Veeky Forums tells me to do deadlifts

>Veeky Forums tells me to do deadlifts
>instant bad lower back pain
>can’t bend over or arch my back
>have to get down on my hands and knees to pick something up off the floor


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Not our fault that you're retarded.

you weren't lifting enough weight. When you lift enough weight you go right past the pain into euphoria, it's a way of forcing your body to adapt


Stick your boipucci out like the faggot you are if you’re gonna deadlift

That's why it's called a "deadlift", if you do it you're a dead man walking. Deadlifts are archaic and dangerous anyway, just do 10 min of light cardio a week.

>he fell for the deadlift meme

Yo get ur form right BEFORE you do anything.

Stretch your glutes and hamstrings and shut the fuck up you fucking pussy

Probably didn't even use a plug, faggot. Lrn3lift

Do it right next time faggot

>do deadlifts
>be paralyzed

haha deadlifts are a meme

Next time just do single leg Bulgarian dips while holding 100lb dumbells..

you're not supposed to look like a frightened cat when you do them.

the same thing happened to me a couple months ago. Took over a month to heal and I Couldn't do any lower body or back exercises during that time. Just stick to squats

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Buy a lifting belt, i got one a few weeks ago and I havent had any lower back pain from deadlifts since

mama mia

no. he doesn't know what he's doing. he needs to learn to brace and stabilize his core on his own. he doesn't need to be lifting heavy enough to need a belt if he is blowing out is back doing them.

drop the weights. quit trying to ego lift and learn to properly hip hinge.

I’m not a beginner I deadlift 2 plates

Is this the same girl from the "gym weirdo" selfie?

>2 plates
>not a beginner

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when you go down to grab the bar you should be feeling tight in your hamstrings and your ass - you're probably arching your lower back, which is very bad not good pain or

If you're hurting your back, your form is off. Stop ego lifting and learn the proper form.

I can’t reach the bar otherwise. Should of I just stop doing deadlifts until I gag more hamstring mobility?

Deadlifts are not for beginner's or people lifting baby weights, the risk is way higher than the reward and you're better off doing other lifts honestly, I'm never going to persuade them, fuck that.

No shit mate? Would squat if you only had the flexibility for it in one leg and ended up out of bbalance every set?

I don't think it's the same girl

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>he fell for the deadlift meme is a meme

This. I was deadlifting lmao1pl8 for like a month before increasing the weight to make sure I had good form. I still reset after each rep to make sure my back isn't all fucky


>be a useless couch potato that's neglected my back all my life
>finally do something that makes it work
>it's unpleasant because I've never done it
>better quit
gg no re you mental gde.

This a million times. I've got a ruptured disc in my lumbar spine and deadlifts never hurt me. I also don't lift anywhere near what anyone considers heavy who actually lifts. I have physical deficits that I have to work on as I build strength before I can progress to putting more weight on. I'll get there but it's all about perfecting the form and the lift before adding on more weight. I'm not scared of anyone seeing me putting only another 2.5 lbs on each side to try one more set heavier before starting to drop the weight.

Just stick to lightweight deadlifts. Occasionally I'll up the amount to PR, but most often I'm only deadlifting 1PL because I don't want to fuck up my back.

I get my strength/pumps from other lifts, deadlifts I mostly work on my form.

>Arching your back is very bad
Wait, what?

Do it with proper form next time you retard

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Do a few weeks of back extensions before trying deadlifts. Trust me.

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Oh. I arch my back the other way. That's fine right?

No. Your back needs to be in the neutral spine position. Please go watch some videos about proper deadlift form before you blow out your entire posterior chain and end up in a wheelchair. Put zero pl8 on until you know how to properly hinge at the hip with a neutral spine.

Why don't I just not deadlift instead?

This is what I do, people autism autiscially screech about not gaining mass but I back squat 3 plate and row 2 plate. So my back looks fine

Some people don't. I do because I don't have hours on end to spend in the gym and it works pretty much everything from the waist down, plus more. Because it makes me feel all brain chemical high afterward. Because it's the father of all lifts. Because it is the most functional lift to do as far as what you need your body to do in the real world. I could go on but you get the point that deadlifts are my favorite lift.

I get that it works a lot of muscles and there's no replacement exercise for it but the constant snap city comments and my lmaoscoliosis scares me a bit. I still deadlift (very light) though. If someone with my goal body came by and told me they've never deadlifted in their life I would drop that shit so fast.

>doesn't deadlift
>somehow other people autism autiscially screech about not gaining mass
>that squat stat

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See and post back if you don't mind senpai


I have scoliosis and a fusion and a ruptured lumbar disc and literally could not put on my own pants 6 years ago. They literally never hurt my back. But I'm not exceeding 95% of my body weight for what I'm lifting either. The stronger it gets, the better it feels.

>back squatting 3 plate for 5 reps is weak


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Do back extensions if you're a noob to get some basic lower back strength then get back into deadlifting. I got sore for a few weeks after my first time deadlifting. Then I started doing back extensions two or three times a week and after a month or so my deadlift started shooting up and became one of my favorite lifts.

My back and posture improved a lot since I started deadlifting and my back pain (due to poor posture, scoliosis, kyphosis) got better too. Good form, done with weights that aren't too heavy so you can build a base before you snap your shit.

What's your soundcloud/band camp?

This is how you do it right

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Deadlifts are named that way for a reason user


What the fuck

For a grown man it is weak. Especially when some men can backsquat 1000lbs

Deadlifts and squats are a meme. Just lol if you do those. You might as well say goodbye to your spine and joints

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>He fell for the deadlift meme

LOL. Next thing you're going to tell us is that you squat as well. LMAO. Squats and deadlifts are complete meme lifts.

it think is.

anllela sagra btw.

Put the bar 1 inch away from your legs. Bend the knees until you touch the bar.

You should be able to reach it and get your hips in the proper position with these steps.


Yeah sure. Post a video of you back squatting 3 plate atg for 5 reps

>he fell for the deadlift meme is a meme is a meme

It's not that hard stupid faggot.
Do it like .gif related and you'll be fine.

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>too dumb to look up proper form
>lifting too heavy with shit form
>blames autistic cambodian fart sniffing message board for his retardation

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