I am in decent shape, soon gonna break out of dyel. I am 20 and 210 lbs...

I am in decent shape, soon gonna break out of dyel. I am 20 and 210 lbs, if I pick up boxing now do I have a chance at the Heavyweight championship? I got the build for it

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Would I have a better shot at UFC? I can wrestle

It really depends on you. You can have all the dedication in the world and train every day, but not be cut out for the very top. Some people are just better than you could ever become. Such is nature.
With that being said, start boxing right now. You seem like you really want to compete and who knows, you could shock the world. However, if you really want to be the best, then you have to pour your all into this one goal, and if you don't start now then your chance will slip away.

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Thanks for the good honest reply, do you have any experience with boxing or MMA?

I'm just a fan. I hit my heavybag for cardio, but I do not train martial arts yet. I am 26, and I destroyed my body with a childhood of obesity. I will be getting into some sort of martial art soon, but I have no plans to compete professionally.

Alright man, if you know your limits thats fine but make sure you're not selling yourself short. The body is capable of incredible recovery

It is, and I am definitely not giving up by any stretch of the imagination. By "destroying my body", I mean that I stood with locked knees under a morbidly obese frame for most of my life and as a result my knees and hips are fucked up. I have pretty bad knock-knee which is effecting my squats and deadlifts now. I'm doing well, though. I have a lovely woman, I will have my own property soon and I am growing stronger every day. Also, professional martial arts were never a serious dream of mine. I would like to compete in some submission grappling tournaments in the next few years, though.
Seriously, though; sign up for a boxing gym as soon as possible. Like today or tomorrow. I believe in you, pal.

Thanks bro I will look for a gym

No chance in boxing but a good chance in MMA.

Why is that?

Sorry to break it to you dude. I haven’t read all the replies here but from what I can tell everyone here is either ignorant or dishonest, so I’ll give it to you straight because my neighbor was a Turkish kickboxing champion.

There are people out there with dads who boxed, who taught their kids how to box when they were a young age. These kids grow up and they love to fight. Before your balls dropped they had titles. They’ve thrown literally thousands of punches and kicks before you knew what boxing was. On top of all of this rigorous training and years of exercise and dieting, there are some like this that are genetically gifted. They have wits, speed, power, and composure that you don’t have.

It is one thing to one to get into boxing, but at twenty to want to be a heavy weight champion because you thing your frame is good is laughable. You’re twenty years to late to get started.

Most boxers start from a very young age and usually have to box to feed themselves. A 16 year old boxer will outbox you.

In MMA you just need to have decent cardio, power and a good chin to be a champion in the heavyweight division. If the fight goes past 2 rounds it will most likely be a decision and will go to the person with better cardio.

Here is a pic

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You aren't large enough to be a heavyweight. If you are 5'11", you had better be built like Mark Hunt if you want to contend at that weight. You need to cut down to around 180 at least for a walking weight and probably fight at like 165 or something. You are about as fat as I am right now, probably a bit leaner. Keep doing your compound lifts, and start training explosive movements. Also really start pounding out cardio.

Tyson was only 5'10" and around my weight

He needs to fight at 155 to even have a chance. His reach is pretty good too.

Yeah, but you aren't Tyson. You aren't built like Tyson, and you don't have the lifetime of experience and explosive strength of Tyson. At your weight, he was nothing but explosive muscle.
Yeah you're probably right. OP you really need to lean out. Focus on your diet, and your boxing training will melt all of that lard away.

What about MMA?

Something to note is that (assuming you're in USA) is that Heavyweight is one of the most popular weight classes in boxing. Lots of people to go through in that class particularly.
Regardless of weight if you want to be a champion at any division you need to dedicate literally EVERYTHING you have into this. I can't tell you how many fucking times I want to strangle people who tell me they want to lose weight or fight but can't because "I don't have the time because of [job, school, kids, etc.]" But still have time for hours of anime and vidya weekly.
To put it simply you're not conditioned. Unless you're trying to be the next Butterbean, you need to lean out. Start with the standard TDEE - 500 and as you get more slim adjust as necessary.

I know, I definitely want to increase my cardio too, I have a lot of conditioning to do.

I was talking about mma. You have 0 chance at boxing at the weight class you will be fighting at. If you have to fight at heavy weight you need to be 6'2"+ with good reach.

For MMA you need to get down to 175-180 camp weight at around 12% body fat. Then cut down to 155 for weigh ins. Just look up the killers at lightweight and see what you are up against.

MMA would be great too. Plenty of guys beat people that are definitely better than them in every facet of the game through gameplanning and technique. Start taking boxing and jiu-jitsu. Find an good MMA gym that offers both grappling and striking classes and attend both. You may find that you like one more than the other, and decide to pursue either of those rather than MMA.

Thanks for the replies guys, I am gonna sleep on it although I know I gotta start conditioning immediately if I want to have a chance.

Good luck. First thing tomorrow; find a gym and run there. Tell them you are interested in taking classes, and they should offer you a few free sessions. Stay for the next available one that day and see how you feel about it. You can do this, dude.