I fucked up Veeky Forums

I fucked up Veeky Forums
I have been stalking fit gym thots I see in my gym on instagram, I dont follow them, i only visit their page and look at their photos etc. I just found out that they can tell who views their IG 'Story'... I thought it was weird how last time I went to the gym I noticed one of the thots i stalked staring at me... I think she knows I have viewed all of her recent IG stories... I should have just followed her in the first place right? Because it kinda seems weirder to NOT follow, yet check a persons page and stories occasionally... what do i do?

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Get off social media and go talk to the girl.

Why would you care? Do you think she's going to beat you up or something.

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you gotta tell her you think her "funny" instagram posts are hilarious

I'm in a relationship. This is the problem, I like to look at the bikini/ass shots of the local fitness thots. I don't want to have anything to do with them though


I will gain a reputation of being a degenerate pervert amongst the attractive/popular gym regulars. And I'm kind of hard to miss, I'm 6'1 260lbs, I look like a giant baby that reps out 4pl8 deadlifts they will know..

It also tells them how many times you viewed their story. I hope for your sake you didn't check them too many times ;)


Please tell me you're joking
If they had stories that were flaunting their bodies or asses you can fucking bet I viewed the shit more than twice fuck

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>proud of 4pl8 at that height/weight

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Sorry user
*sets profile to private*

Im not quite sure what this means, but I just watch from afar

Do you have this image in a larger size?

>tfw one of the fitness thots has actually set her profile to provate after i started stalking her

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That's such bullshit. If you don't follow them then they shouldn't be able to track you. If they could, then they'd never find you either because of the shit ton of other guys doing the same thing.

One day "just watching" can become something more. Don't temp yourself.

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Is just going to their page and looking at a couple pictures the same as looking at their story?

No grandpa of course not

PS: If you download picture from facebook it also tells them, the same if you screenshot a snapchat(I fukd up on this one)

>tfw 28, almost 29yo grandpa using an old iPhone

>logging in

this.. i should never have logged in, in the first place

So why would you care what they think if you're already in a relationship. You need to make some serious balls gains man 'cause they looking like tiny marbles from over here

can't view stories on ig without logging in, but thanks for the info

oh shit.. for real?!?!

i look at my ex's friends stories all the time just to look at my ex. pathetic i know..

>being logged into your main account while stalking thots
You deserve it desu

did you maybe mean to use just "greater than" signs, not arrows?

Just don't use your personal account you weirdo

He meant thoughts lead to desire which leads to changed intentions which leads to plans which leads to actions which leads to dicking down thots

t. Faggot kid detected

but those would be dumb thoughts then. also thoughts don't lead to desire, that's just wrong. basically it's all wrong.

I'm out of touch with all this modern social media stuff, so I don't really know what IG stories are. But if it's something that's publicly viewable, then I can't see what your problem is. She posts this stuff because she wants that other people read it.
And why the fuck do you care so much about whether you click the follow button or not? It's just a fucking button. Jesus. Kids these days.

>not having a fake account to stalk thots profiles privately

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Is tgis the genZ version of facebook inage download notifications?

so fucking what, fucking rape them

u a creeper now boi

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What about Instagram stories?

I screenshot one....

social media is cancer