Is there a more honorable death than getting so jacked that your heart explodes?

Is there a more honorable death than getting so jacked that your heart explodes?

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No actually. It is the most Veeky Forums way to die

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yep, pretty sure there are many more honorable ways to die.

He died from HGH. He took so uch for so long his heart grew too large and kaboom. He did NOT die from being "too jacked".

contributing something to the world than a saying that will be forgotten in 15 years

You’ll never leave humanity behind with that attitude

Trying to outrun a train


>implying his wife didn't murder him for inheritance

fuckin roasties man

Dying of old age is the most honorable

According to the comments he once deadlifted 523kg and shouted “the moment of truth!” At the top

affluent accordion

What saying

>having such a skewed body image that you take drugs until they literally kill you
so alpha xd


4 scoops

dying in combat is more honorable

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if you take the gym seriously then you're going to war every time you walk in the weight room

Dude was more organic plastic then muscle.
Remember when he said that he was going to go off of gear after he got married to what's her sexy as face?
He looked fucked up.
You could SEE the plastic in his arms chest back and calves and ass through his clothes.
He couldn't go off because he'd look like a fucking circus freak.

>shell shock from hearing a barbell rerack

this is both motivating and cringe,

also nice quads

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More than you’ll ever contribute

quads of truth

i'm spreading the knowledge that roiding, getting big, and dying a mutant is a bad idea

project more

Who gave Lenny a computer