Anyone else inspired to achieve /ancestor physique/? I’m currently trying to attain full Cu Chulainn mode...

Anyone else inspired to achieve /ancestor physique/? I’m currently trying to attain full Cu Chulainn mode, have frame and build for it because of ye good olde Irish genetics but not the mass or definition to match the Hound of Ulster. One day...

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>charging into battle in ritual nudity to inspire fear in my enemies at the sight of my mighty form
My dream

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Most of our ancestors were manlets and probably somewhat malnourished

>my enemies fear to approach my corpse, for my ferocity in life inspires disbelief that such a man could ever be slain.
>the hero’s light shines upon my head as my arm, still raised with sword in hand, falls to sever arm from the man who attempts to desecrate a champion’s eternal form.
To be so legendary, this is why I lift

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>refuse romantic gesture from the Morrigan herself, disguised as princess, because to take flower from a maiden like this without commitment to her would be dishonorable.
>The Morrigan is so enraged by my refusal that she attempts to slaughter me in animal forms, but even in combat with a god, I remain undefeatable.
>I heal the Morrigan’s wounds, sustained in the battle between us, by simply pardoning her of guilt in assaulting me.
I wish only to pay homage to the forefather of all Chads

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Have to embace the diet of vareniky, salo, onions and millet porridge.

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Work on flexibility.
Get those hip rotators to let you turn your knees right the way back.

maybe yours bruh

height mostly dropped during the industrial revolution due to shitty conditions and low wages in the growing cities.

Also conditions may have become poorer in some feudal societies and also after the rural clearances with the mass adoption wool.

Bronze and Iron age bodies found from Northern European agricultural societies show a large strata were tall and well nourished.

>muh ancestors

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Speak for yourself, I have legitimate ancestoral lineage that suggests I'm part Athenian

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my ancestors were either lanklets or got fat and died young of heart attacks
it's likely i'm the most Veeky Forums guy in my families history by repping 2plat!! and you're delusional if you think the 'only ate potato' celts were the ripped viking boys from your fanfics

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>potatoes existed in Ireland before the 1600s

Thanks dude, you finally gave me the chance to post this image

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then how come there's no pictures of irish people before 1600 ?

>Resisted the Romans
>Resisted the Normans
>Become part Norwegian because they majestic for breeding I guess
>Resist the English but eventually lose because of politics and trickery
>Rebel repeatedly despite overwhelming odds, the struggle is never meaningless
>Adopt mass charge as main battle tactics despite ma muskets being available
>Conquered because trickery and politics
>Many become career highwaymen because f da English lol
>Others help conquer India lol
>Half become convicts and overcome settling a new continent

They were alright

>resist the English
>country literally becomes split in half by English might
the state of fenians

Good ol Murican geography/math

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what mode is this?

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German pureblood reportiert rein

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Best comic mode

B-but my Cu has blue hair... and a nice gay bulge..

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Someday I will be like the eternal hammerer himself, but with better luck with women

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>borderline romantic artistic impressions
>the way your ancestors looked

yeah buddy i got some news for ya