Who is /fat/ for?

>Who is /fat/ for?
For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication

>This is not QTDDTOT, ask questions about fat loss but use that thread for general questions

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy (Gonna need waist/neck measurements)

>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)
sailrabbit.com/bmr/ (complex)
fitnessfrog.com/calculators/tdee-calculator.html (simple)

>Plan your weight loss week by week

>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones


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nice /op/, fatass

I cut calories for a month, it went by very fast and i lost 20lbs.

I decided to start fasting and the past 48 hours have taken forever. Oh well keep on keeping on.

20 lbs in a month? sounds crazy

>went from 300lbs to 230lbs
>LDL (bad) cholesterol went from 140 to 131 (healthy is 70-120
>HDL (good) cholesterol went from 40 to 34 (healthy is 40-70)
almost there

nah not really. You can lose 40 when hard fasting.
I simply ate less than 1000 calories.

why is it, every time I see this loser he is always eating sushi, talking about cheating, or at a fucking restaurant?

He is 100% going to fail, he has not truely made the life style change.

Also why does Veeky Forums seem to applaud him as some hero. He fucking cheated


how obese were you? Like what weight/height/bf?

Gastric bypass isn't even a good cheat you can still fail and it's literally just paying money to eat less what the fuck eating less is free

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eating less actually pays you because it's way cheaper.

former 300 here, due to counting calories and fasting and working out and shit this week i might hit 250, due to family weekend and shit i expect to go back into the 160s by monday but next week when i do another 5 day fast il be back down into the 150s and on my way to 140.

fasting has its place guys, and its for fatties like us. fasting is easier than going super low calorie because then you loose your fucking mind. its easier just to not eat,

and you know what... i even had a big mac last weekend and im still going down because thats 2 days of responsable calorie in calories out, then 5 days of nothing and keto

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Do you plan on chopping off your legs or something?

edit thats 260, 250, 240
typo but one day it wont be

People can lose 50-60 in a month if they are 500+lbs.

>started 356
>Current 334(ive lost 2lbs in the past 48 hours it seems, could have been on its way off.)

>experimenting with low calorie meals
>ate a bunch of shirataki noodles with seaweed powder and vinegar
>feel like my stomach is going to explode
I'm so fucking bloated, which one of those is the culprit? I'll experiment more like just the noodles and seaweed powder, or vinegar on other stuff, but if anyone else already knows, I'd love to save the time.

Your a good guy user definitly gana make it, if pic can do it then so can you.

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are those facial gains even possible without plastic surgery?

Probably this week I will go from obese to overweight. Fuck yeah boyos!

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if they ever make an archer movie that guy should play archer

Are there any /fat/ approved workout programs? I want to get started but I don't know what to do other than "a ton of cardio." Was thinking of doing fasted walking in the AM for as much time as I have available and then going to the gym in the afternoon to do running/biking/jump rope but I don't know any specifics

Read the sticky. Swimming is your friend. If you start lifting do SS or SL with FUCKING ACCESSORIES until you stall and then move onto a bridge 5/3/1 or Grey Skull.

graduating /fat/ is more about eating less than working out. you can go from 300 to 150 without doing a lick of cardio. however, if being Veeky Forums is your goal, cardio will make you healthier and lifts will make you stronger. as a beginner, your routine is less important than actually getting out there and moving your body. the sticky is a great resource.

CONFESS, you fat fucks!

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Travelling to family's house for Easter and ate a whole bag of Chester's hot fries and a 6" pizza. Only about 1300 calories and I haven't ate anything else, but I still feel bad for it )':

He's going to have health complications for life from having his shit fucked up by a surgeon.

His prognosis went from death by obesity in 10 years to death by long-term surgical effects in 15, and he's going to have even less fun than if he just stayed fat.

Fucking fatties see bariatric surgery as their Get Out of Jail Free card. It's not going to go the way they think. Ask me how I know

>spoiler alert: it's how my mom died

Posting progress

>January 1st, 250.4 pounds
>March 28th, 216.6 pounds

Yes my closet is dirty

Forgot pic

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great progress man, time for a smaller shirt size

I've read the sticky but I want to do more cardio than it recommends just because I have the time. What do you think I should do? Is it worth it?

Is it good to get my carbs from rice?I find brown rice filling.

Lost 40 lbs since February.
About to indulge in my first cheat meal since then.
19'' Pepperoni Pizza
(3270 Calories).
I exercise a lot and fast most of days. But that's irrelevant.
Eating this pizza will still give me a 200 calorie deficit for today, i know it's trash food, and will probably skew my progress for 2-3 days, but fuck it. I earned it, after that, 2 more months to lose 40 lbs more, rinse and repeat.


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yes, cardio is absolutely worth it and is fantastic for both mental and physical health. I wish Veeky Forums was more appreciative of cardiom especially medium distance cardio. start slowly though.

HIIT, faggot. Do eet.

If you are chubby or fat, swimming is the best possible cardio if you are afraid of loose skin.
Swimming will tone your body, get rid of shitty skin and tighten it up.

I like your shirt

Not him
I have a pool at home but it's still a little too chilly to dive in. I'm a huge bitch when it comes to cold temperature.

on the drive from LA to SF today I stopped at a gas station and i got hot cheetos and lays sea salt and vinegar chips. forgive me. they were the first shitty carbs I've eaten in about a month and a half. feelsbadman

Yeah, rice, especially brown rice, is a good source of carbs.

It's understandable, but cold water is actually very benefical for losing weight and boosting metabolism, so maybe man up a little bit?

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Giv programs pls. What should I do, just swim/run more every week?

1h-1h30 of breaststroke a day works wonders. If you can do more without being bored, you can.
Even if you do less, you will see improvement in your breath and cardio and you will be able to do way more everyday.

Freestyle will put you off, it's hard if you're fat and out of shape, your legs will hurt, you will be instantly out of breath, it's a meme.

Breaststroke is the way to go.
Remember, it's not about speed or time, it's about getting in shape, stretching and tightening your skin, and moving all your body and muscles.
Even if you float around for 1 hour doing jack shit, you'll still burn calories and make your full body AWAKE.
Start slow, but stay inside your comfort zone until you are confident enough to push that extra 5 minutes.

Always eat a banana 5-10 min after swimming.

Do c25k. Running is GOD tier.

how many calories in poop?

better to go no carbs

theres no way you use up 3500 calories a day just exsisting

Thats like saying dont eat

yeah.... exactly

>eating steak isn't considered eating

I didn't say that though, i burned around 1.2k calories doing cardio today, and around 600 doing 1h of home exercise like push ups and shit.

Thanks frens

im the user who said they were going on vacation and were going to eat whatever
i didn't want to lose my myfitnesspal streak and i still wanted to document, im 1660 calories over lol

Not him but what do i do after c25k?

What specifically was the cause of the death? My mom had the surgery too a while back, so you got me worryin'

For the body fat calculator do you measure around your belly button or above the iliac crest?

Anyone else think he looked better as a fat? I guess calorie restriction really slows down your metabolism to a point where you look like shit
>more prominent wrinkles and blemishes because your skin can't regen as well
>hair becomes brittle, less oily, thinner
>dark eye circles no matter how much you sleep
>teeth begin to get darker because of altered flora in your mouth allowing garbage to accumulate faster
>reduced cognitive function
>maintaining body temperature is harder, you're always cold

BAKA boys he's not looking too hot

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one day you may...He watches over your lifts

If i lose substantial amount of weight can I expect my feet to become narrower? None of the boots I want come in size E

I hate being fat
I hate myself for stuffing my mouth full of shitty food
I hate being this ugly, disgusting pig
I hate being sweaty all the time
I hate this

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you cant even compare these pictures, lighting, angle, everything is different
and ps. its sleeping in excess that causes dark circles

Boogs should lose the fuckin beard, disgusting. Does he even lift? Arms looking weird there like they are buried in fat and emerge half way down his torso..

Also just noticed I have lost 10lbs. Another 10 to go!

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Does anyone else watch mukbangs to curb their binge eating? I love the pizza and chocolate mukbangs

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> Going out to eat
> Never going to make it

Could never wear it when I was a fat fuck. Feels good!

>counting what you burned
never count what you burned, you cant actualy tell how much you really burned and just think of it as a bonus

you bros ever just get tired? this shit seems neverending

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I'm tired as fuck right now. I'm gonna stay another 40 minutes at the gym though.

can you guys tell me if these are symptoms of beetus?

>heavy sweating (especially at night)
>agitation, anxiety
>heart racing (feeling a pumping pulse all through the body)

>heavy sweating
>agitation, anxiety
>heart racing
could be

You should go speak to your doctor or pharmacist

drinking lots of water
urinating frequently
dry mouth
unplanned weight loss

me2 but i started exercising regularly and im pretty proud of myself for doing so,we can do this bud :)

damn guys ive always put off eating oranges as theyre kindof expensive in my country but theyre actually filling as hell

ill start putting in the money for them

>tfw keto

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Cant you tell how much you are really burning with bike machines with kw counter? If it can measure the energy you are outputting then it should be fairly accurate.

slop of shit

I can't tell if that's a burger or not

thanks, I don't think it's the beetus. I don't have these other symptoms. then my second guess would be alcohol withdrawal.

how are you preparing the dog meat?

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10/10 doggo m8

Still tastes good, buddy.
2 8 oz. 80/20 ground beef with salt and pepper cooked on my cast iron with cheddar cheese, bacon, little bit of onion, some in n out type spread and jalapenos.

Puppies are NOT for eating

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Failed for the first time in 3 months. Had a bottle of Coke zero today after cutting out soft drinks. My stomach hurts and im bloated like crazy.

cute dog at least

Make that two 4 oz patties.

That sounds really good. I need to learn to cook. I only make eggs.

>why does Veeky Forums seem to applaud him as some hero
no one in Veeky Forums applauds this whiny cheater faggot, some fatsos are dreaming to get a surgery and be fit so they are following this landwhale shennanigans but we all know that he's gonna fail.

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dem face gains

Keto has me cooking a lot more and eating out less. I used to eat out every day at least once costing me over $450/mo. now I'm spending maybe $150

From Andy Richter to Gordon Ramsay. Nice job.

Lads, my journey begins this April. After the big Easter meal, its time to cut.

Success stories, tips, experiences, would love to hear them.

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Never gonna make it.
Your journey starts today

Start today you fat piece of shit.

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>Also why does Veeky Forums seem to applaud him as some hero.

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I've "started" today too many times. I've spent the last while writing up meal plans and changing routines. The beginning of the next month will be when I start my next routine.

Its not like I'm going to eat five pizzas in the next days, especially now that I feel confident I've kicked soda and sugar drinks for good. Its just when I'll keep everything concrete.

I'll be back then, remember me so.

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>Still wearing your ring after you've been cucked


Father I am paying for my binge sin last weekend, I had an unholy shit that has given me a hemorrhoid I feel every day

Maybe he put the ring on when he was skinnier and now he just cant get it off

This was before he was cucked.

fuck off.
you need to learn to be humble about your situation before even start.
not gonna make it.