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Just started muay thai, shin hurtz

I was looking at getting into Muay Thai or Kickboxing. Which should I do? I have no dreams of competing. I mainly want to get my cardio up and learn some technique.

What's better for ground game wrestling or jiu jitsu?


Going to the ground=bad time anywhere other than the mats. Aggressors usually have exploitatious buddies looking for whatever cheapshot they can get.
Get off the ground at soonest available opportunity.
BJJ is mostly technique focused and wrestling is concerned more with execution at any cost.

i've been trying to compete and go pro for 10 years
i suck ass

So I fought this guy in January (K1 kickboxing). Absolute unit. He probably walks at 200 minimum and cut down to 175.
Another guy from my place naturally weighs about 165 and is moving up to fight the former. He's quick, but he's rusty as all hell and doesn't show up to camp much, relying mainly on his talent.
I know it's a vague question but how fucked is my guy?

what if me and my grappling buds travel in packs? i mean you look at most UFC guys and they have huge entourages of trained grapplers. and they have crazy ass stories of street fights.

You look at Russia Group MMA league and the team that usually wins is the team that is able to hold the other team literally to the ground while the other team mates punch the guy as they are being sat on.

Seems like going to the ground is great for team combat, look at football and rugby even with rules you see people getting their shit kicked in hard when the other guy tackle them, held them to the ground and their buddy just kicks them as they are held down.

About to go to a Jiu jitsu class at forged fitness, no idea what to expect. i'm also going to do muay thai later on. really excited bros.

You already know mate. Unless he does some magic shit he is at a huge disadvantage.

You won't always have your buddies with you. The sooner you break the flock mentality the better. Be self-reliant, you'll be your own greatest asset.

oh look a thread full of larping krav maga faggots that don't fight
>well in a street fight you'll
shut the fuck up

Yeah. I wanna have faith in him but the guy I fought has monster hands (I only didn't go down because I have a decent amount of size as well) and if he's getting caught by dumb shit we do in sparring I can't see him making it past the 2nd round.
The other user said it nicely; you're not always gonna have backup. Best to be self sufficent.

The scene was taken from the dark knight returns . After that scene Batman goes for kneebar and snaps the guy knee.

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guys I'm having alot of fun learning grappling at this MMA place I go to but my muay thai is shit. I can barely do the warmup which is like 15 minutes of jump rope and 5 minutes of calisthenics hell the rope keeps getting stuck in my toes. My bone conditioning is terrible I can't kick the heavier bags without recoiling in pain. But most importantly my play sparring is ass, I always get my shit kicked in by these eastern euro gangsters who live in the neighborhood and asian girls with a chip on their shoulder. how do I get good>?

Stop being a faggot, accept you'll be shit for a while and train

Muay Thai uses knees and elbows too, I find that very practical
I"m just a Thai noobie tho

>move to new apartment
>there's a kyokushin joint nearby
>go to a trial
>they dont spar
>it's 90/mo to train in a community centre

Meanwhile there's a judo place a bit further away i used to train at
>head coach is olympic gold medalist and ex-olympic coach
>he's also 2 stripe black in bjj
>30 mins to 1 hr randori every training
>assistant coach is a bit of a weeb faggot

Looks like I'm doing judo bros

Fuck I envy you. I wanted to get into judo at my uni for free but at best I could do one hour a week fuck me

I'm doing this in the fall, it's about one hour a week

guys what can I do to prepare myself for judo? I'm a lanklet with terrible mobility
I've just been lifting and stretching

Learn basic gymnastic shit. Forward roll, backward roll, handstand and cartwheel (both sides)

Boxing with muay thai or is muay thai alone good enough for striking?

Can I teach myself how to throw a punch?