How do I achieve this mode? I want to be mired

How do I achieve this mode? I want to be mired.

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that guy looks like shit bro

>be white
>go into low income neighborhood

Be 5'10 and bench 185 for a few reps.

Or be a real fucking man, get your bench up to 3 plates and get mired by ERRYBUDY

>have a decent athletic build.
>walk past shallow girls.
>mission accomplished.

I'm white, 5'10 and can bench.

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That blond behind the fence, sweet Jesus.

I wonder if there's symbolism in that picture with the white woman caged out and the shirtless white men looking away from black women
or like a separation of observer vs observed

have a normal fit body
have a certain AURA

it's all about your vibes, even with ugly face you can be sexy af

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your face when she is talking on the phone and reacting to something she just heard on the phone and not at the guy she glanced at

Seems unlikely.

You need to listen to this song by The Stone Roses while you lift

Doesn't seem very high test.

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>tfw no black girls to mire me
>tfw had a black gf and she was fun
>tfw no black gf

be white, not shitting you. All black women just want a white guy.

skip leg day
curl occasionally

>committing bestiality
Move to Canada m8

This photo is obviously staged. Besides Black women in groups like chimps anyway. Anybody could walk by shirtless would they would react the same

>bench press for like 6 months
>do some cardio to lose weight
>eat healthy

This is the exact mode im in now.
My job alone keeps me in this shape.
>T. 41 years old

do you say this every time this picture is posted?