Middle of semester

>middle of semester
>chick I catch looking at me decides to randomly sit next to me when established seats are already set
>she sets me up for some small talk
>I'm in.jpg
>"oh my girlfriend loves that"

Bitch what?? Why tf are you trying to talk to me when you're gay? Y'all ever fuck a proclaimed gay chick?

Also when I do rack pulls the first rep is 5x harder than the rest (yes, I am coming to a dead stop before each rep), why is this?

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It's an invitation for you to fuck two lesbos, go for it. regarding the second question, it's because you're a bitch

because you haven't tightened up your body

It wont make it as easy as the rest, but more like x2 than x5

this (the first part)
just because she has a gf doesn't mean she doesn't like dick.
as for your other question, dunno. are you warming up properly? i.e. at all?

There is no such thing as a pure lesbian.
I mean there probably is, but they are extremely rare.
Chances are she's hitting on you and would fuck a handsome guy without reservations whenever the chance arises.

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Women are out of control atm man, they'll fuck anything that walks

In the USA, "girlfriend" means her close friend who is a girl. They use this term a lot.

Do you not have any form of social media to check?

This is post is correct, my kind autistic OP.

I thought about that but tbqh the only chicks hear use the term for a "girl friend" are old asf

>Do you not have any form of social media to check?

probably but don't really care to that degree, not like this is my oneitis or something, just some rando i'd be willing to fuck. Just thought it was kinda annoying. I could totally see her being gay, too

She is a bislut.
t. lesbian

Just ignore whatever they say and keep going and going until she actually blows off your advancement.

Yes, I've fucked a lesbian. I was dating her girlfriend, who was bi. She introduced us, hit it off. Next thing I know, I spent multiple weekends with the two of them.

Ah, memories.

user, if the dyke is fine and down to fuck and hints at even hints that her girlfriend wants to fuck . Then crush the pussy.
If she's just fucking around and wasting your time and or is a full on fugster college dyke/loser thirst induced lesbian, then tell the clamjouster to fucking swerve.

>lesbian couple at the gym
>prob mid twenties based on looks
>the 'femme' one is smoking hot
>the bull dyke one asks me out
I didn't even know what to do

Rarely any girl is ever a pure lesbian, and the ones that are often are stereotypical butches.

This user gave you the best answer. Lesbians that publicly present themselves are almost never "true lesbians", since very few women can actualize the masculinity necessary for a successful relationship. If a girl tells you she's a lesbian, just take it as a codeword for bisexual.

If you want to truly be redpilled on homosexuality among females, just do some research on lesbian bed death. Ask a lesbian about it and watch the blood drain from their face.

say yes? autismo

Why is it always super young girls into this faggot shit? Same shit at my fuckin gym, it's probably the same damn girls

>squatting one day
>other squat rack is in front of the one I'm using so we stare at each other if another person is in the other rack
>two girls come in look super high school
>one is wearing all grey with a super jiggly ass the other is more nerdyish but more into lifting it looks like
>make small talk, the grey one is super standoffish the nerdy one is super friendly
>gets to the point we're super friendly (nerdy 1 and I)
>2 weeks later standoffish one comes straight up to me and blurts out "Stop talking to my gf, she's not into guys"
>get weirded out since I didn't realize it at the time these two were faggots so blurt out "I wasn't even flirting with you two nor would i even want to be between you two anyway"
>Yeah well if she asks you to hang out this weekend you better say no!
>..uhh whatever

This bitch came early to the gym to confront me because when the nerdy one showed up she asked me to hang out and watch the first weekend of baseball at their place since the standoffish one isn't into sports ....I said sure lol

Am I going ot get my weiner chopped off?

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The bull dyke one is a real bull dyke though.

Bitches be cray-cray, no matter which way they swing.

Dykes are a special crazy.
The kind of crazy you fuck once and make sure you don't skeet in or GF.

She thinks you're an homo ally

jigglypuff is insecure that her "4 on the Kinsey scale" """lesbian""" gf is going to cheat on her with the dude she's been talking to at the gym (which is probably true), so she's trying to pre-emptively smash the Patriarchy.

Fuck her girlfriend dude, you have the opportunity to cuck a girl without doing anything gay bro

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There's no such thing as gay only perversion. Fuck her

This is perfectly stated

Meh I had self proffessed gay girl in school tell me off a hate on me cause I "rejected" her.

Well I did but mostly cause she was fucking crazy.

I know girls who use girlfriend to mean platonic female friend. I'm 24.

No you don't.
Homosex and gender bullshit is so ubiquitous and has fucked society so completely now that women say they want to fuck men and not say get fucked by or have sex with and think that doesn't sound retarded or off.
Women say girlfriend and people automatically assume she's a dyke or an easy whore who'll fuck anything.
People say they are looking for a special "person" rather then saying they are looking for a special man or woman now.

Saying girlfriend now means she's stating she's gay/whore/loser who's gay because she can't get any dick.
No longer means a female friend unless she's from a sexually conservative background or she's one of the people who invite the idea of it meaning that she might be gay because it means the attention they desperately crave.

I live in canada and consciously avoid the sexually ambiguous or trendy parts of town.

I am extremely turned on by conservative girls though. My ex was an economics major who was basically a shut in, and admitted Trump isn't all that bad. She had a fuarkin nice rack too.

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i started dating my current girlfriend while she was in a long-term (open) relationship with a woman
anyway, even if she's full homo, lesbians are pretty dope bros


You must live in Toronto or Vancouver then. I live in Calgary and there are tons of conservative girls here. Hardly any fatties too.

My friend who lives in calgary tells me about it. Says I'd fit right in. Nothing sounds better to me than guns and trucks and bbqs

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expert level b8
i fucking hope....

Only problem with Calgary is that everything is so expensive and there is nothing to do. We do live close to the mountains for winter and close to lakes in the summer where conservative girls like to go.

She felt sorry for you bro because no one else talks to you.

If you don't hear back from me by Monday.....well hopefully the pussy was good.

Befriend the standoffish one and fuck her brains out desu.

"What are you gonna do about it?" would have been the only response lmao

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Pure lesbians are the one that look unfuckable by a man.

There are still some good men left. God bless.

Those aren't lat raises.

what are they

How do i obtain citizenship though?

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I bet you're a regular on L Chat.

Natalie I'm sorry. Please forgive me if this is you.

Delt raises.

I meant lat as in lateral

Almost. They won't fuck me.

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Not that user but my mom uses “girlfriend” when talking about her friends. I cringe every time because it can be taken another way in today’s society

My ex was gay before I met her. Was with her four months. She went back to being gay when it ended too.