Should I keep cutting?

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W-why did you draw ab lines user

>Drawing on abs
The fuck are you doing

Was bored


I can't tell. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks for a better judgment. No homo btw.

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Keep cutting, get shredded to the bone.


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You look great, what is your diet like?

fucking mothefucker

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I'm the skinny lanklet version of OP


No, you're at an ideal for 90% of women. Put as mcuh effort into maintaining what you've got.

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>two scoops from hell
Why did I laugh, I nearly choked on my whey bar,


Look at that stack

No, you look great. Stats btws? Arms/legs/chest?

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>W-why did you draw ab lines user

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why do you have juicy burger nipples?

Could you post diet and routine OP? I'd love to look like you

Im the obese manlet version of OP

>that bacne
not tricking anyone here