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What's /fit's opinion on BJJ?

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>wanting to know a bunch of dyel/underage/la creatura opinions

Pretty much the only valid martial art.

why don't you try it for a year or two and tell us

I think it's pretty fucking gay to be rolling with men all day for a "fighting sport" that bars all strikes.

A BJJ guy's response to why not choosing boxing or kickboxing or mma is retarded too
>hurr i don't want brain damage from being hit in the head
>so i'll just choose a sport where the rate of velocity and impact to my brain is higher from slams

how many hot girls just roll around with many sweaty guys in these BJJ/MMA gyms?

or is it just a bunch of autistic Gaki weebs that smell like shit and onions?

Fuck all emphasis on take downs.
Stalling on the ground, It is like basketball but you just hold onto the ball for the whole game and take one 3 at the end.
It is a very good martial art though.
>t. Judoka

"Get in my guard bro"

Utterly usless you're better off boxing for 6mo and developing a good solid jab

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Never got too far into BJJ, but I did Judo quite a while. Enjoyed both, but BJJ is a bit more practical (since Judo barred leg takedowns) and has more ground game.

no BJJ guy recommends sitting to guard in a street fight
in that video he's showing what you do if you end up on the ground, especially how to stand up
being a good MMA fighter requires you to know how to use guard, including that kind of open guard

It's just a bunch of fags who are scared of striking. Hence the 'all fights go to the ground' cope and inferiority complex. girls generally partner with each other.

i have seen bjj fags jump into pulling guard literally in the first second of bjj/no-gi submission competitions. this is a bjj strategy, going to missionary position in street combat lmao.

BJJ is a manlet's martial art

why so pissy in this thread? BJJ is just a form of combat and it has it place. There's nothing saying you can't learn multiple styles of combat...

Hell, learn some BJJ, kickboxing, boxing, shooting, melee weapons and self defense from them.

I mean boxing is probably the most usable to the average dude in a street/bar fight, but that doesn't discount everything else.

>he gets in gaurd
>proceed to jump stomp him

I agree that individual martial art shilling is nonsensical and outdated although I think training with melee weapons and explicitly for self defense purposes is mostly pointless as the latter two have an extremely high probability for failure and huge consequence for such even if you are a "master" and they have no sport component.

special forces style combat is the most effective, just keep em busy and counter them while you work them into position for a blood choke

I like grappling more in general because its more technical and I feel like I am improving day to day. With striking its much more dependent on your physical conditioning. As much as I practice the techniques on my strikes I am nowhere near the level to spar as if I get checked hard I am already in crippling pain and don't have the gas to continue after a certain point, whereas with grappling you can live roll almost immediately. If you disagree just note most grappling instructors have years of experience and continue to roll into their golden years whereas most Muay Thai guys are broken as fuck by the time they are 35 and stop actively participating, this is true even in Thailand

I dont know why you think thats specific to whatever special forces style means when you can do that in Judo, BJJ, or any submission grappling or MMA

its better to grapple recreationally, not worth the brain damage, but a semi pro level boxer will fuck your shit in a street fight

special forces style is fighting dirty

I dont know what you mean by semi pro but if we were really going to pick a single martial art for these frankenstein vs werewolf battles I would pick Judo or wrestling, actually probably just wrestling. Basically because you are concrete you can do a takedown which maybe on a mat does little damage but on the street would break a bunch of ribs. I don't know how you could think knocking someone out instantly is more consistent than just tackling someone. Really just look at UFC for these statistics and thats with people who have both grappling and striking experience

sorry dude you sound like a fucking larper. You dont need super secret training to knee someone in the balls or 12-6 elbow them in the back to cripple them for life. In fact they teach moves like these in the military because they dont even require strength or technique to do tremendous damage which is why they are ubiquitously banned in fight sports

not to mention how easy it is to fuck your hand up striking bare knuckle. you can be the biggest dude in the world but your hands will still break if it connects oddly

Yes exactly. Mike tyson broke his metacarpal bones all the time in street fights

never said it was super secret but they definitely are more efficient if your goal is to win a fight, not larping anything as i never claimed to be special forces, just saying if you fight for self defense thats probably the best way to go,

you underestimate timing and punch placement, by the time you dive to tackle your temple is already getting pounded, and no ones just gonna let you tackle them as you believe just as you would try to not get hit by punches, ive gotten into a couple streetfights and its usually over within the first 30 seconds because the other guy gets overwhelmed with punches after diving for my legs and all of a sudden doesnt want to fight anymore

p.s if you honestly believe you can maintain your bjj composure while getting punched in your head and throat ur a larp

you're argument is nonsensical it is extremely difficult to do what you are saying and even in professional settings is pulled off with no consistency. look at any MMA league, look how many fights end up on the ground. to get to the ground there had to be a takedown, so if boxing was so effective why didnt everyone just knock the person shooting into a coma? Punching someone out of a shoot has to be the dumbest way of doing what you are suggesting as well. They are putting your face right next to your knees, why wouldnt you knee them? why would you use a less powerful strike, farther away from your target, that breaks your posture because you have to lean down just to land it? in fact, there is no reason to do it at all, you are just a boxing larper. even with all the things I just said, it is still very rare in MMA for someone to read a takedown so perfectly they just knee them in the face, knock them out, and win instantly. in fact it almost never happens. sprawling is a much more consistent defense

>Punching someone out of a shoot has to be the dumbest way of doing what you are suggesting as well
This, you'll sacrifice any chance to recover from the takedown or counter it

there are no slams in ibjjf rules and the same goes for most rulesets.

>street combat
just kill yourself retard

Sakuraba , stipe, weidman and woodley disagree

Special forces combat style is squad tactics pipebombs m8

For unathletic people to brag that they can snap your shit up while tiptoeing dangerously close to missionary position.

BJJ got completely BTFO when Conor fought Floyd.

Why would you do BJJ when capoeira is more fun and practical. Plus girls like men who can dance well.

BJJ is great and nearly essential, but if you don't know wrestling+striking you are fucking useless.

Watch what happens when a guy who is physical and can wrestle learns the white belt basics of jiu jitsu- he ragdolls everyone below brown belt and everyone who is just small. Literally when he learns to evade guillotines and triangles, he's just gonna be in top control all the time and ragdoll you around

>more fun
fun is subjective

Pretty fun, as with a sufficiently high skill you can set the pace and dictate where your partner goes - even if they're unaware of that - thus allowing you to work on whatever you want.

Pretty limited in scope though, so if you train for other reasons than just fun and fitness, crosstraining is the way to go.