Mods are asleep

mods are asleep

post your cats, bros

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Nice cat OP

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My little fattie right here. Put her on OMAD, she's lost some weight since. Still looks like a football though.

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I like your picture
It's like
"FUZZY ATTACK" anime style onto your kitty

thanks user, this is his sister

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My cat is the best fuck all of you're cats.

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is this possible natty?

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Have a cat in a hat

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Buckle up nigga. Cute ass cat incoming

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El richard

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Fuck dude aight lemme try something else

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My kitty is tiny, but she's the boss of the street, even at 15 years old

not the cutest but at least she tries

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Thinking of pimping this bitch to Purina. Time for her to contribute to this family

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u think this is a game?

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Laughing at your ugly cats

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Do you?

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Adopted this cat today, hes getting his surgery tomorrow and then I get to take him home next day

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>his cat doesn't watch Chinese cartoons

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It was never any competition buckos

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>you will never have a lalique carving of yourself

why live

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Found the guy who needs constant reassurance from animals to feel loved.

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Why would you need a carving when they already worship you?

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You win

I love this stupid idiot.

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Jokes on you nigga I play both sides

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Wow the markings on your cat are really cool.

that's a stretch

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Good on you m8. Hope you and your new cat are happy together!

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would this actually work?

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i think you cat has autism

neighborhood cat that chills with me in the cuck shed sometimes

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Yes,try eating 750g of protein a day, only wear a weighted vest and ankle weights and see how that works out for you

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This is , when she was younger (and slimmer).

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could this explain why the sclera of my cat's eye turned yellow?

cats are dope you son of a bitch

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what the fuck

Cats shouldn't be on DNP.

would HGH work on a cat? we would know if the cat food lobby would quit stopping my research.

Mirin' dat coat
Oh dam thas a good cat
See what you have here is a nice, soft coat covering a broad belly, indicating happiness of body and mind. 10/10 would pat
I also enjoy these cats

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Photo taken rn

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reading is like cardio for your brain wtf are u doin

Rescued this qt3.14 like three weeks ago from a box near the trash
I couldnt keep it since I have a dog but a friend (with my help) haves been taking care of her. He's deciding if adoptin her or giving her to other people who agreed in receiving her
She's a fucking gluton and licks my tighs

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Cats also do dope.

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>tfw first cat died of cancer at 14
>he was the damn coolest, would come and sit on my bed and chill while I blasted music
>slept in my bed, loving as fuck
>second cat is a shit
>selfish, yowls like an autist in the middle of the night
>can't seem to use the kitty box properly because she always smells like shit
>has ruined two of my leather jackets by shitting/puking on them
>bullied first cat when he was alive

It's been three years since he died and I still miss him, bros. Fucking cancer, he probably would've still been alive if not for it.

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>Cats also do dope.
my cat high as fuck after the vet

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>have cat that behaves like a dog for the cool parts but isnt loud or dirty
>he's 14
>the most active of the three cats we have
>comes up to people and is friendly to the point i'd be afraid of having him in a house because poison risk
>have younger cat
>fat, autistic, afraid of people

I'm highly allergic to cats, however, and won't be having more pets after he passes away. I'm not ready for it though.

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He's a domestic/Siamese mix. Loves talking his head off too

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Fuck cancer. Sorry about your loss user.

he's tonkinese, a mix between siamese and burmese

siamese cats rule

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Good cats guys

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My sister adopted what seems to be a feral kitten from the shelter

It’s been 4 months and he doesn’t like to be pet or approached unless you have food. Is there a way to get him to enjoy contact without food os it just a cat thing?


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This thread makes me happy (can't have a cat myself).

Thanks, /fit!

ugly as fuck 1/10

That's not how you hold a cat user

H-how should I hold my catto?

cats are fucking stupid how much of a bitch do you have to be to own a cat

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good thread



I like all of your cats Anons


Made for BBC

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This takes me back...

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>Playing vidya
>Pic related comes up to me and starts meowing
>Have to let her fall asleep on me

d u m b

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How often does Veeky Forums snuggle with their feline friends?

I'm sending love to all cats that posted, all seem really happy

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My cats bully the neighborhood dogs

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This thread gives me hope
Here's my Maine coon mix. He's a fat ball of fluff

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My Lilypad

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10/10 coats, those are some floofy cats user

>siamese cats rule

Here's the lil diva

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Some aesthetic as fuck cats you have anons

WTF. Are our cats twins? Where is yours from?

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Domesticated cats often love contact, it's not normal for them to actively avoid it at all times.
Just be super patient and pet him as much as possible while feeding him. If he's still young there's still time to get him used to it.

That is a happy cat

Not the best shot

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With two hands, gently.

>sleepy kotlets
So cute

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is that a boxer or a staffy? or something else?

looking good

incredibly cute picture