Chest Day -- Post Your Workout

Rate my chest day, Veeky Forums.

Flat Bench:
135 and 155 warm-up

Incline Dumbell Press:

Decline Bench Press:

Cable Chest Fly:

Also, post yours.

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-Bunch of reps wearing two 80lb weight vests with feet on couch.


-handstand pushups with emphasis on upper chest.

are you autistic?

Oh yah to rate your workout.... Your chest day is very generic. Not enough upper chest work.


on my push day I do incline/flat and dips. every other push day that is. I replace it with OHP

impressive that you're good enough at handstand pushups to do rando variations as assistance work. bodyweight?

Why do you change the weight after EVERY set? Pretty sure that confirms you have autism

That's the worst "chest day" I have ever seen. Stick to a fucking weight/rep sheme instead of doing some failure of a pyramide set.

How about you fucking do:

3x5 Bench Press
4x8 Incline Press
4x12 Chest Flys
3x10 Weighted Dips

and actually PROGRESS through your sets

Doing this many sets is a waste if time. Declines also a waste.

About 180

there's nothing wrong with that at all though? i would say straight sets of 5x5 is way more retarded

Dips (rings or with weight)
Pushups (rings or with weight )

Sometimes some skullcrushers at the end when i feel the need to

Any more suggestions? I'm seriously look for suggestions, because I've been so stagnant. I'm not sure if it's eating or what, but I haven't been able to get passed 215 in a long while. That's why I dropped to lower weight.

Also, what the fuck does PROGRESSING through your sets mean.

have fun making no progress with that mentality

Is the ""secret"" to working upper chest just incline pressing?

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Working sets on flat bench 3x5 or 5x5 depending on how I'm feeling.
3x10-12 incline dumbbell press
3x12 cable flys
3x10 close grip bench

>not doing any form of flys

Not gonna make it

oddly enough, reverse grip bench press works the upper chest more than dumbell/barbell incline press.

>cable chest fly
>not a fly

Bro add even more different angles on ur chest day u will get a sick pump

so many answers and not a single one critizing the fact op even has a day for chest alone

This board is filled with turbodyels

Garbage. Do you want any functionality?

>chest day

Monday: Bench and dips
Wednesday: Press and dips
Friday: Incline bench and dips

that and OHP with good form. Pullovers and low to high cable crossovers arent bad at hitting it either.

>t. Dyel

>can't even bench 2pl8

Sounds about right.

great input m8