Had roughly $300,000 or so in profit going into new year, cashed out and in USD

>Had roughly $300,000 or so in profit going into new year, cashed out and in USD
>Owe $100,000 or so in taxes
>Started making margin trades and buying "dips" for altcoins
>Portfolio now sitting around $25,000
>I make $35,000 a year in salary before taxes, bills, rent, etc.
So I have to work for the next 10 years or so just to pay back my taxes? How is this not a fucking scam? Fuck me....

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every time i see a black person on tv I think what it would be like if they were a doctor, then giggle to myself

You spent money that you already owed in taxes into the riskiest investment going. Explain how you're not retarded.

you dont touch margin, altcoin or even actively trade if you are an americuck, unless you like to go into heavy tax debt

There are plenty of black doctors.
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cash out for taxes at end of every year

Well why did you gamble away the money you owed for taxes instead of setting it aside?

So wtf do I do? Am I now in debt to the government for 10 years?

Trading with taxes owed is like margin trading. If you margin trade you can lose more than you have. Which you did. How is that not fair? Get fucked retard.

>quick google search
>US 13% black
>4% doctors black
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Everything was going up so fast...

Yeah. You cashed out $300,000 in fucking USD and back in? Where? At coinbase/GDAX. They SO ratted you out.

4% of blacks or 4% of all doctors? How much doctors are in other demographics? 99% in your mind, right? Dumb shit.

..... On the bright side you can claim a $275,000 loss for this year and get a whole $3,000 deducted off your other income every year.....


If I were in your shoes I'd honestly just not report anything and hope they don't have the manpower to get to you because you're fucked either way. But yeah... there's no question that you owe that tax if you realized the gain by trading into USD and back. I'd just leave the country and start a new life.

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>>Had roughly $300,000 or so in profit going into new year, cashed out and in USD
>>Owe $100,000 or so in taxes

You cashed out $300,000 and put it ALL back into investing? You cashed out and didn't pay the $100,000 owed in taxes?

I don't understand

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I think I might have read this wrong, so you made 300,000 and you paid 1/3 in taxes for a net gain of $200,000?

Can someone explain to me why OP is in debt for the next 10 years now?

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He didn't pay the taxes. He (supposedly) put it all back in while he had it & got rekt.

No he made 300k before the new year so he owes like 33% of that, which is 100k. Then he bought back in and lost all the money he was supposed to use to pay his taxes.

jesus fucking christ dude how did you even figure out how to buy crypto? you're hopeless man. yes you owe $100k in taxes you absolute retard, this guy is right

never had a black doctor but for the last month I was in a hospital because a drunk driver hit my jeep crushing me inside and killing my dog, anyway my main nurse was black and she was the best person in healthcare I have ever had by a large margin. she was an angel

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>make 300k
>owe 100k
whats the problem? After paying taxes you still have 200k

or are you saying?
>make 300k
>owe 100k
>lose 300k
>have no money
Simple write off your losses to offset your gains and you will not owe any taxes. I take it you have an IQ below room tempature, contact a tax adviser and he will set you up.

it doesnt work that way in america, they seperate it by years if he gained it last year and lost it in january then he cant do anything about it until next year. the irs are literally mobsters they dont give a damn about reality.

Shut up and stop giving the stupid goyim more reasons to hate us. While your not wrong this is not something to talk about, particularly on Veeky Forums where anti-Semitism is so rampant.

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No you retard, it's the second scenario but
>make 300k
>owe 100k
Happened before the new year.
>lose 300k
>have no money
Happened this year, losses don't deduct backwards in years.

You can write it off for the previous year or pull it forward to the next year, Ive done it. Again, contact a good tax adviser and they will help people with autism through it pretty easily.

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If not just keep rolling the loss forward and get nice tax deductions every year for the next decade.

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wait what pull it forward to next year?
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I don't get it. You turned 300k into 25k? How could you fuck up trading that badly? You didn't leave any off to the side?

You only get to deduct $3000 from other income every year.

Need source on this, that capital loss can deduct backwards in years.

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There are many sources and sites, Simply google "carrying capital losses backwards". 90% of the time people pull the losses farwards, but carrying losses backwards is also possible as I've done it in the past.

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there are a lot of highly recognized and qualified pajeet/asian/white doctors probably in that order

That's for business expenses. We're classified as investors, not businesses.

>Simply google "carrying capital losses backwards"

Ok, this is what I get.

I had a pajeet lady doctor work on my left hip reassembling it. she drilled into a rod into my leg to pull the femur out and noone told her I didnt have enough morphine, so theres that.

And this is the IRS publication about capital losses. It says "next year" nowhere does it say anything about carrying it backwards.

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Yeah. It's for corporations only. It's fucked.


Everyone should start a corporation before they begin trading.

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My bad, you are right on capital losses. I think I was thinking of net operating loss carryback. It works pretty much the same way. Anyway, anyone with these sorts of problems 100% should see a tax adviser.


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Man i also would have to pay more in tax than i have. Thing is. The CANT tax you on crypto to crypto because you cant even withdraw such amount so fast. There is a limit to withdraw in dollar and then it crashed. even if i tried to. i couldnt. how is that fair??? glad i didnt cash out

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You were right that a corporation can count capital losses as part of their NOL and carry that back. I wasn't aware of that. But OP would have to go back in time and set up a corporation and do all his trades in the name of the business instead of his name as a private investor.

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Do they only tax you after you cash out?

wait i dont get what you're saying

you had $300k portfolio and you cashed out the full $300k into USD? and now you owe $100k tax? well why not take $100k from the $300k and pay that tax?

lmao you guys are so fucked when the world recession happens hahaha

That's what I was thinking lol

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user is too retarded to even articulate his problem. And that tax rate doesn't even make sense.

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