What is fits choice of drink?

currently drinking some homebrew mead

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I used to exclusively drink soda
I quit that shit and now drink water and add flavor to it, and that's practically it

Can I interest you in some water?

I just drink water, tea or coffee I can't stand flavoured water. It's got such a disgusting taste to it that I can't even stomach it.

I add the flavors myself
I'm partial to grape, but fruit punch is good too

On special occasions i'll do those cool water fusion things where you soak a bunch of fruits in them for a while
Lots of sugar but ok to have every once in a while

>Protein Shake (with water)
I used to drink a lot of juice but I got some nasty cavities from downing gallons of it every week (like half a gallon a day on bad days) so I just have water, now.

Only heavily distilled shit like vodka and gin. Can't stand fermented/yeast-based stuff like beer, wine, mead etc. The yeast is what makes you have the infamous beer belly, and also makes you apperance shittier in other ways. No hangover with vodka/gin too and it has minimal effect on my test and lifts, granted I don't go overboard.

Mineral water
Calorie-free cold tea
Coffe (with splenda and 70% protein milk)
Coke Zero
Sprite Zero

Regarding alcohol, a couple glasses of red wine, maybe a couple bud lights, or a 1% alcohol Old Milwaukee

>The yeast is what makes you have the infamous beer belly,

no you fucktard, it is the unperceived excess calories you drink, let alone all the snacks someone gets while drinking


You need to actually inform yourself before calling people fucktard. Go read on visceral fat accumulation caused by endotoxins (aka yeast and bacterias). Why do you think most natural medicines have properties that literally kill yeast.

I also witnessed it on myself plenty of times when I used to not have such a fit lifestyle where I was drinking most of my cals in beer and not eating much. I was accumulating visceral fat every time even though I was easily 1000 cals under my clean diet where I don't gain any fat.

because you are a fucktard and didnt track calories well

I was barely eating a meal a day, and no snacking. I would hit max 1000 cals of day.

Seriously you are ignorant my man, go read a bunch of stuff on pubmed and give it at least 1 year of intense studying before you ever call someone a fucktard again.

Homebrew stout.

Hurr durr yeast is the debil. How come these beef and beer fed navvies don't have huge bellies?

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Beer. Been drinking stouts and wheats lately

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Start with this my sweet brainlet.


Red wine. Can actually have a drink last for an hour and not guzzle like a degenerate as I would with beer or whiskey.

Warm Water

That doesn't say anything about yeast


I wasn't talking about having a huge belly, in fact they probably had the same calories intake as me and you still accumulate some visceral fat even though your ribs are showing and you're a skelly everywhere else.

Enjoy aging fast my stubborn drunkard. Plus dem sweet hops to inhibit your testosterone, wtf are you even doing on Veeky Forums lmao.

straight vodka. or tequila. or bourbon. jagermeister also acceptable. also 40's.

Gib recipes, I'm brewing a small batch of mead atm
Also I like mead and stouts

Im having me a glass of pinfolds club port haha

They averaged 4000-5000 Kcal a day.

What I've got in the fermenter right now is a can of Mangrove Jack's Irish Stout, 1.5kg of dark malt extract, 500g of sugar and 20g of Mangrove Jack Strong Ale Yeast, made up to 20l volume.
Ferment ~ 20 degrees c

st Pauli girl. I can drink about 12 bottles of it

Oops forgot photo

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