Advice on this

I go to a gym that doesn't have machines but is instead all free weights and shit.
what exercises can i do to hit my hamstrings and build them up?

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Back squats work the best....ass to grass...lower the weight a little like 20%

reverse leg curls

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Just do compound lifts. Machines are for soyboys.

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Do this, it's really good. I've been doing it for the past few weeks and have noticed some serious gains in my hamstrings.

Romanian Deadlifts

If you want to target your hammies and glutes, I would say hip thrusts. There's a ton of variations, some of which focus more on the glues and some on the hammies. They're a really great isolation. Plus if you want strong hams you're gonna need strong glutes too. They both perform some of the same functions like hip extension.

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romanian deadlifts
glute bridges
nordic curls

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>push exercise works pull muscles

straight leg deadlifts


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straight-leg deadlifts
Low-med weight, 5 reps, 5 sets.

Also, ride a bike.

>also, ride a bike

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Romanian deadlifts if you don’t wanna do hip thrusts and look like a fag

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Romanian deadlifts. I did some today actually and I can definitely feel it in my hammies.

If you can find an anchor then start with this

Romanian deadlifts
stiff legged deadlifts

barbell or dumbbell is fine.


Look, dude, I'll tell you right now why Deadlifts and Squats are such great exercises:

Those muscles in the back of your legs you wanna train are:
- Biceps Fermoris muscle
- Semitendinosus muscle
- Semimembranosus muscle

All 3 of those (in the Biceps it's only the long head, but the short head is invisible anyways) muscles are responsible for your hip extension. That is why you get thick legs from Deadlifts and Squats.

If you do leg curls you will obviously train them as well in addition to smaller muscles (biceps femoris' small head as well as the popliteus) but I'm just saying .... Squats and DL are the way to go ...