Should there be a gym tax?

should there be a gym tax?

10$ taken from your paycheck every month

every gym is open to public

pros/cons of this?

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Taxation is theft

countries with nationalized healthcare should do this

Well, I guess we're done here.

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Having a gym membership is no measure of whether or not someone actually goes.

That said, reducing the barrier to first trying out a gym would be a universal benefit to society. People who might otherwise never set foot in a gym may try it out of simple curiosity, since there's no barrier to joining.

On the other hand, no barriers to using the gym will mean that ANYONE can use it. Homeless people in the showers, even more fat old people using it as a social club, hordes of retarded teenagers hanging out there to check out chicks and not lift.

Be careful what you wish for.

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This. Instead there should be tax incentives for going to the gym

In all likelihood you would just end up signing on with a private gym anyway because "public gyms" would be poorly-kept dumps where the token low-income minority of your city hangs out.

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medicare is very more expensive and impossible to kill

costs less in long run for gym tax maybe

agree in respect of taxes

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Oh Americans. You're so far behind.

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Explain yourself

Making everyone fit isn't really that great an ideal. It sounds like it at first but then fit people wouldn't have anyone to lord over.

Exactly this. I miiiiight be okay with subsidies/tax credits for gym memberships, but definitely not free.

> the token low-income minority of your city
imagine if this didn't exist

France has outdoor calisthenic gyms in almost every city in the country. They are mantained regularly to ensure that it's safe to use, and the french government looks for new ideas from the public to add and improve already existing equipment.
Just last month two fixed barbells, one at 15 kg and the other one at 30 kg, were added to my local calisthenic park.

This is all part of a campaign from the french government to decrease the obesity rate in France, which has worked by the way.

That sounds like a pretty good idea. Calisthenic parks are definitely cheaper than full-fledged gyms. I know some cities here have parks like that, but it's funded by the individual city councils. We need something in America to deal with all these fatties.

>Making everyone fit isn't really that great an ideal.

Lol. You guys complain throughout the whole tread about taxes when obesity costs billions of taxpayer money.

There's a reason why even major japanese companies force their employees to lose weight. Healthier people means a better and mentally stable workforce and also decreases costs of insurance.

You guys have a reputation for thinking selfishly. These train of thoughts confirm it.

Make everyone's bf% their flat tax rate.

The cowards are twinks. Who would have guessed?

Hahaha nice. Would make bulking even more expensive though.

nice reddit spacing retard

>calisthenics gym
wow it's fucking nothing. if you can't figure out how to do dips and pull ups in your own house you should be drawn and quartered

>Calisthenic parks are definitely cheaper than full-fledged gyms

And guess what? Unlike what said. Calisthenic parks are full of low class youngster looking to get ripped, which then realize that getting ripped is a whole new fucking science. They realize that smoking weed will get them nowhere, and have to pick up the habit of going there several times a week and train religously.

I know many of them who claim that if it weren't for calisthenics they'd be either wasting their time with drugs and videogames. Some of them even have established new goals for their future, such us going to university to study sport science.

>wow it's fucking nothing.

That's just one image of one part of the whole thing. Usually, calisthenic parks are equiped with everthing you need.

Some people can't afford a gym, so they have to rely on calisthenics. Why hating? You do your stuff, we'll do ours.

>nice reddit spacing retard

What the fuck does that even mean?

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>gov't regulated gym

No thanks

>Obesity is one of the biggest drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs in the United States. Currently, estimates for these costs range from $147 billion to nearly $210 billion per year.

I'm just gonna leave this here.

>gov't regulated gym
Let's try to imagine what this would be like.
>equipment would be falling apart, especially in low income areas where people would die and there would be complaints of how the government doesnt care about them, and that the wealthy should subsidize their 'right' to work out
>fat personal trainers employed due to not being able to discrimante against fat people
>shitty employees because they have 0% chance of ever getting fired
>DMV tier lines to use the squat rack
>parents leaving their crack babies in the kids center for 12 hours a day
>homeless people shooting up in the bathroom

Fuck off commie scum

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>What the fuck does that even mean?
It means your syntax is similar to reddit posters and he doesn't have a rebuttal so he tried to imply you were from Reddit

aka he's retarded

It's fantastic desu, my city is 90% white and great, need to get that 10% down though

Would everything just get fucking rusty? Or be extremely hot to the touch?

Then stop using public roads, public toilets, public schools, never call the police etc. you freeloading faggot.

My city is 90 something percent white

We just have a bunch of white benefit rats sitting round smoking weed all day, stealing off road bikes and riding them at traffic and mugging old ladies

Being poor should be a capital offense

Minus the barbells the park by my old house in NYC had a calisthenics station like that.
They are found at parks here rather than their own thing though.

Fatties only cost the taxpayer because we allow them to
Cut off benefits and allow hospitals to refuse patients based on a credit check

Job done

Not Frenchanon but no to the rust, at least at the ones I've been to all the stations are coated. It can get hot in the summer but I've never had a problem with it personally.

What dya think it's going to cost when you let the mouth breathing la creaturas of the underclass loose on exercise equipment and they snap their shit up?