Why is the majority of fit anti-ottormode? It seems like you mostly encourage Builtfat or BearMode

Why is the majority of fit anti-ottormode? It seems like you mostly encourage Builtfat or BearMode.

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Because the majority of Veeky Forums don't lift, faggot.

Ottermode looks gay. Bear mode makes you feel manlier, more stable.

because you have nothing to work toward when you're ottermode.


lmao keep telling yourself that, fatties.

Exactly. Fuckin. This.

Maybe 15% of fit lifts and probably 5% is getting anywhere.

Thats why you have to branch out and actually use your peak aesthetics to get pussy or just to catch people Mirin. Plus you get to look good when you get older. Bear mode guys look like shit houses when theyre 40+

You have to realize that you need a good frame and a well structured face to go along with it. Without these two traits, you're better off getting big to make your head/body proportions match.

Because they know they will never be able to achieve it without major lifestyle changes.

Otter mode involves being at a healthy weight and watching what you eat. 80% of Veeky Forums is fat as fuck

Because they’re fat and know that they’ll never reach a truly attractive physique so pretend they’re “strength training” instead

Otter mode is just a stop on the way to the true patrician body. THICC rugby player mode

cause most people on Veeky Forums aren't attractive enough for ottermode to look good for them. Most good looking guys have a lean athletic build. Any guy with an average face or less than average will look hilarious with a ripped body. Look at the facelet threads, it shows that face goes along with a nice physique or it's totally cringey.

I basically am the athlete version of ottermode, and I can tell you its not really something you want to be your endgame.

It's easy to attain
Most women want it
Can be gotten with dedicated calisthenics, being active and eating healthy
"Bear mode" and "thicc" and every other mode on the planet demands drugs and heavy investment in the fitness industry.

You can see why they would shit on it.
Oh and the otter mode in that pic is a twink who took a few rounds of dbols and some coke to get shredded.

Flexibility and sports lol

I play coed shirtless sports and the joy of winning is great plus get girls from them

I think it's because ottermode is more widely seen as attractive so then that excuse why they are not trying with girls would be gone. Plus might be true, not sure.

As a skelly, ottermode is my goal body and probably as far as I'm capable of unless I started roiding
But I don't want tits and raisin testicles (plus that shit is expensive here) so I won't be going that far

I have to work towards that tho

>It's easy to attain
lol, majority of Veeky Forums can't do a proper cut so they just eat like shit and lift weights and call it THICK

because it looks small in shirts

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That in the pic is not ottermode. It's gay twink mode.
It's ok if are in your teen years but as an adult that mode makes you look like a lil faggot

The other two modes are just being thicc with muscles

Why Zac's chad mode it's not also an option?

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zac efron is in fact a litteral gay twink.
He's just fucked up and geared himself out of perfect hollywood bottom bitch mode.

because ottermode requires dietary discipline

Ottermode is ideal but I need to put on muscle.
Also Ottermode looks DYEL af in shirts/sweaters.

>zac efron is in fact a litteral gay twink.

Get real kid

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Which is why ottermode + curlbro is the go to for all natural men.

Calisthenics base with basic Curlbro lifting or athletics to put on arm chest and back mass.

If you do that, then you're basically the go to shlick fantasy/fuck of most natural non fucked by BC and media brainwashing women on the planet.


Twink mode is for people who don't want to lift

The other two is for people who don't want to do their cardio

how does one get bearmode abs?

You look good in a fitted shirt but you're not really impressing or intimidating anyone when the shirt comes off. Plus it's pretty much a given if you've been active your entire life, and why not strive for more?

Not him but for me (170lb 6'2'' ~7%bf) it's a fuckton of energy expenditure to keep up for fun.
I eat 3200 a day to maintain, and I don't get paid to be a mid-range athlete.
I'm gonna keep it up as long as I can, but I'm already 30 and working out 2-2.5 hours a day can really tighten up your schedule.

All of those 5% post in /fraud/

because exercising increases leptin which makes you hungry. combine lifting with the need for protein and bodybuilders overeat. they then make fun of people who dont over eat

being 5% bodyfat and muscular isnt easy

it basically requires someone who doesnt eat for pleasure, aka 150g protein from egg whites, olive oil, multivitamin, one serving of fruit and vegetables for almost every day of the year

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Being 5% bodyfat and yoked year round requires a little more than just diet, my fit fit buddy

>Why is the majority of fit anti-ottormode? It seems like you mostly encourage Builtfat or BearMode.

Because they're fat fags who will never be able to archieve it, so they shit on it to make them feel better about themselves.


I would unironically suck off the guy on the left desu

at 150 I was like 20% BF. Now I'm like 143 and definitely noticing improvements. Sucks being small but I just want to be ripped, then slowly build lean muscle. I ate big and got a gut, fuck that shit

because you're on a board full of autists who don't know what women want

Because once you finally get abs and look like that you realize how fucking tiny you are

How do you go to gross skinnyfat to ottermode?
Can doing body weight everyday do it? Like pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, planks etc ?
Along with running and diet?

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It's good to change it up, really what I had to do was stop doing the normal shit I was doing and start doing real training that athletes do. HIIT and shit is really good, I got on a training plan online. It was very helpful in giving me the tools I needed, I would recommend trying something similar if you had money to spare.

You want high intensity in the gym, running for long distance is a waste of time unless you want to look like a skinny cross country runner. Sprintervals on the other hand are good to incorporate.

Builtfat and bearmode is what actual homos prefer whereas most people want to fuck otter mode -- even built fat and bear mode

Because cutting is hard and people want to rationalize their weakness by convincing themselves it's wrong. Cutting is the ultimate exercise in self discipline--you are constantly hungry and weak and you have to fight tooth and nail just to barely maintain your strength. Not only that, but people are so afraid of halting their progress in the gym that they just permabulk. You want to stand out? Get to 1234, cut and separate yourself from the dirty bulking gym dogs.

Because you have to actually watch your diet, "builtfat" it's just an excuse to eat like shit on here


No it involves being a middle schooler

achievable natty?

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I think you hit the nail on the head

You mean drawing on abs with makeup to define them more?

Of course

how do I get some adonis belt like that if I wasn't genetically blessed with them? mine's barely there and I'm fairly lean, if I flex/push out that lower ab area it pops up like crazy though

my dad is fat as f uck and has it

leg lifts