Is watching anime Chad-like if you're also Veeky Forums?

Is watching anime Chad-like if you're also Veeky Forums?

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Is a Roastie giving you a handy or playing with your balls and reading a Cosmo mag while you watch?

uh.... y-yeah...

Any hobby is Chad-like if you're deemed attractive

Anime is for >>>/Reddit/ tier soyboys. We're all about Marvel and DC superhero Movies here on Veeky Forums.

100% fact

Not under any circumstances is anime remotely acceptable

Yup. Just about anything you do becomes alright as long as you're attractive.

Pretty much, you will never see a 6'2 Veeky Forums good lucking guy called a neckbeard

Nice. So can I wear my Cowboy Bepop shirt at the gym if I'm like an 8/10, 6'1, and pretty strong relative to my weight right?

Fuck yeah dude.

Fuck off. DBZ is better than those fag tier franchises

Cowboy Bebop is goat whether you are a weeb or not

As long as you know the difference between enjoying a show and being a total sperg about it I don't see why not. Being ashamed about what you like is about the most beta thing you can do.

Anything is Chad-like if you are Chad.

We're not about any of these things.

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i lift because i watch anime

anime is scum of the earth shit, but its good

lifting is top-tier human shit, its literally self-improvement as a hobby

doing both evens it out.

also, anybody on Veeky Forums at uni? is it just me or is anime fairly popular nowadays?

I wear in anime shirt in my tinder pic and still get super liked

Anime is becoming normie because black people decided they like dbz and ghibli so now everyone is cool with what they hated a few years ago

>anime being popular
Woudn't say, as I only once saw someone wearing anime hoodie - with haruhi specifically

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