As an important achievement, we have closed contracts with a $5+ billion revenue logistics provider, formalizing the step-by-step integration of our solution. Currently, we are preparing a joint, official announcement of this partnership and the resulting product; we expect to disclose the name of our partner in Q1. In addition, we also closed the contractual framework for our CTI project and are thrilled by other companies’ interest in the open API.

As we recently announced, modum joined the Trusted IoT Alliance, a consortium of enterprises concerned with connecting and securing the next generation of IoT products using blockchain technology to improve trust, security, and scalability. The Trusted IoT Alliance’s mission aligns well with modum’s ambition to be blockchain enabling for real-world solutions. As its newest member, modum joins the likes of streamr, Bosch, Cisco and Gemalto among others, to pursue this agenda and to be an active stakeholder in shaping the future of trusted IOT applications.

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bump? i have some of this should i sell the new or buy more?

Hold till Q1, this is massive. accumulate more before they announce their partner.

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And I didn't buy at 3.2k... Figured it wasn't going to be this huge.

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prolly DPD? thats quite impressive for such an under radar shitcoin