How many pull-ups can YOU do?

I can do multiple sets of 30+. I've been told this is impressive. Keep in mind that I'm 5'4" and 135 lbs. Is this another of the many hidden benefits of manletism?

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Probably around 10 if im fresh. I'm 5'10 190lb though. Used to do up to 15 though

in a row, 5, just started lifting again

How does you back look? could you post pic of said back?

5 full rom strict chinups and that's about it.
If you're doing them properly it's imrpessive op, otherwise not.

I'm kinda in the middle of a bulk, so it isn't toned, but it's thicc. I don't have any pics atm, but I'll get some in a minute.

Do you guys fully relax your shoulders on the way down?

7-8 first set, 4-5, second, 3-4 third. 6’4 188lbs

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Jesus Christ bro 5'4"
Compete in power lifting.

At the bottom.
At first I was following the "shoulder packing" advice, but later I realized it made no fucking sense, a dead hang is similar to the OHP shrug, it makes no sense to avoid it.

i go for 10 but my calluses really fuck up my grip on the bar

12 on a straight bar. If they're perfect reps this is actually a decent amount. I can do 17 on the angled grips

Lmao i used to do 20+chin ups than i lost weight and it went down to 10-20. Now i gained the weight back and can do around 10. I look more toned but still sucks dick

Do you do weighted pull ups at all? Just got to where I can do 3x10 and I'm going to try adding weight soon. At 6'3" and 230 if I go as wide with my grip as in your pic my lanklet powers activate and it feels like my shoulders are going to pop out of their sockets. Might just be weak tho...

I reliably do 18 in a row at the start of every workout, up from 14 from January. I'll reach 20 in April. I've gotten addicted and now I do 80-120 pull ups in total per workout. 5'9 135 light manlet as well.

6'1 165 lbs
20 pull-ups
30 chin-ups

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i had this problem before
i found out that i was going to failure on all of my sets, so my next set greatly diminished
if i keep 2 left i can do more total volume through all my sets

Probably about 9 if I really grind out the last rep. 5'11" 165lb.

I've been able to rep 18 wide pullups at 96kg bodyweight without any warmup.

It's insane, thinking about how I couldn't even hold on to the bar for chin ups when weighting barely 60kg.

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0 pull ups

can DL 515 tho

The most I can do is 9 fresh. 6'4" 240lbs

15 @ 175lbs

6ft 3 245lb at like 30% bf, can do about 5 from deadhang no kip, my biceps are hyooj but im still a fatass, but whenever i show normies theyre like "waw dude mad respek"

2. could do my first one at 240lbs
5'8 215lbs

Cool thanks

Nice muscle inbalance

Could probably do 25.


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Strict form, full range all the way down to high as i can, with wide grip like op pic, i can do 4x10 on a good day. Im 5’6 145lb. Been lifting for a several years.

two! and damn proud. took me a lot of work to get here.

Like 3. 6'4 245-250

I didn't know space marines wear Crysis armor underneath

I don't do pull ups, but i do chin ups instead. Can do between 15 and 20 reps on both pull ups and chins
On weighted chin ups my best was 30kg for 4 reps, and 42.5 for 1 rep(the gym's shitty belt then broke)
170cm and 66 kgs

nothing to do with height, but weight. light weight people should be able to do a ton of pull ups ez

length of the arms does make a difference

Well I think its nothing short of incredible that you guys can do 30+ pullups. I don't know if thats an e-stat or legitimate and then affirmation bias or whatever its called. I also think though its really easy to cheat on pullups. Actually cheating isnt really the right word as no one gets to decide what a pullup really is, but the standards regarding range of motion and time of concentric and eccentric, as well as subtle things like pausing at maximal ranges of joint motion and scapula position, vary between people greatly.

remember not to let your elbow fully extend

5'7" 155lb here, i do about 15, multiple sets. i've been adding a 35lb plate lately, so im doing about 7x5 as a part of my routine.

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>five fucking four
65 kilograms
jesus christ i could OHP you for reps

10 max, literally zero 3 months ago.

6'3" @180

maybe he could ohp him for reps too. bodyweight ohp is not a great feat

how to do muscle ups?

>Is this another of the many hidden benefits of manletism?

What are the others?

Yeah, I doubt that OP. 30 reps with full range? Are you literally a Dorito?
I do full range pull-ups and I stay at the top 3-5 seconds and then continue the next rep as slow as possible. After the 10th rep, my whole back/biceps/forearms are burning.
Quality over quantity, ALWAYS.

About 15 deadhang at 87 kg bw, I am not good with reps (long arms perhaps) even though I got 40 kg weighted pull up and 55 kg weighted chin up.

basically just faster newb gains. is it real? yes. does it help manlets? ya, it makes them better than other manlets.

t. manlet irl

it's the interface to the power armor

>power rack bar is bent like pic related
>putting hands on edges is way too hard
>putting hands in middle is too easy
God fucking dammit what smart ass tried to design this

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Max was 16 quite some time ago and I haven't done them properly in a while. Sometimes when I have friends over and they see the bar they will be like come on, let's do a quick set of 10 and I can still bust that out no problem. Not gonna lie, don't enjoy them a whole lot.

Brehs i get no lat activation from pull/chinups. When i do them i get doms under my armpit and back of shoulder blade area what can i do to get more lat involved?

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it is if you weigh more than 200 lbs
bodyweight ratios are manlet cope

>5 seconds
What's the point?

you're not supposed to include your bodyweight lad

Negative reps.
More torn fibers which essentially means more muscle growth.
I always watch DYELs doing reps as fast as they can and wonder why after they reached their noob gains limit, they stopped growing. No care for form, no sign of enjoyment for working towards their body, basically snap city training too.
Impatient fucks, I pity them.

10 at 305lbs

~15 6'6 220

>wider grip
>straighten legs
>tight core
>push feet in front of you so you lean back a bit

6"6 210lbs. Can do about 10 on the first set

5'10, 210lbs, can do 18 strict, more if i dont deadhang

i can do 18 wide-grip, with perfect form
6 foot, 163 lbs, 7%bf

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>negative reps

Lmao, you mean eccentric repetitions?
You're literally doing an eccentric every single time full rep you're doing.

I can only do one full out set of 33 at my best, at 85kg bw 182cm, close grip.

15 at best because I train legs

This time don't stop

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Why did you post chong bro?

5'9 185 12% BF

25-30 also but dont think i could do a second set, 5'7 70kg

250lb fatass, I can do 5 in a row, 6-7 sets of 4
weighted my max is +40lbs

oh and 6'2 @25%bf