like a sword would it work out ?

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Bump I also want to know

you get lean, that's it

Maybe do back exercises you cunt. Don't worry about getting "too wide". It wont happen on accident

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Do pull-ups and rows for a couple weeks then get down to 7% body fat.

Facepulls, any back exercise that’s focused more on upper back/shoulders rather than lats. Rows with a bar would be good too

Pendlay, snatch grip deadlift, cable rows, rear delt flies, pull ups

bent over rows worked for me

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no, swinging around a heavy bar will not work

i'm going to tell you to go to the gym, and then you'll say you can't go to the gym, and ask if there are things you can do at home, and i'll tell you that the only real back exercise you can do at home are pull-ups and those do the exact opposite of what you want. so you should go to the gym and do shrugs, face-pulls, reverse flies, and rows with the bar pulled to your upper chest/neck

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I dont wanna go to the gym. Any recommendation stuff i can do at home?

how about this?

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How2row without lower back pain
cant fuckin do it man I just dont understand the movement

Just tried these and I can feel the burn in my back thank you user.

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Get in a kayak and row for like 30 minutes. Good luck standing the next day.
My roommate once took me to one of his rowing practices at like 5 AM. I considered myself pretty fit at the time but that session absolutely floored me for the next few days i wanted to die.

>lower back pain
strenghten your core
>how to do pull ups
>hollow body position
last one is important because is also a way to strengthen your core and if you put your body in this position for push ups as well as pull ups, you will get better results

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shit i tought it said pull ups ,sorry, still core strenght is going to help you as well using the hollow body position in your training outside rowing practice

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honestly, what's the difference between bent over rows and seated rows, like seriously they are the same just at a different angle if you think about it.

Everytime I do bent over rows, it puts more stress on my lower back and i feel it more in my traps than my back. i feel like its just inefficient and a meme exercise.

Yea just help your mom around the house a lot and lift groceries for her

the difference is the stress put on the lower back, if you feel it more in your traps is because your lower back and core is weak, resulting in you not being able the bent over enough to hit you back properly, honestly just do what you want, but don't say that the exercise is a meme just because you are too weak to perform it correctly

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>do a lot of calisthenics (especially pushups)

just train it normally but avoid direct lat work or anything that hits them particularly hard and isolate the fuck out of your rear deltz

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>1. Row
>2. Row
>3. Fight the power

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What's the best row if you're already doing deadlifts and squat ?

Is this even achievable realistically? Real skinny arms, but ripped back and shoulders.

Barbell row if you can do them strict, one-arm dumbbell row or low seated cable row otherwise.

sitting down with a cable is nowhere near being on your feet with a bar,
do weighted back hypers maybe, but learn to lock up your core all through the abs, glutes and hams to be rigid in a bent row
saying you can do that on a cable machine is like saying you can squat on a leg press

How come no one ever recommends T-bar row? Its my favorite row and I feel them in my back way more than barbell rows.

T - B A R R O W

Didn't start seeing a lot of back development until I started adding in
>heavy or high volume bent over rows
>heavy T-Bar rows
>weighted pull ups
>high volume shrugs
3x a week. Also just started Oly lifting and it's done great things for my traps, teres major, and mid back

whats this from?

I have a pretty big/thick back, this is what I do for upper back:
>neutral grip 25kg weighted pullups 5x8
>t bar rows 110kg 5x12
>bent over rows 160kg 5x6
>one handed rows 50kg 5x12

some advice:
- for all kind of back exercises, use your body a little. no kipping or some retarded joint murderer crossfit shit, but doing just totally strict pullups/rows is the biggest dyel meme ever

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do any back program and be lean, your back won't look like that unflexed though

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