On day two of nofap

>on day two of nofap
>balls are getting sore

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>no fap

meme shit that only the most easily duped retards with an already malfunctioning penis would fall for in a vainglorious attempt to cope with their severe impotency. fuck off, GDE. no bump. kys asap.

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t. porn addict

go back to watching other people have sex on the internet while you touch yourself faggot

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Loving ever laugh
You are pathetic ! Lol


t. retard virgin

if you think nofap is real youll never make it

if you think watching porn is healthy then you'll never make it either brah

very anecdotal, but I am definitely quicker in conversation if I have not fapped that day

>on day zero of nofap
>balls are sore from fapping

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I used to think this kind of mindset was bullshit. But then I saw how people on /b/ would see a hot girl and instead of saying "I want to fuck her" they would say "I want to see her get fucked". It's kind of obvious they think that way because of porn. I don't want to watch other men fuck women. I want to fuck women myself.

i got a handsie from a stripper and when i came she said, "wow that's so much cum.
thank you no fap.

t. cuckhold

literally getting off to another man have sexual intercourse with a girl

Why do people go to such large amounts to disuade nofappers? Same thing happening in my group of discord bros

To be fair it's not like nofappers don't go around in droves trying to persuade people too
They're all fags, just do what you do and shut up about it

Literally how?

I used to watch porn daily and masturbate multiple times a day and it would still take me atleast a week before they started getting sore.
You're probably edging yourself or looking at porn thinking it doesnt count if you dont cum. It does count.

Sure, except mentions of nofap is pretty fucking rare on Veeky Forums outside of nofap threads. I get it's annoying to people that it's allowed on the board, but if nofap was to be removed, at least 20% of the other threads should be too

>Day 14 nofap
>look at my tiny 6 inch wrists
>wide hips
>weak upper body
>start fantasising about becoming a qt girl fucktoy for a big hairy daddy
>browse /lgbt/

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This is normal user. Keep at it.

Thanks and checked. I can tell my brain wants me to relapse again so it brings back those fetishes to the forefront of my mind.

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how about you fuck off shlomo
the goyim must know about the benefits of abstinence, sexual transmutation, and living porn-free.

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I forgot the last time I fapped. Like 2-3 weeks ago.

lol, I'm shorter with 5.5" wrists. I could trap way better than you

but I'll make it instead