Which type of body is better for women, a CURVY one or A FIT body type

Which type of body is better for women, a CURVY one or A FIT body type

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It doesn't matter, any body will do. I haven't felt loved in years. Please, I'll take anything

Neither of them are Veeky Forums. They just don't eat like hyppos and take advantage of their puberty gains.

She's not fit at all, what the fuck?

Reminder that regular women, without boobs, are just weird looking skinny fat dudes.

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i like to worship fit girls

this desu

You can be curvy and fit. Curvy is just waist to hip ratio.


Insofar as "curvy" has been coopted by morbidly obese women to describe themselves, I'll pass on curvy.

>That body
Actual fit girls like pic-related are GOAT

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This. Fit girls are the curviest girls.

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Mooo big ol heiffer


thank god for photoshop so i dont have to see her cellulite and stretch marks

and all the chaving in between her thighs

chafing, even

Majority of women look like trash naked


This man understands

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>Tfw no pochaco gf


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Stop posting fat trannies on every thread, no one cares about your shitty fetish

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I bet those thighs look like cottage cheese w/o photoshop.

You're right.

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>Not upping your standards even more with each passing year of celibacy
never gonna make it desu

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Any type as long as she's not fat

Those two are the same thing, one just has hip structure, which has fuckall to do with "fit" or "curvy", terms used to describe the amount of fat or muscle on someone.

Curvy. Skinny girls with no curves, like the first pic, don’t turn me on whatsoever.

cottage cheese is a patrician food. and I would eat the cottage cheese of her tooshie if you know what i mean fellas


>mfw have been blindly staring at this reply for 5 minutes now

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she is a fat midget

She would if she were naked right in front of you

Left isn't "fit"

Fuckin degenerates

I'll love you, user

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I've been with all kinds of body types.. Hourglass, curvy and thicc, BBW, tiny, skinny, flat chested big ass, huge tits no ass.. And really, when ya come down to it, the grass will always be greener if you have this mindset.

When I'm with a thicc girl I look at a skinny girls and think "Damn, they'd be fun". Skinny girl, look at a thicc girl and think "Damn, they'd be fun."

Right now, I'm with a girl who kinda has a body like D-Va, but taller. Thin, cute ass, small but perky as fuck tits, cute, and extremely nerdy and introverted. Really, it's just about the personality for me at this point after racking up about 20 partners, it really is a "At the end of the day, do you still enjoy talking to them?" kind of thing. Big ass and things like that are cool for a bit, but after that's passed, it's nothing.

Curvy by miles, preference for it is correlated with higher testosterone levels in men.

Even hotter

this. natural thickness is way better

Curvy > (((fit)))

daily reminder than in the real world people aren't attracted to centauress she-hulks

you idiots on fit arguing over a body type. Hot women need muscle and a little fat on top. Its not complicated. Most girls are sknnyfat or fat beacause they dont lift. Doesnt really matter avout the bodyfat % as long as they have a nice muscle base, theylll look good, then its taste.