A month without going to the gym or doing any physical activity

>A month without going to the gym or doing any physical activity
>start again this week
>muscle soreness all these days.

How do you deal with the soreness Veeky Forums?

Any tips for quick muscle recovery?

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Get your protein and ride it out, maybe try a hot bath

Eat a lot, sleep well.
I love being sore. Its such a fucking good feeling.

This is like the 5th thread you've made. Eat your protons and rest and you'll be fine

How do you look after a month of no gym?

Picrel is me after 3 days.

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Like this

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All I do is lose my form

foam rolling apparently helps recovery

This guys got it going on! Love doms, just rub your muscles and keep fucking lifting.

It happens just stick to it we all break sometimes


Once I had this soreness on my back muscles that it has been going on for days

One day I took all the ice of my fridge and put it in my bathtub with enough water to just lie on my back on the ice cold water

Once I finished most of the soreness was gone.
I also realised that once you overcome the painful part when you get into the cold water then it is really quite relaxing

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I highly suggest using a sauna. I literally never feel sore anymor

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hmmm who to trust...

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Both. Do both.

>someone who doesn't lift

being genuinely sore after a good workout isn't something anyone would enjoy, especially for the fucking fact that it impedes your workout

Some of us just love the feeling of soreness and the fact that we earned it, makes things livelier

At the same time. Average it out.

>not loving the pain

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No gym day 6 thanks to Easter.

I'm feeling so jealous right now of all the people than can go gym. Skeleton ass will lose all of his small gains in 10 days

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do some simple body workouts... other wise your just making excuses

foam rolling right after workout reduced soreness a bit. Nothing you can really do about it though. But it doesn't really happen anymore after a week or two of working out.

I miss muscle soreness and doms so much...

>Tear muscle 3 years ago
>It doesn't heal despite what doctors say
>Go to physio
>Physio says muscle is jut tight
>Get massage
>Instantly better
>No soreness
>Got back to my PB within 2 months

Feels good for the first time in a long time brahs

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lmao this weekend I got an e.coli infection. I don't know what the fuck caused it but for 4 days I was literally vomiting every 30 minutes to the point where I could only vomit bile and my abs hurt even more than a whole abs session.
I was also shitting blood the whole time. I lost 4 kilos in 4 days and I was

Ice is the manly way to do it

Embrace the suck.

You don't workout then. Stop fucking larping on here you disgusting piece of crap.
Post reported enjoy your ban