Is this a Veeky Forums approved body?

Is this a Veeky Forums approved body?

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Is that the trap that’s a paratrooper?

Body 8/10 sandnigger face 5/10

In america man becomes girl

i would have her as my gf, but only if she played with my butt on the regular

whoa...hey guys...

all american men become wahmen eventually

>wanting your prostate massaged is for women
lol come back after you take bio101

wanting your prostate massage is gay.
you might as well be taking dicks in the ass

girl dicks tho

No it's some plebbit poster who recently joined the 1000lbs club and might actually be a congenital female.

being fucking ugly is one thing but being an ugly attention whore is unacceptable

i've heard it's a woman (female) but i would rather fuck a girl (male) than this abomination

>wanting more pleasure is gay
Holy fuck do I hope you're trolling


Your prostate is an inherently homosexual part of your body and if you don't ignore it, like a real man, then you are gay.

>Your prostate is an inherently homosexual part of your body and if you don't ignore it, like a real man, then you are gay.
i hope my future gf says shit like this to me as she stimulates my prostate
not even shitposting

I like Italian looking women, I like strong looking women, if she is over 5'6 as well, she'd be perfect.

She's grown her hair out now, and looks cute as fuck. Just as long as she doesn't pull that muppet face during sex, I'd wife that girl.

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I want to lick him (her)

Instagram name is lile pumping.fe i think
She got even thicker


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"wanting more pleasure" is how faggotry gets justified a lot of time yeah. I'd fuck the "girl" in the OP though looks pretty top tier as far as faggots go.

FUCK... is this thing on hormones?

this can't be a girl, right?

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he has a post talking about wigs and hair extensions so you tell me

Damn I bet she is great in bed

what the fuck is her problem?

If only her face wasn't so manly. She's strong as shit though

she's no longer 125lbs, she jumped up a weightclass because it'd be easier to break the world record or something

While it's strange that she googled herself (especially if she's seen threads like this before) I would also get tired of being questioned like that too.
I don't get the man thing personally, she makes me diamonds to be desu