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Powerlifting/weightlifting. shoo, shoo bodybuilders.

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end of dump

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muh hip drive ohp press

thats how i ohp, ur not bending the knees so whats da problem ?

here some more webms

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You're doing a push press user. Try actually doing a strict ohp

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thats wrong. its an olympic press, not even using that much layback tbqh

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Are you using your hips to help lift the weight? And then laying back under the bar? Its fine so long as you dont call it a strict press, i think the appropriate name is the olympic press

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why do an olympic press if you can just push press, which gives the same benefit of overload while being easier on your spine?
oh right, it's to egolift and call your olympic layback press an OHP when it really isn't what 99.9% of us consider an OHP

you gotta go back

I've been on this board for 8 years, where do I go?

someone webm the last squat here

Bodybuilders are far stronger than fatass powerlifters when you apply the strength to pleasing aesthetics formula. Like Wilks but useful.

>drug tested

This is a real press

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got u m8

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>uses layback
they dont call him john "the chemist" haack for nothing :^)

why do really heavy pressers like him and eddie hall use virtually zero leg drive????? while some other strongman use some..

Yeah why doesn't he just plow the bar through his chin

just learnt how to dl instagram videos lol

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last one for real guys

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>3pl8 decline bench press

The bar moves down at one point lmao

Eddie Hall gets patella pain when he push presses.

Bodybuilders have been known to lift a weight or two

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how do you deadlift instagram videos?


what is this a standing incline bench press?

im doing it like rippetoe says in his book, like in this video:


Is this hip drive or push press?

thanks man

Does he teach that sort of press instead of an actual strict press or does he teach both? And you would call it an olympic press, although lifting that way got it banned from the olympics so i don't know why people are still using it as a legit way to press. its ego lifting in my opinion, just push press or jerk if you want to lift more overhead

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no calves 0/10

Anyone has the story behind this webm?
Looks like she got distracted?

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me on the right