TIck tock, it great you guys are trying to “improve”, but dont be cognizant of your time limit

TIck tock, it great you guys are trying to “improve”, but dont be cognizant of your time limit.

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1.Single forever, be that well off well traveled guy who bangs escorts and gold diggers

2.N/A we have a choice on if we get married and who we fuck.

3.See 2.

it seems like that was made for a 25 year old woman and not a 27 year old man.

Nah, older guys get the best girls available.

>Civil Engineer for a local government
>6 digit salary
>Can afford comfy house and multiple traveling vacations a year

you goddamn right i'll choose single forever

I read something a long time ago about men over age 30 who date women from 20-25 years old

Basically older women think its wrong because the guy in his 30s is actually more educated and knows how to deal with women

It means women = stupid

the older women think it's wrong because they're jelly

>Age 30 here
>Design Engineer as well
>Six figures
>Planning on dating one of these days but for now just enjoying my own space without having someone here to tell me what to do, eat, feel, think etc....

>Never have kids
>line dies off
>be a failure of an organic lifeform by definition
Hedonism now does not pay well later

Guys, I've lucked out. I'm 25 and am now dating an autistic 21 year old INTJ female virgin. She's a little weird, but she's really into working out so she's got a hot body. I really feel I've lucked out. And she's Christian! It can be done lads.

I choose the playboy route... All i need is bitcoin to stop shitting the bed. I was nearly thrre brahs. Was about to cashout and move off campus near USF.

Yea, I know but they have a point

A girl between 18-25 can probably settle down with a straight up man in his 30s and her life will not be like other women

Any chick who settles down early can be a train wreck or marriage material...

I actually like them young between 20-22 and not thots or into the mainstream crowd..

Did I mention I'm rich?

>single forever, ugly girls, step dad
Or, I dont know, how about going for younger girls?
I bet this (((meme))) was made by some salty 30ish year old strong 'independent' woman who is mad that men her age wont look at her

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Best of luck to you man. Congrats on the cool gf

LOL I’ve never heard someone try to say they’re rich in a more obnoxious way in my life

if this is true and not bait, congrats.

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get rich and pay a woman to be a surrogate.

Women are simply incapable of raising children, only having them.

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Highly recommend not dating a normie Stacie gf. Like I said, I feel like I lucked out hard on this one. Good luck to all my fellow anons.

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That's way too young to be adopting that sort of defeatist mindset, especially since a man's market value only goes up as he increases with age, which is typically the opposite for a woman. Try 37, then you can start panicking about the difficulties of starting a family.

>thinking a 27 year old guy would date 27 year old girls
This meme was made by a woman.

If i ever look in the mirror and see a resemblance to these guys I promise i'll kill myself

Those "men" are in their 40s and 50s. 30 year old normie dudes look like a weaker version of what every TV Show/Movie tells you 20 year old dudes are. Every show casts college-age kids with 28-33 year old actors. By season 3 everyone is 30.

But guys seriously don't start losing value till like 35 if they take care of themselves

Go back to r9k with this toxic shit.

There is no time limit for men. If you guys are done with roasties and thots, date young cute girls, your biology is made to breed neotenous girls.

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Date younger girls. Their skins are smooth, no wrinkles, feminine. Too much benefit honestly.

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Get Veeky Forums and you will be miles ahead of the average 27 year old. Most people start getting fat by the time they are 23.

what about cute traps?

Yeah being in shape in your late 20s will have people wondering if you're a pro athlete or trainer.

Why breed to create a superior being later on, assuming your offspring doesn't become trash later, when YOU can become superior?

Here's a (You) for you, retard lmfao


>be mindless organism fucking every other mindless organism it meets
>evolve self awareness
>put middle finger up to the needless suffering that emerges in multi-cellular organisms by refusing to fuck other meat sacks

Life is weird. Do whatever you fucking want as long as you don't cause more suffering.

Where did you find her? Online dating? IRL?

>Have kids
>Give them your last name
> Wife divorces you
>Gives them the last name of new man
>Line dies anyway
>Have all daughters

I'm 30 and this hits pretty close to home. Really wish I hadn't tried to cure my depression with 8+ hours/day of anime and movies. Don't waste your 20s, faggots

Other option is be a single dad

these guys are just retarded, you are right and don't ever forget it


Tinder. Had to superlike her

>that picture
Literally /s/

i work at a big law firm and my boss just had his first kid at 39. and yes his wife is hot and he's nothing special.

dudes got money.

LOL with 27 I will have my M.D. and I will be ripped

Girls will literally be waiting in line to see me

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You're right but most of Veeky Forums are retards who wont ever get the opportunity to breed hence the large amount of cope (you)s posts like these get

>be 29
>fittest i've ever been in my life
>suddenly women are more attracted to me than ever in my life
>qts wind up admitting they have a thing for older men, too
>they love that i'm strong and experience and not a needy fukboi trying to lock them down

Don't go into anything expecting to lock them down. Have fun and hook up and you'll have plenty of opportunities w/ great looking women in their early 20's.

it's a thing. yall gonna make it.

/s/ is just a gaggle of sad self posting chicks and LARPing creepy dykes/trannies.

I'm 26 dating a 19yo girl who's virginity I took

Step your game up

>Casts 28-33 year olds
>By season 3, everyone is 30

So the older ones age backwards?

found the roastie

>Yerh I can see you on Saturday for two hours between my split shift as long as I'm not on call
>Hello you still there?

>don’t be cognizant
It’s generally a good idea to know the meaning of a word before using it.

Yeah nah. I'm going bald at 22. It's over for me

My hair is thinning. You will be fine.

hello, i'm 35 yro f, is it too late? should i suicide?

It's not like you can't knock up a single mother and then leave her kek

Shit joke but I chuckled


Why do you feel your time is running out at 27, OP?

I can sex you old lady.

>not understanding sexual market value
>women's value goes down with age, men's value goes up with age

Fucking plebs

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Tough, one of the early chapters

Tolga? Is that you

>drive a bus
>tfw get cussed at by old black women and they bitch and bitch the entire ride
>tfw 5 hour trip with them on the bus

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>>Have all daughters
This right here would be my worst nightmare and I have a feeling it's going to be a reality. My sisters have ruined my dad, fucking cunts. They have no loyalty to family whatsoever and I'll be fucked if I raise shits like that.

My gf is 35 and wants five children. Is this possible?

grugg put penis in girl
grugg successful!!!

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>TFW 23 year old with a steady job that I love, my own apartment and a loving girlfriend who is pregnant with my child

We are all gonna make it brahs

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Not true at all, /s/ is one of my first boards along with /a/ so I have experience lurking there.
And I shit you not, they're one of the Gods of sex, as sons of Aphrodite and brothers of Priapus (but they can use their dicks) and the population of that board is 100% non-virgin due to being a discriminatory board that is against people that complain about X fetish.
They even teached me how to make a girl orgasm, it is hard shit but I'm pretty sure whoever you fuck next will be glad senpai.

And no, I'm not exaggerating nor I am shilling.

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I find it believable. People who are into harder porn tend to live a more artificial sexual life as opposed to those who just appreciate the opposite genders form as they probably get enough sexual gratification to not slip so far down the slope.

Yep, that is why I don't like /hr/ or certain parts of /gif/, these boards usually are hating each other in their own people that browse there, despite having the common goal to masturbate to those big titties.
As well I kind of thank /s/ for making me more confident on girls when I used to talk to them and discuss about women, they gave me that kind of similar effect that some anons get after fucking an escort.

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>how about going for younger girls?
Yes I'm sure you're Bruce Wayne and not some runt

Kurt Cobain chose another option at age 27.

Venmo me pls

>a man's market value only goes up as he increases with age

A single parent cant raise their kids. It's worse if it's a whore single mother but still a single parents suck. No time to do anything but work. Save your meme anecdote.

>32 year old khv
>average income
what do?

Don't get too desperate. If you knock up a colored bitch you're gonna wish you were still a virgin.

The chance of children having autism increases dramatically after the age of the woman giving birth is 35+

>mechanical engineer who still has a shitload to do for his immediate life plan

Give a basic gestalt of how you fixed your shit

I'm 27 and my gf is 18

Don’t mind the edgy teenagers; we are unbroken lines of men since the first cell. Like hell im going to be one of the dead ends

You make us all proud

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Fun thing is, I started fucking her when she was 16, we just kept it on the low

Fitizens work differently than most men user. Rather than having a pudgy dadbod at 30, thry'll have the best physique they've ever had
Most people don't take care of their bodies, so the ones that do look like gods in comparison as they get older. You can look very attractive well into your mid thirties, and even after that you can maintain a decent physique for a long time with enough dedication.
If lifting and working out was more popular with women, they'd be like this too, but they don't really need to lift, so they never build up a good base in their 20s and age pretty badly. Do you have any idea what being able to do some pullups would do to posture for women? The shoulder hunch just gets worse and worse as the muscles get weaker. Especially prevalent in tall chicks. If they just took better care, they too could look great for a long time

I'll be full cue ball by 25. Sorry user, some people aren't destined for love

I’m 38 and my gf is 18.

You have to understand that this pic is specifically. For the average male. The type if faggotty soy fuck with 13 inch biceps. This doesn't really concern those worth their salt on this board

>raising a kid in a non-white America

yea, nah. That's pure evil

How exactly do you keep that on the low? Have her tell her parents she’s going for a sleepover at her friends but really to poundtown?

You guys are the best IM FUCKING JELLY

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If you fuck girls way younger than you do you have to be a father figure? If so how do I learn? I only want to breed someone young enough to produce children who won't have any abominations on their DNA and someone young enough who doesn't have road kill for a pussy.

Women are 10 years more mature than men, so it's actually close to pedophilia when they date guys their own age.

We worked together, she was a waitress at a hotel I worked at

We just hooked up in the evenings, her parents were far away
An it's not a meme guys, young pussy is amazing

>doesn't have have road kill for a pussy
You're aware that physical appearance of pussy is just genetic, right? You didn't fall for the roast beef meme, right?

Dont worry mate, once she hits 20 shes gonna dump your old ass for a younger version

Can confirm, got more ass in my life from 27-29 than I ever did from 16-26.

Also caught an STI like retard, so wrap it up!

>wrap it up
It's mindboggling how many people ignore this advice.

Be very careful.

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