Can you grow some muscle by just riding a bike?

Can you grow some muscle by just riding a bike?

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yeah man your delts will get huge from the wind resistance

just don't lat spread or you'll go flying off your bike

Yeah but you'll get levator ani syndrome and never get a boner again

I dunno, can you?

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Yes, fag.
Your legs will get fucking huge if you bike enough

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But what about my upper body? I mean there's some resistance or whatever there right?

no not really. whats the resistance coming from, steering?

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how far youre biking? if you go a good distance ever day you will can a few cm. go several good distance and you will many cm.

Hey, bit of an unrelated question, but folding bikes... if they're in a carrying bag, can you take them inside businesses and buildings and such? At that point, you're just carrying a bag and not a bike, right?

I'm in a position where I'll have to give up on my car soon and short of going on foot everywhere, a bike seems like the best option to stay fit and get places, but the idea of not having somewhere to chain her down is holding my investment back. I was wondering if folding bikes could circumvent the problem somewhat.

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If your bike can max out on a high resistance speed then yes. Just pedal and flex your abs while you pedal, only growth i've noticed is bigger quads, calves (shaped), and my core is rockin desu.

It's probably the lower body equivalent to ottermode. Bike and do weighted pushups/swim for the ultimate lean body. However, you will not see huge gains form just a bike unless you're really pushing those fucking pedals.

I ride high as fuck bc nevertired and i do uphill rides for about 11 ish miles everyday.

This is actually a good answer.

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Riding a bike or a 'bike'?

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