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is mixed grip a meme? I'm going to take my double overhand deadlift as high as possible then go to double overhand with straps

Whats the best calorie calculator? I'm trying to find out how much I should eat to lose weight.

i started working out again after a few weeks break (fucking family vacation is THE ULTIMATE gains goblino) and when i was doing biceps they became so fucking pumped that i couldnt even bring them up to a 180 degree angle. after that point i couldnt barely even curl half of what i fucking normally curl and my arms could barely contract. i felt so embarassed to even pick up fucking 12.5's. did i really lose THIS many gains?

also, how fast should i be progressing on curls? EZbar for example. my biceps are getting bigger but im not progressing in weight at all. does it matter? how long does it take to work up from lets say a 50 to a 60 for 10 reps if i do biceps twice a week. thanks negros

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not a meme
nice dubs

your welcome everyone

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Can I still grow taller?
>180 cm
>187 cm (dad)
>164 cm (mom)

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rear delt flies, rear delt swings, all overhead pressing variations

Try hookgrip and only use straps on high rep, high weight.

Yes, face pulls

can i make a career out of personal training?

if it's such a hard profession to retain clients why do all the shitty looking personal trainers with meme workouts succeed at it?

Should I take the onion pill?

What's a good 3 or 4 day program that will have me doing the major lifts 2x per week each? (Squat, Bench, OHP, and two back exercises)

Need a routine lads. Dont know where to start and i dont know who to trust.

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it can create muscle imbalances(on your traps for example) which will fuck you up on all your lifts and posture

so my friendly advice would be to use chalk or hookgrip(if you handle the thumb pain)

t. did it myself and eventually pulled the same weight with no chalk

no clue but tip is if you workout a few times per week(3x or sometimes even more) you should put sedentary on activity level, if you do something else outside lfiting then light or even moderate depending on the intensity

acessory work takes longer, look into linear periodization


if your bone plates havent closed yet sure, on averae you can possibly grow till your 23 or simply stop on your 14s

no one can answer that

why not, theyre amazing to put on salads which should be consumed daily
arugula opens up your veins for better workouts and pumps due to nitrates

ULxUL, PHUL or PHAT I forgot the name

So tomorrow I'm planning to call a doctor to check out my blood exams but I figured out in the meantime why not ask random strangers on an animu vietnamese imageboard?
I checked online and it highlights in red what's supposed to be out of the normal values, also the names might not be 100% correct since I used google translate


34.4 ( 1.61 ) % 2.00 - 7.50


38 UI/L < 38


78 UI/L 13 - 61

also my test levels


4.02 ng/mL


10.90 pg/mL

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>try hookgrip
Literally do not do this unless you compete. There is no sense in permanently fucking up your thumbs over "hurrdurr but my muscular imbalances"

I row which has granted me massive gains in certain areas but at the same time has left my chest and upper arms disproportionately small compared to my back/legs/core

I started working out my arms and upper body once a week on top of practices and team "lifts" but how many reps should i do? i'm doing 3x12 for most of them but i have no idea what the key for "lean" muscle and "big" muscle is
also i'm a 6'3 lanklet so it's kinda hard to tell if anything is getting bigger

Was doing a front squat 2rm and felt a tweak in my mid to upper back, I'm not too concerned because I've gotten this before, just need to stretch and foam roll it, but I'm curious biomechanically how is it possible to hurt your upper back during front squats? Did I just not brace enough? Not even like the weight was coming down

I have scoliosis btw so it could've totally just been an interaction with my fucked up spine/muscles

1.) Assuming proper nutrition, when do the gains begin for a newb?
2.) How do you best measure progress

kek source please

I've heard the whole "6 reps for hypertrophy 12 for endurance" but that was what my dad taught me.
3sets of 12 reps is a good way to do things though, but if you want to gain size faster increase the weight so you can't do so many and eat more.

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he's fast...

Anything lower than 7 is to light. Anything less than 20 is not enough volume. Do 5 set of heavy triples one day. Speedy sets of 25 other days and stop when speed of bar lowers. Not failing reps

Am I supposed to consciously use my scapulae when doing rows?

pull with your elbows

this guy says his workout is only pushups,dips and squats and abs, doing like 1000 of each each day.
is that possible or is that one of his multiple personalities talking?

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Lots of my body parts hurt and my joints click after only 4 months of training. Is it a sign of overtraining?
6 days a week by the way

Whats the story on blaha? Was he not a delutional cuck for a while? leddit seemed to worship him for a while. His channel now hides subs, did that happen after norton stuff?

If I workout 3 days of the week(AXBXCXX), should I take supplements (bcaa, creatine, whey etc) only on the days I workOut or everyday?

Pussy. You don't fuck up your thumbs at all. Just put them further way from your pointer and middle finger when you go to grab the bar.

How can you develop the lower back without deadlifts?

definitely the retard personality talking

>for a while
Hemingway was always a crazy, attention-whoring faggot. He just makes videos of himself reloading ammo in his faggy hat, desperately drying to stoke up controversy with people that actually matter.

weighted hyperextensions

Coming august my schedule will be extremely tight, and i'll be changing to a 24h gym so i can keep lifting, but from 4:30-6:00am, and i'll prob be working and having classes well into the night, 10-11pm

How bad will this be to my gains? should i keep on a U/L routine or change to a Full body?

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how important is footwear for squats if you just started training? can I just wear tennis shoes? I can 1rm lmao2plate on squat, want to get it up to 3 ASAP so I don't look like such a pussy

Weighted hyper extensions. Squat variations.

When doing ss what should you do for warm up. Usually I do (bench example) bar 2x5 10 (1*5) 25(1*5) 35(1*5) and the my work sets. Is this proper?

use flat shoes like vans and allstars

squat shoes like adipowers are optional, not really needed at all unless you want to get serious and compete or some shit.

Read the sticky. I started on SL (not the recommended starting weights obviously), but quickly switched to the novice variation of 5/3/1 because it just wasn't enough for me.

I cant always make the jumps in SS. Should I just try untill I do or de load?

My program has be deloading by 10% if I fail a lift. I just failed 210 bench. Do I have to deload 10%, or can I just bench 205 followed by 210 again?

Google "starting strength how to warm up". I'm not even kidding. Rippetoe has covered this many times.


Thanks. Should I do any stretching?

Does creatine help with long distance running? I'm working up to a 10k and am curious if it helps at all with anything related to aerobic endurance.

Programing is not much more then mental masturbation. Just go hard for 1-7 reps for strength and bench 2-3days a week, squat 1-3 and deadlift 1-2. Go for the pump for hypertrophy

Take BCAA and whey every day and take creatine when you workout. Creatine loading is a meme.

No not really, the energy you get from creatine is almost entirely anaerobic.

Don't waste whey you retards, only take it when you won't be able to hit your macros with food

and BCAA are a meme

Thanks my man
Well, bcaa helps with the pain, maybe its just a placebo now

If I'm grossly overweight (like 100 lbs or so of fat to lose), can I get away with a huge caloric deficit at the start? Would it make sense to try to lose 3-4 lbs a week for the first few months, or not really?

What should progression be like coming back from a layoff? I squatted for the first time in 6 months and was able to do 115 for 8 reps and 3 sets with some reps left in the tank. My previous best before my injury was like 190 for 3x5.

Should I do any strecthing?

If I have a virus and fever, should I skip tomorrows workout and just sleep in? Or should I man up and make sure to stay extra hydrated?

I just turned 18 and Im still a virgin. I ship out to basic soon. Should I pay a whore?

100 is a lot to lose, but you're still human worth a regular bmr and TDEE. 3-4 lbs a week is completely unrealistic, 2 lbs is fine. Aim for a 1000 calorie deficit and reduce it to 750 once you hit 24%

is 5x10 deadlifts against the law?

BCAAs are kind of a meme, but they do speed up recovery. If you're lifting heavy you'll be building most of your muscle on rest days so it's beneficial to take it every day.

the reason I think it's realistic is that I plan on walking for 45 minutes every day, and I'm 6'3'' so I have a pretty high TDE anyways.

i'm still a complete beginner who's only been fucking around with cardio and dumbbells while losing weight. given that, i have to ask, am i just a weak bitch for struggling with lateral raises over 15 lbs or are they usually this hard?

Just got a planet fitness membership, currently at 210, what are some good machines to help lose the fat

i'm also a weak bitch but from what i've ready, lateral raises are supposed to be done with really low weight as it works a very small muscle

*from what i've read

No you don't you retard. Walking for 40 minutes is like maybe like 300 calories at best.

3-4 a week isn't realistic when though you're fat. If you are super obese maybe, but just 100 isn't enough.

Usually that hard, although you'll still progress in weight eventually. Make sure the weight is light enough that you can control it on the way down.

don't I? The apps in the sticky say my TDEE should be around 3000. I could easily eat under 1500 kcals a day.

>Walking for 40 minutes is like maybe like 300 calories at best.

Not even. I'd say 180-200 max.

What the fuck is this?

Chink in Canada got mad that they were going to open up modular housing project in the area, lowering the profit of his Chinese money laundering 'investment', so he decided kick a librarian at a public discussion about it.

i am literally crying from laughter

I have been eating 5 cups of oatmeal a day for the past 4 days (plus daily meals). Is that enough to bulk up or am I just fucking myself up for no reason?

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no, you should really eat 1kg oatmeal a day minimum on a bulk

you need at least a 3000 calorie surpluss
1k calori = 10 gram muskel

Makes sense, th-thanks...

if you're serious, you need to find your TDEE and eat like 500 calories above it

5 cups of oats is what, 1500 cals?

How to look aesthetic with wide hips if I am a male

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since nobody answered me for the third time

can i switch to PHUL now looking for size since GSLP didnt offer any to me

STATS 5'9 161lb (cut down from 170lb)

BENCH - 160lb
OHP - 100lb
SQUAT - 185lb

keep in mind i deloaded a few of these lifts because i didnt feel my muscles being worked but i feel like doing PHUL would really benefit for gains (PS i know my squat and deadlift suck but my legs are bigger than upper body and i want to aim for more upper body devlopment which my upperbody lifts are intermediate for most part)

train shoulders and get big

Pullups everyday. Overhead Press. Handstand pushups. Also, squats.

How the fuck do you heal a sore glute cheek? I was doing those leg on a bench and you do a lunge for the first time with low ass weight and now my cheek is mad sore.

You don't, and you shouldn't. Keep it at a 1000 deficit max

Should I be eliminating cards entirely? Or is some bread or rice with dinner ok?

Is there any kind of "couch to 5k" for the Saitama workout? I'm going from 0 physical activity here and can't do 50 pushups yet, so 100/100/100/10 seems a little out of my reach right now.

Is there any kind of formula for ftlbs to kcal burned? I would like to know how many I'm burning at least.

Should I lose my virginity to a hooker?

How do I fix anxiety Veeky Forums?

I get panic attack on the daily. I feel like I'm dying it having a stroke or something. nothing specific really triggers it.
However, today a girl at my job had a siezure. I've never witnessed one and I had no idea how to help her. I had the biggest anxiety attack ive had in a long time after that. It was so bad I could barley drive home. I had to pull over multiple times. Am I just a giant pussy?

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>How do I fix anxiety Veeky Forums?

I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, tried two things

1. anxiety meds which fucked me up really, REALLY hard

2. lifting and eating healthy

the option 2 worked perfectly, now I get one once in like half a year or some shit and I can control it, and it's usually when I smoke weed, what caused them in first place

who am I supposed to check my blood and test levels with? got the results from an independent lab
an endocrinologist?

Why do you guys keep memeing about thumbless grip when your thumb won't save you?

I've tried the meds before. They made me not care about anything.

I lift 4-5 days a week but my diet is shit. Weed used to give me INTESNSE panic attacks. It sucks cause I used to really love weed. I haven't smoked in like 6 months though and my panic attacks are daily.
I was considering going to the doctor tomorrow for it but they probably just prescribe me more junk.

No, regardless of your age. Keep working on yourself. Your virginity is only a problem because you think having sex will change your life at all, it won't.

Anxiety is understandable in that situation. Usually exposure therapy helps, but that's not really something you can apply to this. I recommend you take a first aid course, if you haven't already, and be ready for the next time something similar happens. At least you won't be helpless then.

get professional help

tell them meds don't work

they'll prescribe you junk and a psychologist which will end up just memeing you out money

just keep lifting, do some cardio once or twice a week, eat healthy seriously cant stress this enough, get a lot of vegetables and fruits on your diet, should be your staple alongside meats and fish, eggs are the best too.

also you have to think positive, this thing is extremely underrated and definitely works, think you're ok and that nothing will happen, and if you feel you're starting to have an attack simply breathe and relax since that shit isn't harmful in any way, once you learn this you'll begin to control them to the point you feel them coming and realize its just anxiety and that youre gonna be ok and it just goes away

I've never seen anything like that in my life, but what will save you is safety stands and adjusting them to the level just below your inflated chest. You can also floor press, which gives you 8.25" of room and you can put plates or anything else under the weights to to raise it up.

He likely had terrible grip strength.

Why am I stalling so hard? I just failed to BB row 135 for a set of 5. I weighed 187 lbs when I went into the gym. I was so disgusted I just went home.

It took me 3 years to get 1/2/3/4. Yeah my diet and programming were pretty meh the whole way, but this is just ridiculous. I started to cut because I hated the way I looked, and everything went to shit. My muscles deflated, my strength VANISHED within a few weeks, and I don't look any better. I count my calories and am cutting at 2.2k. For some reason I just ballooned up to 190 in 2 days out of fucking nowhere when I recently weighed 182 in the morning.

I'm losing my fucking mind, Veeky Forums. I can now only bench 2pl8 ONCE and I haven't even lost any weight apparently, even though I've been eating significantly less. I have a physical as fuck job that has me running up and down stairs and lifting shit all day, and I switched to 5/3/1 and just finished the first cycle. I shouldn't be fatter than I was before my cut. It's like I lost my muscle and strength in 3 fucking weeks. Walking back into the gym at the weight I started while having a 10% drop in strength seriously has me considering suicide.

Wtf guys. Do I need to see an endocrinologist? I'm 5'11 and broad but with a weak AF jaw. Maybe I'm just a low test faggot.

Will I get into Stanford Friday? I just got hit with even more rejections and I really don't want to take a gap year or stay at UTD

I try to tell myself that. I get them everyday and nothing bad happens.

But when they do happen I feel like I'm actually dying. I get a rush of adrenaline up my arm and face and convince myself I'm having a stroke or something. I can't explain it but my symptoms are very physical.

>I can't explain it but my symptoms are very physical.

I know exactly how you feel since I had the same too, scary stuff.

it's osmething that takes time to heal, took me quite some time and during that time I was in highschool and the teachers wouldnt even let me leave the class, truly awful

Seems I went a little bit overboard. That explains the constant restroom visits. Thank you.

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So what do I do if I start getting stalled on SS because I'm a fatass eating at a deficit? Just keep working with those weights to lose weight or start eating more again to not lose strenght?

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anyone have that video of the european guys being total retards at the gym? it's like a classic and i need to show someone.

Do you have any tips?
I've been trying to work on my breathing when it happens. It helps since my muscles get super tense. Also I found laying on my back on a hardwood floor does wonders. But I can really only do that at home.