Can't ban these guns

In light of the recent wave of gun control clamoring and policy changes on apps and social media (Bumble, Youtube, etc.), we should get a counter-campaign going.
I propose something simple like posting a flexing photo captioned "you can't ban these guns" (Snapchat captions work well) and a short paragraph addressing your stance for gun rights.
You can do this on Bumble, Tinder, Instagram, wherever you see fit.

>Ground rules:
If you are not cut (meaning you are over 12% bodyfat), do not go shirtless for your photo.
If your arms are weak/unimpressive, lift until they aren't and then participate with a photo, but just pass this idea on to your Veeky Forums friends until then.

Please feel free to brainstorm ideas as well.
If you don't support gun rights, that's fine, but you are a weak faggot cuck and you're begging for a jackboot on your neck. Also fuck off.

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Good idea, but it should probably be on /pol/.

>we should get a counter-campaign going
I'm pro gun control.
You shouldn't assume everyone shares your opinions this isn't your own personal hugbox.

I posted it there too and they are saying no because they are dyel. kek

I didn't assume anything. Please read my last paragraph. It was written just for you.

I think there should be stricter laws on buying and selling guns.

>relying on technology to win fights for you
I bet you never killed a man with your bare hands faggot

>Stupid nigger doesn't understand the principles of freedom
Good luck with that room temperature IQ

What kind of retard thinks selling guns to random mentally ill people is a good idea?
Seriously just fuck off.

Some people want to have the right to form gangs of gun-toting right-minded individuals so they can raid homes and convenience stores at will.

What did he mean by this

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Fuck off and die


I like this idea. Too bad it seems there's a bunch of beta faggots in here that enjoy having 0 rights.


Sounds like you have never bought or sold a gun.

>muuh goons

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I was going to laugh, but then I remembered that I'm dyel too.

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It's ok. I make firearms in my basement to compensate for the rights-cucks.

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comrade hogg would like a word with you. The second amendment must be repealed, guns banned, and the gains redistributed.

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>liberals say prosecuting illegals is unconstitutional
>but infringing on an amendment that says “shall not be infringed” isn’t

I’ll redistribute these gains alright

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Nope, but if autistic 18 year olds can do it I think the laws should be more strict

You make them yourself? Jesus user. Even with those digits not even measly dubs would force me to fire that desthtrap


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But swords are more fun yo

It's perfectly safe and reliable. You can order an unfinished 1911 frame and machine the rails and some holes. You then buy a parts kit and file/sand all the pieces to fit.

It's a lot of fun to do.

Go fight the military with swords then. While I might agree, 2A isn’t about fun.

I think guns are too easy to get, but gun control is looking at the symptom, not the cause.
They could blanket ban all weapons and it wouldn't matter in 15 years. You'll be able to 3D print a fully automatic weapon by then.
Why aren't they talking about today's fragmented communities, vapid social values, and unhealthy lifestyle? Those probably contribute more to mass killings than the weapons the killer happens to use.

2A should add tanks, battleships, fighter jets and whatnot to reach parity with the military, then

>firearms include vehicles
Brainlet detected. Go back to your gun free zone, I'm sure you'll never get shot there.

Civvies can own that shit, just 99% of those who can afford them don’t care too.

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Hold on to your wild hopes of resistance. Even your dubs are futile.

[laughs in vietnamese]


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La rolltura

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You don’t need guns, the [bigoted, racist, trigger happy Nazi fascist DRUMPH] government will protect you

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It's actually because wealthy whites shit tanked the city and the waters are in fact poisoned with lead and flouride. And blacks are unbelievably fragile when it comes to pollution. Unlike the hardy caucasoid animal.

No seriously.

The entire city is filled with people who are observably and irreversibly braindamaged because of pollution ON TOP of "subtly" pushed gang violence and constant stress.

Think I'm shitting? Do a few searches on the net for water pollution in detroit.

not sure if english is your first lanuage or not, but the constitution clearly says "shall not be infringed".

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Perfectly encapsulates the hyper violent 1980's action flick with tough bad ass cops taking down racially integrated ne'er do wells and why black music went from party music and spirituality to full on self destructive death gang violence and self hatred along with gangs being created pushed and defanged constantly in even slightly peaceful black neighborhoods.

Remember when they would dropped a fuckton of guns in a truck off in fairly violent black neighborhoods during this time in the 80's and how crack abuse and movies lionizing drug shilling started to pop up.