Went vegan today, what should I expect Veeky Forums?

Went vegan today, what should I expect Veeky Forums?

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Lose all your gains

have you started sucking cock yet

bitch tits
low energy
weak erections
dry skin
weak muscles
zero gains

a longer life

it won't make any difference in the short term

If you weren't already you're now a progressive

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This but literally the opposite

Nothing, veganism has no magic benefits, unless you've got an allergy to an animal product going off them has no effect, doesn't fix acne either as all the vegan bullshitters on YouTube say

>t. 3 year vegan

t. limp dicked depressed balding vegan

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if caring about the environment and animals constitutes being progressive then I'm fine with it

I shit you not I ate those sausages today because my girlfriend wanted me to try them and I projectile vomited so much yak that I was disgusted for about 8 hours stay away from those fuckers unless you want to drain your stomach

I struggled with acne for a while, something I noticed that helped a lot was taurine supplementation. You can get vegan sources now.

It seems to work by reducing inflammation and fibrosis. Give it a go, 1.5g a day

the most American picture I've ever seen

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Every conservative white man should be vegan. foxnews.com/us/2018/03/22/eating-vegan-diet-promotes-white-masculinity-sociologist-argues.html
"Orcs" eat meat and the only good orc is a dead orc.

wrong, diets high animal protein cause acne

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LA creatura

Never tried Tofurky but I've had Field Roast and I bet Field Roast is better.

>he actually fell for the vegan meme

That picture literally advocate Paleo diets and high fish intake. Lmao at vegan cunts

>yes goyim eating vegan promotes Huwhite masculinity
>Pay more for less goyim

Are you pretending to be retarded or have you never set foot into a grocery store?

are you telling me eating vegan isnt expensive

Spending more money for less food. Food that tastes worse, has worse macros and micros. Food that was made on the unethical treatment of ching chong ding dong farmers, defeating the entire """moral""" argument of going vegan.

>vegan for a day
>can't not tell anons


eating meat is the most kosher diet

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become even more of a faggot.

Jews literally hate vegans since they get very little profit from them. Are you retarded?

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Actually yes it’s significantly cheaper being vegan then eating a omnivorous diet...

>what should I expect Veeky Forums?
An incredible obsession for posting links explaining how vegan diet is superior.

No it's not.
Beef liver

Enough nutrients to sustain life indefinitely. All cheap as fuck

I agree with that apart from tuna. Shits pricy as fuck for me compared to other fish

both can be cheap as fuck

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I guess its location dependent. I live in a country where tuna is fished. For you, river trout or something will be much cheaper

And youll say things like that far more often

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You're a zombie. Compare eggs to beans.

>half a kilo of beans
>10g of dried oregano

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wheres source?

Except I can go to my neighbour who owns a chicken coupe and buy 36 eggs for $2.

Feels good to not be American

what country you live in? china?

Yes the "uhm actually my uncle is a dairy farmer" meatcuck bullshit anecdotes.

Now compare there nutrional value on a calorie by calorie basis. Bean cucks can't compete

right down to the "there"

she dumb thicc

with a loose pussy and STDs

Why are vegans so retarded and keep posting this garbage image?
It plays out the same every single time.

1st step - make a claim that eating vegan is expensive
2nd step - you post your shitty fart factory infograph ---- We are here right now
3rd step - someone points out that nobody wants to eat a half a kilo of beans
4th step - another vegtard chimes in that there is a lot of stuff that you can make, but with different ingredients

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seitan is cheap af brah, especially if you make it yourself

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urge to suck dicks will increase to uncontrollable levels

>eating fake bread meat because you're scared of blood and guts
God you're a fucking beta

Eat normal whole food, not processed shit with 50 ingredients that tries to replicate meat. Only dumb bitches fall for muh vegan hamburger, muh vegan hotdog etc.

this unironically

Pic related : it's you.

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And yet sv3rige is juicy as fuck and his blood results show he is in perfect health.
Lmao at you

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teach me to be as alpha as you bro

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The hairlet cope.

>juicy as fuck


to say he doesn't lift he looks healthy and strong. Compare to the average vegan "man"

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post his bloodwork


End of video

>searching back to the 90s to find pictures of unhealthy vegans

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>eat what an elephant ears
>dies because you can't process cellulose

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>eat what elephants eat
What? What the fuck is wrong with these people?

>elephant big
>Grugg eat like elephant

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lol vegans btfo

>if you don't suck nigger dick it's because you're not brave like me!

It's called treating yourself on the weekend.

who are you quoting?

>treating your self to estrogenic, no nutrition, sugar and salt laden fake meat

>no nutrition
>sugar and salt
oh not how will I ever survive eating a dish that might have a lot of sugar or salt 1 night a week! I may as well start putting meat and dairy into my mouth.

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>posts a fake meat with 25% sodium
>3% vitamin A (beta caretonoids not retinoid esters LMAO)
>0% vit c
>4% calcium
>10% iron (non heam iron LMAO)

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holy fuck vegans on suicide watch (due to low cholesterol levels)

buy soylent

wtf I can't eat mock meat on the weekend with whole wheat and vegetables anymore. I gotta go eat liver like a faggot!

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Vegans shouldn't be allowed to raise kids.

>if you eat meat you must support the meat industry
>doesn't know about hunting licenses
>lives in a country without small scale farming
dios mio!

/pol/ and her colonies loves their fellow street shitting uma delicia subhumans. If you are a white racist you don't belong here.

Good thing I'm a Finnish racist

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smelling like you bathe in the springs of Olympus

a clear conscience

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Youll die of cancer instead of heart disease, congrats I guess.

My conscience is completely clear when I harvest a deer that otherwise would have been hit by your Prius and come home with a hundred pounds of free range meat :^)

ima a meat eater but damn, you're trash if you eat trash

>animals die when you kill them
wtf i hate meat now

>harvest a deer
Goddammit with the lefties and their disgusting word manipulation

>mfw I fell for the Israeli solution to preserve the jewish race by promoting veganism like Hitler did

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bro you don't have to justify yourself to us

I've seen this as a meme around here a lot. Mfw I finally see a real life equivalent.
Inb4 europoor newfag

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