Tomorrow is bicep day

>Tomorrow is bicep day

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tomorrow is the second push day of the week

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my biceps won't grow

i do upper body days and leg days twice weekly each, 4 gym days a week

barely 14" and not growing
maybe it's because i can't do much about triceps at home, i dont go to actual gym

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you arent pushing yourself as hard as you can

He does do 2 bicep days a day

Easiest day o the week

>Tomorrow is full body day

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more of this

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Just do some barbell curls with progressive overload how hard is this for some people

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>that guy who has bicep days

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what is progressive overload

>stopped doing bicep curls two months
>my biceps got bigger


i do do the ez curls

So you're saying that during two months of working out your muscles have grown? It's probably due to magic fairies.

Just control the eccentric bro

>Tomorrow is calf day

I fucking hate calf day

>tomorrow is deadlift day

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add weight/reps every time you do the exercise


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explain further