Daily reminder to Activate your Almonds

Daily reminder to Activate your Almonds
Also high test thread?

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I really miss sparrow she was cute

>Looks just like grill I’m talking to but I’m too intimidated by her 6’ height.
What do, just go full alpha mode and risk embarrassment/losing any interest she might have in my non-alpha personality?


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Something is funny here

Wwwwwhhhhyyyyy you come into these threads and just lower the worth of the entire thread.

You're not funny or anything. Leave just leave pack up your shit and leave.
GET OUTTTT!!!!!!!!!


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trannyposting is for /b/, /d/ and /gif/

get that shit the fuck out of here.


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some people like it

>implying brapposting is for Veeky Forums

There's you and no one else.

And brap posting is a loser bitch current mod thing that no one likes. When they're inevitably canned for their stupid bullshit we'll not have to deal with it anymore.

>mfw this is a blue board, so you can legitimately report trannyposters and get them banned


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So fucking hot. I would throat her dick instantly, no question

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>her dick

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>girls must have a bajingo
lol go back to 1999

low test detected

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Tfw no qt thicc azn gf

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high test detected

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Shooped, and shittily at that

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>tfw your fridge can't anionize your water

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>your spirulina tablet is not organic

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You know it.

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Emu meatballs with sauteed cultured veggies

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>ywn this woman

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>fuck a thick trap in the ass
>she whips out a monster cock
>she fucks you in the ass
>you cum

just say i wanna lick your arsehole

how do you search for pictures/videos of bushes like that?
love it when women have a trimmed/treated bush, especially shapes like your pic, triangles, inverted triangles, a slim upwards rectangle, a heart(made my gf do it last time) and stuff

if I search for hair, or bush or whatever all I get are those disgusting hairy cunts