At what age are guys most attractive? I'm almost 24 and I'm worried I missed the boat on smashing, young, untarnished...

At what age are guys most attractive? I'm almost 24 and I'm worried I missed the boat on smashing, young, untarnished, nubile pussy.

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I feel I'm in the Golden age for 22-24 year old girls

18-20 is possible but they honestly have started seeming too young in all but body

Early to mid 30's. Some lucky guys might look decent after 40.

You see, OP. Men age like wine. Young wine is cheap and tastes like shit and anyone with a couple of bucks can get it, but old wine is the one everyone goes for to get fucked up with style.

It sucks but you gotta go through the grinder and survive until you're old enough and start exuding power and money. That gets all the young bitches.

On the other hand, when women get older... well, let's not get into that.

early 30s if you take care of yourself IMO


31 now.
Get more looking, flirting, etc at this age, than I did in my early 20s.

21-27 is like the dead zone of male attractiveness. Hit 27 and you can smash anything til mid thirties as long as you take care of yourself.

My boss is a 58 yr old gym bunny, I'd fuck the shit out of her.

Look at the actors all the 19+ year olds lose their shit over how hot they are. Like 29ish to 33 seems like golden eras look and finances wise.

Science literally says 28-35. If you are not doing well in your career by 35 you are outside the norm. Also 16-28 is considered danger zone for males...toughest years.

The hot girls from high school turn into sorority girls and only fuck frat chads or older guys that can further their social standing like bar owners and shit
One time I was with a couple frat guys and 10/10 sorority girls came up and asked what frat we were in, I told them I wasn't in one and I've never been looked at with such disgust before or since
Best you can hope for is to find a cute 7-8/10 that just got out of a ltr with her high school sweetheart and never rode the penis carousel

Most physically attractive I’d say 21 but overall I think men are most attractive early 30’s

Tinder in my city is nothing but 18-21 yos. I feel like a fucking loser with my stupid 26 yo face on there. I want to kill myself.

41 here, can confirm, never been easier pulling women of any age.

There are tons of 7-9/10 who never rode the cock carousel. In fact attractiveness is almost never correlated with whether or not they're whores, afterall almost any woman can get easy dick if they want. In college I remember sororitutes always complaining about the bible thumping contingents in their respective sororities who were stuck up prudes that tried to slut shame them. Basically every top tier sororities had groups of girls who never went out and just sat around the house doing girly stuff while monkey branching from LTR to LTR.

I think that depends on your hairline, how long you been wished Rising, sun damage, and your physique. As well as comma your money, how much you know about pop culture, and how well you can relate to a wide age range.

Have a stable career at 30.

this post gives me hope
I got a dumb bitch pregnant and now I'm essentially wishing the next 18 years away so I can be "free" again

and yes I do hope I stop thinking about my kid like that soon but

here's to being 40 and smoking a fat joint with some buds down in some island

just gotta hold off being an hero til then

yes, your 1 piece of anecdotal evidence means all hot girls only date frats or bar owners.

15-17 then a gap to 34. 20's are too inexperienced and experienced in life.

I started being considered good looking after my mid-20s, however, I started working out and gave a shit about my hairstyle/clothing. I guess if you started earlier it might work out for you.

I've been partying for 10 years and have slept with more girls than you've talked to
You're right though I don't know what I'm talking about

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>yo bro I like partying and fucking sloots
>dude bro all the women past 18 are whores man
It's called selection bias you fucking idiot.

Nowhere did I say all are, I said the 9-10/10 college pussy OP wants is not possible to get unless you are a somebody, and if you have to ask how on this website then you're obviously not
Prove me wrong or fuck off

there are 9-10/10s who aren't in sororities.

>be 24 in a few months
>established career in network security
>getting fit
>decent looking
>musically and vocally talented
When do the gfs come
Maybe I just gotta put myself out there more. I had a date last week with trad girl but never had a gf or got laid, not that it’s a big deal but
I’m looking for a relationship, someone to relate to.

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Here's to you being 40 and smoking a fat joint with your kid.

Lmao what the fuck? You know most of the actors girls swoon for are usually in their mid 30 to 50s.
also OP, I just turned 24 and we're still young as shit. just keep lifting and taking care of yourself. quit falling for the memes that 18-22 are the best years of your life. look forward for the future.

you’re fucked, go to /r/theredpill

i fucked a barely legal 18 at 28 so you've got time buddy.

>you’re fucked

theredpill has turned into a LARPing playground. the fucking field reports are cringe. the only ample advice is lift, be confident and abundance mentality which is basically fucking common sense

15-18 cause you are stuck in the same place with 50/50 girl boy distribution. I found it easier to get laid during my highschool years.

I just turned 30, and I got to say that the older I get, the more attention I’ve been getting from women. I’m also in shape, so the past five years of lifting is really starting to come together. When I was younger, 18-25, I looked more tween, baby face and skinny. Now that I’m older, I’m still baby face but aging has provided more manly jawline, and I’m the weight I’ve gained looks healthy. My dad said his prime was up to 35, so far can’t argue with him.

>repacking the same shit my dad told me at 14 and acting like it's revolutionary
Any dad worth his salt would have told you that women care about status + confidence.

i'm 26 and i'm definitely getting more attention now that I did when I was 20. Nice to hear it gets even better

No you didn't miss the boat as long as you're attractive and have a good personality. You'll also need to put up with teenage drama.

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I'm 37 and have smashed more pussy in the last year than my 4 hears in college. Many of them very young..early 20s. Youngest was 19 yrs old and oldest was mid 40s averaging late 20s early 30s they are so horny at that age

Ditch the kid and change your last name

Don't let dead weight drag you down

29 and my game good as never before. The only downside is balding, my hair started to thin after 25 (thanks creatine) and I've got shitty hairline after 21 which gets only worse with age

how do you not cum inside a girl like that every time you have sex

it depends on the age of women you desire. if you want an 18yr old, then 18-23 is best years but generally no more than 5 years difference or women will find it unacceptable

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why the fuck is Veeky Forums so empty and shallow

It's a shame, I love the philosophical discussions on how a man can be better OUTSIDE of women but for the most part it really has become a crock of crap.

The women's trouble thing is mostly just creepy cunts LARPing so they can turn the attentions of men towards them or create a strawman villian for their creepy loser dyke bullshit.

Don't be a bitch about it, man. That's life

You're good for cougars for another 10 years plus.

If you're sufficiently fit, age is only a minor consideration... your wallet tends to count more, but it's probably the only thing that can outweigh being physically awesome.

got a decent amount of pussy all throughout college and high school, but nothing crazy.

now i'm 29, have a six figure job (lawfag), been lifting for the past 7 years and have all my shit together.

i've noticed that women see me and think oh he's in really good shape must be and i tell them i'm a lawyer too they cream their pants. i'm basically every chicks wet dream at this point in my life and i'm just getting into my prime stage.

Men should plateau from 25-35, and honestly past 35 you'll prob be so rich that you can keep plateauing till your 50s.

>posting on Veeky Forums
>every chicks wet dream


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I'm 27 and I'm fucking an 18 year old. I've ghosted girls that wouldn't have given me the time of day in high school.

I think 25-now is when I've hit my stride. I'm also king of manlets height and a broke law school student, so I don't think I've peaked yet.

just a guess

>Follow the traditional model. Find a younger cute virgin/inexperienced girl and get married, have a couple kids, get a decent house and a dog
>Or, get into shape, get your financial situation sorted out, and when you're around your 30s just smash college age girls nonstop

Wat do, Veeky Forums?

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>just turned 27
>was always skinnyfat from nonstop drinking for the last ten years
>broke up with gf of six years three months ago
>crippling depression, but started lifting, stopped drinking so much, lost 25 pounds so far
>no longer skinnyfat, noob gains are flowing in
>still complete and utter DYEL, but unironically look the best I've ever looked already
>cannot wait to see where I am in three more months, and the end of the year

This thread gives me even more hope that things are going to be okay if I keep on this track.

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first one

We’re all gonna make it user

Boy do I hope this is true. I'm so into older woman. My dream fuck is a 10 year gap when I'm 25-35.


I am 22


Super fucking honest piece of advice, everyone listen up.

Choose any cos' both paths are pretty cool. HOWEVER, Whichever you don't choose, you'll grow to regret. It's unavoidable.

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By not putting them in a pedestal.
Experience has taught me that the best looking girls aren't the best ones in bed.

Pic looks like a mix between Elijah Wood and Putin.

Also known as Sam Hyde

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this, because in your 30's you should have your life together and it should show.

I'm currently doing the first one. I'm 25, been together for 4 years but recently I started to feel the primal urge to get my seed in some 18 year old pussy. I don't think I will be able to remain faithful much longer, but I also want all the benefits of a marriage and a family. What do bros

do NOT let this post fool you into thinking it'll be smooth sailing once you're a bit older.

The only way you'll be attractive and a generally good choice for women in your 30's is if you put the fucking work in HARD in your 20's.
Look around you and see how many men in their 30's are overweight, unattractive, have no real power or wealth, and are employed in lower than middle-management positions. If you didn't inherit some massive amounts of wealth, you have to build that shit up in the first 5-10 years of your work life. Don't get stuck at a shitty customer service/sales rep/manual labor job for 4-5 years when you could be going for manager.

Wealth, power and respect only come if you command a position that demands it.

You do, because a girl like that is fucking literally every single day and is on the pill.

that's the thing though. If you stick with the looksmaxxing in your 20s (lifting, grooming etc.) you will be a god amongst the other men in your 30s


25-39 if you know what youre doing and dont fuck up your body with toxins

>Posting a cleat chasing coalburner on my Malaysia cartoon board

you havent seen her naked tho

I'm 30 and am without a doubt the best I've ever looked

That's so fucking wrong

I never had any luck with girls when I was in my 20's or 30's. Admittedly I didn't take much care of myself physically but I have decent genetics.

Once I hit 40 I started sorting my shit out, couple that with having a good job ($120K+ pa salary + bonuses and bens) I am like fucking catnip to a lot of younger chicks.

We get a new influx of 22-25 year-old grads every year and I get hit on a BUNCH. I also work with a lot of marketing people who are often young women ages 21-30 and I get a LOT of attention.

Women (especially young women) are really clued up to guys who can provide these days. I'm not a car crash to look at but I'm not any kind of chad either but I clean up because I take decent care of myself physically and I'm intelligent, moderately cultured and financially well-off.

It counts for a lot, even at 43.

If you're not balding

18.25 is easiest to fuck dumb young sluts if you're not autistic
25-29 is prime looks and test isn't too low.
30-35 is usually when you're the most stable in life so that adds to the attractiveness

I feel more attractive than ever now at 27 but its true that girls under 20 consider me old. I'm honestly not attracted to them that much anymore tho so its never been an issue. I fuck more than ever.

Props for being a man about it. It takes a rare amount of balls to take responsibility of your actions like that. Most men ((())) shit themselves and run, leaving the child to an inevitable life of degeneracy.

Godspeed user.

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Any age between 16 to 60

Guys have "stages". When you're young you can get away with being an arrogant confident douche. Or shy guy. Or jock. Or nerd. As you get older you have laid backs, professionals, daddy figures, sugerdaddy ect.

It all depends on what your body and personality is best suited for, arming yourself with the right attitude and target and hunting.

Just because you fucked up between your teens and twenties means nothing for a guy. You can literally turn your life around at any point if you try and archetype correctly.

Fuck off tyrone

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>be 24
>look like im still 18
Fucking hell.

Right on dude. I'm 26 now, used to take TKD was on the road to weight loss then got GF and fell off (plus it's expensive). Now I'm much bigger than ever, and trying to ease into INSANITY with my brother, who is a cardio master.

I'd gym by myself but I think I need a buddy who won't let me fuck my form up.


Hey kid

Want some exogenous testosterone?

You already have with that attitude

>if you're balding
18-25 JUST
25-29 okay if you spent your teens lifting
30-35 same as above

I bet this is because i fap like a madman

Kept my test so low im officially immortal

Try injecting onion juice into your testicles.