Mid Jan

>Mid Jan
>He forgot to buy the 30th of December $ZCL dip

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Hahahh ZCL is going straight to zero.


lol, in two weeks the btcp fork will give 1:1 for zcl owners
you dont know shit

Just trolling, this is going to 1b marketcap, will probably be the second most hyped BTC fork.

Sitting comfy

the last time I am this comfy is in xrp at 60 cents and waiting for the moon mission lol.

>tfw could not but the dip and 100% of my funds are stuck at 110$

Gonna be so comfy when BTCP hits 1100-2000 USD.

So, what are you guys going to do with your ZCL after the fork ? refill 1min after the fork ? hold ? sell hours/days after ?

hahahahah same, feelsbadman

sell and buy at the dip

Could it be?

is it true that for BTCP, anonymity will be compulsory, like XMR?

probably sell when i get the fork

Same also. Diamond fucking hands.

That's the rumor, I can't say for sure.

It will hit 350-500 usd by 2nd week of jan.

Do not stand on the fucking sidelines.

The dip is fucking NOW.

-t got it around $30

any idea where that rumour started?

think the price will take a dive like nxt but I am not too worry, I am in mostly for the Bitcoin private. I trying to transfer more fund to accumulate 500. If bitcoin private hit $500 I will almost set for retirement.

It was leddit, people were asking the devs to make it compulsory. I don't know if they have followed through.



I am blinded by your radiance.

check the subreddit, Rhett twitter and if you have skill, check the opensource github

I have been following this project closely, seem like they are serious committed, the fork will happen. Put 50% of my stack in it. Surely this bitcoin private will surpass those BTG and SBTC.

Wow heading into millions with this eh?

I got in at 1600 and 6900 sat, mostly the former.

250k only mate, my country expense is cheap so that enough for me.

that 66btc wall at 69500 tho,

>Under 1 dollar.

Well, your grace, promise not to trample my humble abode beneath your gold plated lambo.

It's too good to be true.

Wouldn't be surprised if the fork is last-minute canceled.

Oh no I meant 0.001600 sat, my bad.

Where can I buy Zclassic then?
Coin noob with 10£k savings
Please help

Send me a 1000 qid in eth, and I'll tell you where.



google the coin

Bittrex aren't doing new user sign ups.
So if I got some of these will I be automatically given a unit of BTCprivate or whatever

people are hand feeding it to you

I know I know

So how long will that will last?

Will what last?


that wall is so fucking fake, whale is trying to accumulate hard before the Big Liftoff, holy shit this is gonna explode

Debating if i liquidate my omg and neo for zcl and get back to both of them after the fork
What you guys think ?

Whoever is that fucking whale keeping this down should go fuck himself.

What the fuck? Price is going too fast for me. 3 hours ago i have bought 13 zcl for 80$ per coin, now it is almost 100$. I am slowly selling 20% of my Ark holdings for this coin but I was tempted to go all in (desu i am still thinking about this). Right now, i have little over 35 zcl.
I hope, that Bittrex will support this fork. Otherwise I`ll have to use this shitty wallet, which kind of reminds me ZenCash wallet and it was definitely worst wallet i have ever seen.

Bittrex generally supports these kind of forks